asterisk - The Asterisk Software PBX

Property Value
Distribution NetBSD 7.0
Repository NetBSD amd64
Package filename asterisk-15.4.1nb8.tgz
Package name asterisk
Package version 15.4.1nb8
Package release -
Package architecture amd64
Package type tgz
Category audio comms net
License gnu-gpl-v2
Maintainer -
Download size 41.40 MB
Installed size 164.64 MB
Asterisk is a complete PBX in software.  It provides all of the
features you would expect from a PBX and more. Asterisk does voice
over IP in three protocols, and can interoperate with almost all
standards-based telephony equipment using relatively inexpensive
Asterisk provides Voicemail services with Directory, Call Conferencing,
Interactive Voice Response, Call Queuing. It has support for
three-way calling, caller ID services, ADSI, SIP and H.323 (as both
client and gateway).
This is a standard version.  It is scheduled to go to security
fixes only on October 3th, 2018, and EOL on October 3th, 2019.
See here for more information about Asterisk versions:
Options: asterisk-config, ilbc, jabber, ldap, pgsql, snmp, spandsp, speex, unixodbc, webvmail


Package Version Architecture Repository
asterisk-14.7.5nb12.tgz 14.7.5nb12 amd64 NetBSD
asterisk-13.19.0nb12.tgz 13.19.0nb12 amd64 NetBSD
asterisk-11.25.3nb8.tgz 11.25.3nb8 amd64 NetBSD
asterisk - - -


Name Value
bash -
curl >= 7.63.0nb1
iksemel >= 1.4
jansson >= 2.4nb1
libltdl >= 2.4.2
libuuid >= 2.18
libxml2 >= 2.8.0nb2
net-snmp >= 5.7.3nb3
p5-DBI -
perl >= 5.0
postgresql95-client >= 9.5.1nb1
spandsp >= 0.0.6pre18nb2
speex >= 1.2rc1
speexdsp >= 1.2rc3
srtp >= 1.4.4
unixodbc >= 2.3.2


Name Value
asterisk-sounds-extra -


Type URL
Binary Package asterisk-15.4.1nb8.tgz
Source Package asterisk

Install Howto

Install asterisk tgz package:

# pkg_add asterisk



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