fbreader - Ebook reader software

Property Value
Distribution NetBSD 7.0
Repository NetBSD amd64
Package filename fbreader-0.99.4nb31.tgz
Package name fbreader
Package version 0.99.4nb31
Package release -
Package architecture amd64
Package type tgz
Category misc
Homepage http://www.fbreader.org/
License gnu-gpl-v2 AND modified-bsd
Maintainer -
Download size 2.06 MB
Installed size 10.11 MB
FBReader is an e-book reader for various platforms.
Main features:
* Supported formats are
* fb2 e-book format (style attributes are not supported yet).
* HTML format (tables are not supported).
* CHM format (tables are not supported).
* plucker format (tables are not supported).
* Palmdoc (aportis doc).
* zTxt (Weasel format).
* TCR (psion text) format.
* RTF format (stylesheets and tables are not supported).
* OEB format (css and tables are not supported).
* OpenReader format (css and tables are not supported).
* Non-DRM'ed mobipocket format (tables are not supported).
* Plain text format.
* Direct reading from tar, zip, gzip and bzip2 archives. (Multiple books
in one archive are supported.)
* Automatic library building.
* Automatic language and character encoding detection is supported.
* Automatically generated contents table.
* Embedded images support.
* Footnotes/hyperlinks support.
...and more!
Options: qt4


Package Version Architecture Repository
fbreader-0.99.4nb31.tgz 0.99.4nb31 i386 NetBSD
fbreader - - -


Name Value
curl >= 7.63.0nb1
desktop-file-utils >= 0.10nb1
fontconfig >= 2.13.0
fribidi >= 0.19.1
liblinebreak >= 1.0
png >= 1.6.0nb1
qt4-libs >= 4.8.7nb12


Type URL
Mirror ftp.netbsd.org
Binary Package fbreader-0.99.4nb31.tgz
Source Package fbreader

Install Howto

Install fbreader tgz package:

# pkg_add fbreader



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