postgresql_autodoc - Generate HTML, DOT, and XML description of database structure

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Distribution NetBSD 7.0
Repository NetBSD i386
Package filename postgresql_autodoc-1.30nb7.tgz
Package name postgresql_autodoc
Package version 1.30nb7
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Package architecture i386
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Category databases textproc
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This is a utility which will run through PostgreSQL system tables and
returns HTML, DOT, and 2 styles of XML which describes the database.
The HTML is human readable (via webbrowser). The first style of XML is
actually the fileformat of Dia, a UML diagram tool. The second type of
XML is similar to the HTML but in the Docbook 4 format. It enables you
to mix in other docbook documentation via the XREFs, generating PDFs,
HTML, RTF, or other formatted documents. Between these tools and
JavaDoc with the appropriate XREFs, documentation about a project can
be generated quickly and be easily updatable yet have a very
professional look with some DSSSL work.


Package Version Architecture Repository
postgresql_autodoc-1.30nb7.tgz 1.30nb7 amd64 NetBSD
postgresql_autodoc - - -


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p5-DBD-postgresql -
p5-HTML-Template -
p5-Term-ReadKey -
perl >= 5.0


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Binary Package postgresql_autodoc-1.30nb7.tgz
Source Package postgresql_autodoc

Install Howto

Install postgresql_autodoc tgz package:

# pkg_add postgresql_autodoc

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