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ScientificPython is a collection of Python modules that are useful for
scientific computing. In this collection you will find modules that
cover basic geometry (vectors, tensors, transformations, vector and
tensor fields), quaternions, automatic derivatives, (linear)
interpolation, polynomials, elementary statistics, nonlinear
least-squares fits, unit calculations, Fortran-compatible text
formatting, 3D visualization via VRML, and two Tk widgets for simple
line plots and 3D wireframe models.
The netCDF interface module, until now distributed separately, has
been integrated into this package as well. It is now called
The module Scientific.MPI provides an object-oriented interface to the
Message Passing Interface, an industry standard library for
interprocess communication on parallel computers.
All of these modules are in the public domain; do with them whatever
you wish. However, there is no warranty of any kind; you use the code
at your own risk.


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