py27-matplotlib - Matlab-style plotting package for Python

Property Value
Distribution NetBSD 7.0
Repository NetBSD i386
Package filename py27-matplotlib-2.2.2nb1.tgz
Package name py27-matplotlib
Package version 2.2.2nb1
Package release -
Package architecture i386
Package type tgz
Category graphics python
License -
Maintainer -
Download size 6.14 MB
Installed size 25.95 MB
matplotlib is a pure python plotting library designed to bring
publication quality plotting to python with a syntax familiar to
matlab users.  A lot progress towards this goal has been made since
the first release of matplotlib, the library does produce high quality
2D plots.  All of the plotting commands can be accessed either via a
functional interface familiar to matlab users or an object oriented
interface familiar to python users, and several high resolution output
formats are supported.
This is the base package which supports only non-GUI graphics output.
For interactive graphics, install one of graphics/py-matplotlib-{gtk2,tk}.


Package Version Architecture Repository
py27-matplotlib-2.2.2nb1.tgz 2.2.2nb1 amd64 NetBSD
py27-matplotlib - - -


Name Value
png >= 1.6.0nb1
py27-backports.functools_lru_cache -
py27-cairo -
py27-cycler >= 0.10
py27-dateutil >= 2.1
py27-kiwisolver >= 1.0.1
py27-numpy >= 1.0
py27-pyparsing >= 2.2.0
py27-pytz >= 2008b
py27-setuptools >= 0.8
py27-six >= 1.10
py27-subprocess32 -
python27 >= 2.7.1nb2


Type URL
Binary Package py27-matplotlib-2.2.2nb1.tgz
Source Package py27-matplotlib

Install Howto

Install py27-matplotlib tgz package:

# pkg_add py27-matplotlib

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