py27-tabular - Tabular data tools for Python

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Package version 0.1
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Package architecture i386
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Tabular data can be easily represented in Python using the language's
native objects. These representations typically do not support
important tabular data manipulations, like efficient column selection,
matrix mathematics, or spreadsheet-style operations.
Tabular is a package of Python modules for working with tabular
data. Its main object is the tabarray class, a data structure for
holding and manipulating tabular data. By putting data into a tabarray
object, you'll get a representation of the data that is more flexible
and powerful than a native Python representation. Tabarray provides:
. ultra-fast filtering, selection, and numerical analysis methods,
using convenient Matlab-style matrix operation syntax
. spreadsheet-style operations, including row & column operations,
'sort', 'replace', 'aggregate', 'pivot', and 'join'
. flexible load and save methods for a variety of file formats,
including delimited text (CSV), binary, and HTML
. sophisticated inference algorithms for determining formatting
parameters and data types of input files


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py27-tabular-0.1.tgz 0.1 amd64 NetBSD
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py27-matplotlib -
py27-numpy >= 1.0
py27-setuptools >= 0.8


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Binary Package py27-tabular-0.1.tgz
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Install Howto

Install py27-tabular tgz package:

# pkg_add py27-tabular

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