py34-asn1crypto - Fast, pure Python library for parsing and serializing ASN.1 structures

Property Value
Distribution NetBSD 7.0
Repository NetBSD i386
Package filename py34-asn1crypto-0.24.0.tgz
Package name py34-asn1crypto
Package version 0.24.0
Package release -
Package architecture i386
Package type tgz
Category python security
License mit
Maintainer -
Download size 157.22 KB
Installed size 1.26 MB
Fast ASN.1 parser and serializer with definitions for private keys,
public keys, certificates, CRL, OCSP, CMS, PKCS#3, PKCS#7, PKCS#8,
PKCS#12, PKCS#5, X.509 and TSP.


Package Version Architecture Repository
py34-asn1crypto-0.24.0.tgz 0.24.0 amd64 NetBSD
py34-asn1crypto - - -


Name Value
py34-setuptools >= 0.8
python34 >= 3.4


Type URL
Binary Package py34-asn1crypto-0.24.0.tgz
Source Package py34-asn1crypto

Install Howto

Install py34-asn1crypto tgz package:

# pkg_add py34-asn1crypto

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