py27-blosxom - PyBlosxom is a lightweight file-based weblog system

Property Value
Distribution NetBSD 7.1
Repository NetBSD amd64
Package filename py27-blosxom-1.5.3nb3.tgz
Package name py27-blosxom
Package version 1.5.3nb3
Package release -
Package architecture amd64
Package type tgz
Category www
License mit
Maintainer -
Download size 200.69 KB
Installed size 1.38 MB
PyBlosxom is a lightweight file-based weblog system. The project
started as a Python clone of Blosxom but has since evolved into a
beast of its own. PyBlosxom focuses on three things: simplicity,
extensibility, and community.
simplicity - PyBlosxom uses the file system for all its data
storage. Because of this you can use whatever existing editor,
scripts and tools you want to create, update and manipulate
entries and other blog data.
extensibility - PyBlosxom has a plugin framework allowing you to build
plugins in Python to augment and change PyBlosxom's default behavior.
community - There are hundreds of PyBlosxom users out there all of
whom have different needs. PyBlosxom is used on a variety of operating
systems in a variety of environments. The pyblosxom users list shares
their experiences, plugins, and expertise. The pyblosxom devel list
shares their ideas for changes, patches and plugins.
PyBlosxom can run in CGI environments, under Paste, and as a WSGI


Package Version Architecture Repository
py27-blosxom-1.5.3nb3.tgz 1.5.3nb3 i386 NetBSD
py27-blosxom - - -


Name Value
py27-setuptools >= 0.8
python27 >= 2.7.1nb2


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Binary Package py27-blosxom-1.5.3nb3.tgz
Source Package py27-blosxom

Install Howto

Install py27-blosxom tgz package:

# pkg_add py27-blosxom

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