tex-hyphen-latin - Liturgical Latin hyphenation patterns

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Package name tex-hyphen-latin
Package version 3.1.2019
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Package architecture amd64
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Category print
Homepage http://ctan.org/pkg/lahyph
License lppl-1.3c
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These are patterns for the latin language mainly in modern spelling (u
when u is needed and v when v is needed); medieval spelling with the
ligatures \ae and \oe and the (uncial) lowercase 'v' written as a 'u' is
also supported; apparently there is no conflict between the patterns of
modern Latin and those of medieval Latin. The patterns support the
restricted character set of the OT1-encoding (obviously without the
ligature characters), as well as T1-encoded usage.


Package Version Architecture Repository
tex-hyphen-latin-3.1.2019.tgz 3.1.2019 i386 NetBSD
tex-hyphen-latin - - -


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kpathsea >= 3.5.7
tex-hyph-utf8 -
tex-hyphen-base >= 2010nb1
tex-tetex >= 3.0.27774nb1


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Mirror ftp.netbsd.org
Binary Package tex-hyphen-latin-3.1.2019.tgz
Source Package tex-hyphen-latin

Install Howto

Install tex-hyphen-latin tgz package:

# pkg_add tex-hyphen-latin

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