NetBSD amd64

Package Description
gnome-menus-2.30.5nb4.tgz Implementation of the desktop menu specification for GNOME
gnome-mime-data-2.18.0nb8.tgz MIME and Application database for GNOME2
gnome-nds-thumbnailer-1.2.1nb30.tgz Thumbnailer for GNOME for Nintendo DS ROMs
gnome-nettool-2.26.2nb31.tgz GNOME interface for various network tools
gnome-speech-0.4.25nb6.tgz GNOME 2 text-to-speech API
gnome-speech-espeak-0.4.25nb6.tgz GNOME 2 text-to-speech API
gnome-themes-2.32.1nb25.tgz Collection of themes and icons for GNOME 2
gnome-vfs-2.24.4nb39.tgz GNOME Virtual File System (v2)
gnome-vfs-cdda-2.24.4nb32.tgz GNOME Virtual File System (v2) - cdda plugin
gnome-vfs-monikers-2.15.3nb41.tgz VFS namespace moniker for Bonobo
gnome-vfs-smb-2.24.4nb32.tgz GNOME Virtual File System (v2) - smb plugin
gnome-vfsmm-2.26.0nb37.tgz C++ bindings for gnome-vfs
gnometoaster-1.0Beta5nb6.tgz CD recording frontend for X/GTK+
gns3-server-2.2.1nb1.tgz GNS3 network simulator - Server package
gnu-crypto-2.0.1nb1.tgz GPL implementation of the Java Crypto Extensions
gnu-pw-mgr-1.5.tgz Password manager
gnuboy-1.0.3nb2.tgz Gameboy emulator
gnuchess-6.2.5.tgz GNU chess engine
gnuchess-book-1.02nb1.tgz Chess opening book for GNU Chess (default)
gnuchess4-4.0.80.tgz The "classic" GNU chess
gnucobol-2.2.tgz Open-source COBOL compiler
gnugo-3.8nb1.tgz Go playing program
gnuit-4.9.5nb1.tgz GNU Interactive Tools - a file system browser for UNIX systems
gnuls-8.31.tgz GNU ls utility with color support
gnupg-1.4.23nb5.tgz GNU Privacy Guard, public-Key encryption and digital signatures
gnupg-pkcs11-scd-0.9.2.tgz OpenSC smart card support for GnuPG
gnupg2-2.2.19.tgz GnuPG with OpenPGP and S/MIME capabilities
gnuplot-5.2.8nb1.tgz Portable interactive, function plotting utility
gnurl-7.67.0.tgz Client that groks URLs (micro fork of curl)
gnutime-1.7nb1.tgz Report user, system, and real time used by a process
gnutls- Transport Layer Security library
gnyaclock-20001218nb3.tgz Accessory with Bezier curve
go-1.12.14.tgz Meta package providing the current release of the Go language
go-ace-0.0.4bnb14.tgz HTML template engine for Go
go-afero-1.1.1nb11.tgz FileSystem Abstraction System for Go
go-amber-0.0.20171010nb10.tgz Templating engine for Go inspired by HAML and Jade
go-appengine-1.1.0nb11.tgz Go App Engine packages
go-argv-0.0.1nb1.tgz Go library to split command line string into arguments array
go-asn1-ber-1.3nb5.tgz ASN1 BER Encoding/Decoding Library for the GO programming language
go-assert- Go assertion library
go-blackfriday-1.5.1nb11.tgz Blackfriday: a markdown processor for Go
go-buffruneio-0.2.0nb14.tgz Wrapper around bufio to provide buffered runes access
go-bytebufferpool-1.0.0nb1.tgz Implementation of a pool of byte buffers with anti-memory-waste protection for Go
go-cast-1.1.0nb14.tgz Safe and easy casting from one type to another in Go
go-check-1nb20.tgz Rich testing for the Go language
go-chroma-0.5.0nb10.tgz General purpose syntax highlighter in pure Go
go-cli-1.20.0nb15.tgz Package for building command line apps in Go
go-cobra-0.0.3nb12.tgz Commander for modern Go CLI interactions
go-colorable-0.0.9nb11.tgz Colorable writer for Windows
go-colortext-1.0.0nb11.tgz Change the color of console text
go-colour- Colour terminal text for Go
go-compress-1.9.1nb1.tgz Optimized compression packages for Go
go-consul-api-0.0.20150107nb14.tgz Golang API client for Consul
go-cpuid-1.2.1nb1.tgz CPU feature identification for Go
go-crypt-0.0.2bnb14.tgz Store and retrieve encrypted configs from etcd or consul
go-crypto-0.0.20180308nb13.tgz Go supplementary cryptography libraries
go-cssmin-0.0.20151210nb14.tgz Go port of Ryan Grove's cssmin
go-debounce-1.2.0nb5.tgz Debouncer written in Go
go-dns-1.1.3nb9.tgz Complete DNS library for Go
go-dnstap-0.1.0nb9.tgz Go language implementation of framestream protocol
go-ed25519-20171601nb14.tgz Ed25519 for Go
go-emoji-1.4nb14.tgz Emoji is a simple golang package
go-errors-0.8.0nb10.tgz Simple error handling primitives
go-etcd-2.0.0nb14.tgz CoreOS etcd client for Go
go-fasthttp-1.6.0nb1.tgz Fast HTTP package for Go
go-flags-svent-0.0.20141123nb20.tgz Go command line option parser (svent fork)
go-fnmatch-0.0.20160404nb11.tgz Update clone of kballards golang fnmatch gist
go-framestream-0.1.0nb9.tgz Go language implementation of framestream protocol
go-fs-0.0.20131111nb14.tgz Package fs provides filesystem-related functions
go-fsnotify-1.3.0nb14.tgz File system notifications for Go
go-fsync-0.0.20170320nb14.tgz Package fsync keeps files and directories in sync
go-genproto-googleapis-rpc-20180901nb11.tgz Generated Go packages for RPC
go-gitmap-0.0.20170613nb14.tgz Git repository object map creator
go-glob-0.2.3nb11.tgz Go glob
go-glog-20160125nb17.tgz Leveled execution logs for Go
go-gls-4.2.0nb18.tgz Goroutine local storage
go-go-diff-1.0.0nb10.tgz Diff, match and patch text in Go
go-gocode-20170907nb12.tgz Autocompletion daemon for Go
go-godef-0.0.20170920nb11.tgz Print where symbols are defined in Go source code
go-godirwalk-1.7.3nb11.tgz Fast directory traversal for Golang
go-godotenv-1.2.0nb11.tgz Go port of the Ruby dotenv library
go-gogs-client-0.0.20171114nb11.tgz Gogs API client in Go
go-gohtml-0.0.20150923nb14.tgz HTML formatter for Go
go-golang-lru-0.5.3nb1.tgz Golang LRU cache
go-goorgeous-0.0.20170816nb14.tgz Go org syntax parser to HTML
go-gopkgs-1.3.2nb12.tgz Tool to get the list of available Go packages
go-goptlib-1.0.0nb7.tgz Library for writing Tor pluggable transports in Go
go-goreman-0.1.1nb11.tgz Foreman clone written in Go language
go-gox-1.0.1nb3.tgz Tool for go cross compilation
go-grpc-1.15.0nb12.tgz Go language implementation of gRPC, HTTP/2 based RPC
go-hashstructure-1.0.0nb10.tgz Get hash values for arbitrary values in Go
go-hcl-0.0.20160616nb14.tgz HCL is a configuration language
go-homedir-1.0.0nb11.tgz Go library for home directory information
go-hugo-0.55.6nb5.tgz A Fast & Modern Static Website Engine
go-humanize-1.0.0nb10.tgz Go library for formatters for units to human friendly sizes
go-i18n-1.10.0nb11.tgz Translate your Go program into multiple languages
go-image-20170405nb14.tgz Package image implements a basic 2-D image library
go-imaging-1.5.0nb10.tgz Simple image processing package for Go
go-immutable-radix-0.0.20170725nb14.tgz Immutable radix tree implementation in Golang
go-inflect-0.0.20170411nb14.tgz Inflect library for go
go-ini-1.19.1nb19.tgz INI file read and write functionality in Go
go-iochan-1.0.0nb3.tgz Go library for treating io r/w like channels
go-isatty-0.0.3nb14.tgz Interface to isatty (is a tty)
go-jwalterweatherman-20181028nb10.tgz Seamless printing to the terminal and io.Writer
go-jwt-go-3.2.0nb1.tgz Golang implementation of JSON Web Token
go-kingpin.v3-unstable- Golang command line and flag parser, unstable v3
go-ldap-3.0.3nb5.tgz Basic LDAP v3 functionality for the GO programming language
go-libsass- Go wrapper for libsass, the only Sass 3.5 compiler for Go
go-locker- Golang package using named read/write locks
go-logrus-1.0.6nb11.tgz Structured, pluggable logging for Go
go-mapstructure-0.0.20160212nb14.tgz Library for decoding generic map values into native structures
go-mapstructure-bep-0.0.20180511nb10.tgz Library for decoding generic map values into native structures
go-md2man-1.0.8nb11.tgz Uses blackfriday to process markdown into man pages
go-minify-2.3.8nb10.tgz Go minifiers for web formats
go-mmark-1.3.6nb14.tgz Mmark: a powerful markdown processor in Go geared towards the IETF
go-mow-cli-0.0.20160221nb19.tgz Versatile library for building CLI applications in Go
go-mux-1.7.3nb1.tgz URL router and dispatcher for Go
go-nbreader-0.0.20150201nb20.tgz Go library providing a non-blocking reader
go-net-20170308nb15.tgz Supplementary network libraries for Go
go-nitro-0.0.20131003nb14.tgz Quick and easy performance analyzer library
go-oauth2-20151204nb21.tgz OAuth 2 library for Go
go-osext-0.0.20151222nb14.tgz Extensions to the standard "os" package
go-ovh-0.20170102nb15.tgz Lightweight Go wrapper around OVH APIs
go-parse-2.3.5nb10.tgz Go parsers for web formats
go-pflag-1.0.1nb11.tgz Replacement for flag package implementing POSIX --flags
go-properties-1.7.0nb14.tgz Java properties scanner for Go
go-prose-0.0.20170806nb14.tgz Text processing including tokenization, tagging, and extraction
go-protobuf-1.3.2nb4.tgz Go support for Google protocol buffers
go-purell-1.1.0nb10.tgz Purell is a tiny Go library to normalize URLs
go-ratelimit-0.0.20151125nb19.tgz Efficient token-bucket-based rate limiter package
go-regexp2-1.1.6nb10.tgz Regex engine for Go based on the .NET engine
go-repr- Python's repr() for Go
go-resize-0.0.20180221nb11.tgz Pure Go image resizing
go-review-20160213nb20.tgz Git Codereview plugin used by the Go project
go-runewidth-0.0.2nb15.tgz Provides functions to get fixed width of a string
go-sanitized_anchor_name-0.0.20170919nb12.tgz Create sanitized anchor names
go-sentences-1.0.6nb14.tgz Multilingual command line sentence tokenizer in Golang
go-sftp-1.0.0nb14.tgz SFTP support for the go.crypto/ssh package
go-shellwords-1.0.3nb14.tgz Parse line as shell words
go-shuffle-0.0.20170808nb14.tgz Primitives for shuffling slices and user-defined collections
go-siphash-1.2.1nb7.tgz Go implementation of SipHash-2-4
go-smartcrop- Tool to find good image crops for arbitrary crop sizes
go-spew-1.1.1nb1.tgz Deep pretty printer for Go data structures
go-spritewell-0.5.0nb10.tgz Native go implementation of image composition for CSS spriting
go-sqlite3-1.11.0nb1.tgz Sqlite3 driver for Go using database/sql
go-stats- Statistics package to supplement the Golang standard library
go-sync-0.0.20190422nb5.tgz Concurrency primitives for Go
go-sys-0.0.20190308nb8.tgz Go packages for low-level interaction with the OS
go-tablewriter-0.0.20180506nb11.tgz ASCII table in Go
go-tcplisten- Customizable TCP net.Listener for Go
go-termbox-20160808nb19.tgz Pure Go termbox implementation
go-testify-1.2.1nb13.tgz Extension to the standard Go testing package
go-text-0.3.0nb11.tgz Supplementary text processing libraries for Go
go-thrift-0.13.0nb1.tgz Go bindings for the Apache Thrift RPC system
go-tiedot-3.4nb1.tgz NoSQL database in Go
go-tocss-0.5.0nb10.tgz Simple to use Go API for LibSass. Uses CGO
go-toml-burntsushi-0.3.1nb10.tgz TOML parser for Golang with reflection
go-toml-pelletier-1.0.0nb14.tgz TOML parser for Golang with reflection
go-try- Idiomatic Go retry package
go-ttf-0.0.20161118.tgz Family of high-quality WGL4 TrueType fonts created for the Go project
go-units-0.0.20151021nb11.tgz Helpful unit multipliers and functions for Go
go-urlesc- Proper URL escaping as per RFC3986
go-viper-1.3.1nb9.tgz Go configuration with fangs
go-webhooks-3.12.0nb11.tgz Webhook receiver for GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab
go-websocket-1.0.0nb14.tgz WebSocket implementation for Go
go-xxhash-2.1.0nb1.tgz Go implementation of the 64bit xxhash algorithm XXh64
go-xz-0.5.4nb11.tgz Pure golang package for reading and writing xz-compressed files
go-yaml-0.0.20160301nb14.tgz YAML support for the Go language
go110-1.10.8nb1.tgz The Go programming language
go111-1.11.13.tgz The Go programming language
go112-1.12.14.tgz The Go programming language
go113-1.13.5.tgz The Go programming language
go14-1.4.3nb10.tgz The Go programming language
go19-1.9.7nb2.tgz The Go programming language, version 1.9
goaccess-1.3.tgz Real-time web log analyzer
gob2-2.0.20nb1.tgz GNOME object builder for glib2
gobby-0.4.12nb38.tgz Collaborative Editor
gobject-introspection-1.62.0.tgz GObject Introspection
gocr-0.48.tgz GOCR is a set of OCR tools
goffice0.8-0.8.17nb26.tgz Library of document-centric objects and utilities
gofish-1.2nb2.tgz Gopher server
gogui-0.9.3.tgz GUI for Go-playing programs
golddig-3.1nb1.tgz Fast action game designed for use with X
golem-0.0.5nb6.tgz Fast and lightweight yet customizable window manager
gone-1.3.5.tgz Terminal locking utility with many improvements over lock(1)
goocanvas-1.0.0nb25.tgz Cairo-based canvas widget for GTK+
goocanvasmm-0.15.4nb31.tgz C++ wrappers for goocanvas
goofey-3.15.tgz Text-based client for goofey, a flexible short message system
google-authenticator-1.05.tgz One-time password generator and PAM module from Google
google-glog-0.3.4.tgz Application Level Logging library for C++
googletest-1.8.1.tgz Google's C++ testing framework
goom-2004.0.tgz Visual effects generator for mp3 players
gopher-3.0.17.tgz Distributed document delivery client
gourmet- Recipe database
gp-0.26.tgz Manipulate DNA/RNA sequence in a Unix fashion
gp-autpgrp-1.1nb1.tgz GAP package for finding automorphism groups of finite p-groups
gp-factint-1.3nb1.tgz Integer factorization routines for GAP
gp-fplsa-1.0nb2.tgz GAP interface to FPLSA
gp-grape-4.1nb2.tgz GRAPE (GRape Algorithms using PErmutation groups)
gp-grpconst-2.0nb1.tgz GAP package for finding isomorphism classes of finite groups
gp-lag-2.1nb1.tgz GAP Bracket Lie Algebra functions
gpa-0.10.0nb1.tgz GUI frontend to gnupg
gpac-0.7.1nb15.tgz Open source multimedia framework
gpart-0.1hnb1.tgz Tool to show the partitions on a PC type harddisk
gperf-3.1.tgz GNU perfect hash function generator
gperiodic-2.0.10nb26.tgz Displays a periodic table of the elements
gpg2dot-1.5nb7.tgz Converts your GnuPG keyring to a graph of associations
gpgme-1.13.1.tgz GnuPG Made Easy
gphoto2-2.5.8nb1.tgz Digital camera access command line client
gpick-0.2.5nb16.tgz Advanced color picker
gpicview-0.2.5nb8.tgz Lightweight image viewer
gplcver-2.12a.tgz Verilog simulator
gprbuild-aux-20160609.tgz Adacore multi-language software build tool
gpredict-1.3nb23.tgz Gnome satellite tracking program
gprolog-1.4.5.tgz GNU prolog compiler and interpreter
gpshell-1.4.4nb1.tgz Shell to manage the contents of GlobalPlatform smart cards
gpsim-0.26.1nb12.tgz PIC emulator with X interface
gpsim-20050905nb35.tgz PIC emulator with X interface
gpsim-oscilloscope-0.1.2nb32.tgz Oscilloscope module for gpsim
gpsim-ptyusart-0.3.2nb32.tgz Pseudo-tty module for gpsim
gpspoint-2.030521nb1.tgz Program to download and upload waypoints to and from your GPS device
gpsutils-0.4.0.tgz Capture and convert data from a Garmin GPS receiver
gputils-1.5.0.tgz Collection of tools for Microchip's PIC micro-processors
gq-1.2.3nb46.tgz GTK-based LDAP client
gqmpeg-0.91.1nb36.tgz GTK+ front end to mpg123
gqmpeg-skins-20030712nb6.tgz Skins for gqmpeg
gqview-2.0.4nb30.tgz GTK2-based graphic file viewer
gqview-2.1.5nb31.tgz GTK2-based graphic file viewer (development version)
grace-5.1.25nb10.tgz GRaphing, Advanced Computation and Exploration of data
gradle-4.10.2.tgz Groovy-based Java build system
gramofile-1.6nb4.tgz Tool for ripping audio from vinyl
granulate-0.2.tgz Program for splitting files in place
grap-1.45.tgz Language for typesetting graphs
graphite2-1.3.13.tgz Cross-platform rendering for complex writing systems
graphopt-0.4.1nb5.tgz Optimize graph layouts
graphviz-2.40.1nb42.tgz Graph Drawing Programs from AT&T Research and Lucent Bell Labs
grdc-20031019nb2.tgz Grand digital clock from FreeBSD-current games
greed-3.4nb3.tgz Strategy game: eat as much as possible
greetdelay-0.03nb2.tgz Introduces a small delay before an SMTP greeting
grep-3.3.tgz GNU grep
grepcidr-2.97.tgz Filter IP addresses matching IPv4 or IPv6 CIDR specification
grepmail-5.3033nb11.tgz Search utility for mbox formatted files
greylisting-spp-1.1nb2.tgz Plugin for qmail-spp that provides greylisting
gridscheduler-2011.11.1nb4.tgz Open Grid Scheduler/Grid Engine resource management system
grig-0.8.1nb8.tgz Graphical user interface to the Hamlib libraries
grilo-0.2.7nb15.tgz Media browser framework
grilo-plugins-0.2.9nb16.tgz Plugins for grilo media browser
grive- Independent open source implementation of Google Drive client
groff-1.22.4nb2.tgz GNU roff text processing suite
gromacs-4.5.5nb8.tgz Molecular dynamics package