NetBSD amd64

Package Description
hunspell-lv_LV-0.8b1.tgz Latvian dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-mg_MG-20050108.tgz Malagasy dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-ms_MY-20050117.tgz Malay dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-nl_NL-20070607.tgz Dutch dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-ny_MW-20050108.tgz Chichewa dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-pl_PL-20061202.tgz Polish dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-ru_RU-20040406.tgz Russian dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-sk_SK-20090330.tgz Slovak dictionary for hunspell
hunspell-sv_SE-1.27.tgz Swedish dictionary for hunspell
hwloc-1.11.13.tgz Portable Hardware Locality
hydra-7.5nb30.tgz Login password cracker
hyperestraier-1.4.13.tgz Full-text search system for communities
hypermail-2.3.0nb2.tgz Creates indexed, threaded HTML archives of email
hyperscan-5.0.0nb1.tgz High-performance regular expression matching library
hyphen-2.8.8nb2.tgz Library for high quality hyphenation and justification
hytctl-1.0.tgz Admin tool to read/write HYT 221/271/939 device EEPROM values
hztty-2.0.tgz Turns a tty session between Big5/GB/HZ/Unicode
i2cb-6.0_ALPHAnb7.tgz Next generation Internet Citicen's Band chat client
i2cbd-2.0_BETA5nb5.tgz Next generation Internet Citizens Band chat server
i2ocfg-1.1.tgz I2O configuration dialog gateway
i3-4.17.1.tgz Improved dynamic tiling window manager
i3lock-2.8nb2.tgz Slightly improved screen locker based on slock
i3status-2.13nb1.tgz Small program for generating a status bar
i810switch-0.6.5.tgz Switch LCD/CRT 855/865/915 Intel chips
iGMT-1.2nb6.tgz Interactive Mapping of Geoscientific Datasets
ia64sim-0.5.tgz IA64 simulator (Intel(R) Architecture 64)
iat-0.1.7.tgz ISO9660 analyzer tool
ibm-plex-otf-4.0.2.tgz IBM plex typeface (OpenType)
ibm-plex-ttf-4.0.2.tgz IBM plex typeface (TrueType)
ibutton-pdkit-2.00nb2.tgz 1-Wire Public Domain Kit Version 2.00
ical-3.0.3.tgz Calendar application
ical2rem-0.5.2nb7.tgz Convert iCal files to remind format
icb-5.0.9pl1nb7.tgz Internet CB - a mostly-defunct chat client
icbirc-1.9.tgz Proxy IRC client and ICB server
icbm3d-0.4nb1.tgz 3D X11 game of defense
icdprog-0.3nb1.tgz Microchip PIC programmer using ICD hardware
iceauth-1.0.8nb1.tgz ICE protocol utility
icecast-1.3.12nb15.tgz Internet broadcasting system using Mpeg Layer III streaming
icecast-2.4.4nb3.tgz Live streaming audio server
ices-mp3-0.4nb17.tgz Source client for a streaming server
icewm-1.2.38pre2nb1.tgz Small, fast and light-weight window manager
icewm-imlib-1.2.38pre2nb1.tgz Small, fast and light-weight window manager (imlib version)
icewmconf-2.1.0nb2.tgz Graphical configuration tool for IceWM
icinga-base-1.9.4nb14.tgz Enterprise grade open source monitoring system
ico-1.0.5.tgz Animate icosahedron or other polyhedrons
icon-9.4.3nb1.tgz The Icon programming language
icon-naming-utils-0.8.90nb7.tgz Adapts GNOME and KDE icon names to the Icon Naming Specification
icoutils-0.32.3nb1.tgz Tools for Microsoft Windows icon and cursor files
icqlib-1.0.0nb3.tgz Implementation of the icq protocol
icsi-finger-1.0.29.tgz Distributed finger service
icu-64.2nb1.tgz Robust and full-featured Unicode services
id3-1.1.0.tgz ID3 v1.1 tag editor
id3ed-1.10.4nb4.tgz Edit id3 description tags in mpeg3 files
id3lib-3.8.3nb6.tgz Library for manipulating ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags
id3v2-0.1.12.tgz Command line editor for id3v2 tags
idesk-0.7.5nb15.tgz Lightweight desktop icons handler
idiff-1.0.tgz Interactive front-end to diff(1)
idutils-4.6.tgz Classic Berkeley gid/lid tools for looking up variables in code
idzebra-2.0.62nb10.tgz Structured text indexing and retrieval engine
if-psprint-1.10nb8.tgz Print text or postscript to arbitrary printer, can use smb
ifp-line-0.3nb1.tgz Command-line interface to iRiver MP3 players
iftop-1.0pre4.tgz Display bandwidth usage on an interface
igor-0.0.20140517nb5.tgz FreeBSD Project documentation sanity checker
ii-1.7.tgz Minimalist FIFO and filesystem-based IRC client
ijb-2.0.2nb1.tgz Internet Junkbuster Proxy to block banner ads and cookies
ijs-0.35.tgz Protocol library for raster page transmission
ike-scan-1.9nb5.tgz Fingerprinting IKE implementation
ikiwiki-3.20190228nb5.tgz Flexible static site generator with dynamic features
iksemel-1.4nb5.tgz XML parser library mainly designed for Jabber applications
ile-2.0.tgz Input Line Editor that wraps itself around programs
ilmbase-2.4.0.tgz High dynamic-range (HDR) image file format library and tools
im-153nb3.tgz E-Mail and NetNews user interface commands
imake-1.0.8.tgz Imake and other utilities from modular
imap-uw-2007fnb7.tgz University of Washington's IMAP, POP2, and POP3 servers
imap-uw-utils-20050108nb6.tgz UW IMAP mailbox utilities
imapfilter-2.6.10.tgz Mail filtering utility for the IMAP
imapproxy-1.2.7nb6.tgz Simple connection caching IMAP proxy daemon
imapsync-1.607nb5.tgz Incremental recursive IMAP transfer tool
imaze-1.3nb4.tgz Multiplayer, networked, action,x 3D maze game
img2eps-0.2nb14.tgz Convert raster images to EPS files
imhangul-2.0.0nb22.tgz GTK+-2.0 Hangul Input Module
imlib-1.9.15nb20.tgz Image manipulation library for X11
imlib-gtk-1.9.15nb8.tgz Image manipulation library for X11 (gtk bits)
imlib2-1.5.1.tgz Image manipulation library
imp-4.3.11nb2.tgz Internet Messaging Program
imposter-0.3nb32.tgz Standalone OpenOffice presentations viewer using GTK2
impress-1.1b9nb3.tgz WYSIWYG vector graphics application
imwheel-0.9.9nb1.tgz Tool which helps to use mousewheels
inadyn-2.5.tgz Dynamic DNS client
incm-0.5.tgz Tool to get mail from mbox file or maildir
inconsolata-g-20090213nb1.tgz Modified Inconsolata TrueType font
inconsolata-ttf-2.001.tgz Inconsolata TrueType font
indexinfo-0.2.6.tgz Utility to regenerate the GNU info page index
inetutils-1.9.4nb2.tgz GNU network utilities
influxdb-1.7.6nb6.tgz Scalable datastore for metrics, events, and real-time analytics
inform-6.33.20160609.tgz Interactive fiction compiler (Z-Machine and Glulx)
ingo-1.2.6nb2.tgz Horde based generic and complete mail filter rule frontend
ini_file_manager-03.tgz Ini configuration file reader and manipulator package for Ada
iniparser-3.1.tgz Free stand-alone ini file parsing library
inn-2.6.1nb3.tgz The public release of InterNet News (INN)
innoextract-1.8.tgz Tool to unpack installers created by Inno Setup
innotop-1.9.1nb5.tgz MySQL and InnoDB monitor program
inspircd-2.0.28.tgz Modular Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server (v2 branch)
inspircd-3.4.0.tgz Modular Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server (v3 branch)
install-sh-20100824.tgz Install script compatible with the BSD install program
intel-microcode-netbsd-20191115.tgz Firmware updates for Intel x86 processors
intel2gas-1.3.3nb1.tgz Convert nasm source files to gas source files
intellij-ue-bin-2018.3.5nb1.tgz JetBrain\'s Java IDE, ultimate edition
intercal-0.30.tgz The ultimate language for obfuscation and job security
intlfonts-1.2.1nb6.tgz Free X11 fonts (BDF format) for all characters that Emacs can handle
intltool-0.51.0nb4.tgz Internationalization Tool Collection
iodbc-3.52.9.tgz ODBC 3.x driver manager
iodine-0.7.0.tgz Tool to tunnel IPv4 over DNS
ioping-1.0.tgz Monitor I/O latency in real time
ioquake3-pk3-0.tgz Newer pk3 files for ioquake3
iozone-3.430nb3.tgz Benchmark for file read and write speed
ipa-2.1.2.tgz Pluggable accounting system
ipa_sdb-1.1.1.tgz IPA simple database module
ipadic-2.7.0nb2.tgz Japanese Morphological Dictionary including parameter for ChaSen
ipaexfont-00401.tgz IPAex fonts (fixed JIS X0213 Kanji, and proportional ASCII)
ipafont-00303nb1.tgz IPA JIS X 0213 fonts (Gothic, P Gothic, Mincho, and P Mincho)
ipbt-8765nb8.tgz High-tech ttyrec player
ipcalc-0.41nb7.tgz IP Calculator
ipcheck-0.233nb5.tgz Python client for the dyndns service
iperf-2.0.5nb1.tgz TCP and UDP bandwidth performance measurement tool
iperf3-3.7.tgz TCP and UDP bandwidth performance measurement tool
ipgrab-0.9.9nb1.tgz Verbose packet sniffer for UNIX hosts
iplog-2.2.3nb5.tgz Iplog is a tool using pcap to log IP traffic
ipmitool-1.8.18nb2.tgz Command-line utility for managing IPMI devices
ipv6calc-0.94.1.tgz Manipulates IPv6 addresses
ipv6toolkit-1.4.1.tgz IPv6 security assessment and troubleshooting tool
ipw-3.3anb1.tgz "whois" replacement that automatically queries several databases
ipw-firmware-1.0.tgz Firmware binary images for ipw(4) driver
ir-account-0.2.tgz Copy accounts among systems and manage sudo privs
ircII-20190117nb1.tgz 'Internet Relay Chat' and 'Internet Citizens Band' Client
ircd-hybrid-8.2.26.tgz IRC server with many options
ircu- Internet Relay Chat server customized for Undernet
iroffer-1.3.11.tgz IRC (Internet Relay Chat) DCC OfferBot
irrd-2.3.9nb8.tgz Internet Routing Registry Daemon
irrtoolset-5.1.2.tgz The Internet Routing Registry Toolset - client to IRRd
irssi-1.2.2.tgz Secure and modular IRC client with text mode user interface
irssi-icb-0.15nb5.tgz Irssi plugin to access ICB networks
irssi-xmpp-0.54.tgz Irssi plugin to connect to the Jabber network
isakmpd-20030903nb10.tgz OpenBSD IKE daemon
isc-dhclient-4.4.1.tgz ISC Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Client
isc-dhcp-4.4.1.tgz ISC Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Base
isc-dhcpd-4.4.1.tgz ISC Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Server
isc-dhcrelay-4.4.1.tgz ISC Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Relay
isearch-1.47.01nb2.tgz Advanced text indexing and searching system
isect-1.6.2nb10.tgz Open source middleware daemon
iselect-1.4.0nb2.tgz Curses based Interactive Selection Tool
ish-1.11.tgz Binary-to-text file-encoder
ishell-0.2nb1.tgz Allow remote shell using ICMP
isic-0.07.tgz Ip Stack Integrity Checker (IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP et. al.)
isl-0.17.1.tgz Integer set library required by gcc graphite
iso-codes-3.77nb1.tgz List of country, language and currency names
iso12083-1993nb5.tgz SGML DTDs from the The Electronic Publishing Special Interest Group
iso8879-1986nb8.tgz Character entity sets from ISO 8879:1986 (SGML)
ispell-3.4.00.tgz Interactive spelling checker
ispell-br-2.4.tgz Brazilian Portuguese dictionary for interactive spelling checker
ispell-british-3.4.00.tgz British dictionary for interactive spelling checker
ispell-ca-1.0.tgz Catalan dictionary for interactive spelling checker
ispell-de-20160407nb2.tgz German dictionary for interactive spelling checker
ispell-es-1.7.tgz Spanish dictionary for interactive spelling checker
ispell-fr-1.4.tgz French dictionary for interactive spelling checker
ispell-ga-2.0.tgz Irish language support for ispell
ispell-gl-0.5.tgz Galician dictionary for interactive spelling checker
ispell-ku-0.20.tgz Kurdish dictionary for interactive spelling checker
ispell-lt-1.3nb1.tgz Lithuanian dictionary for ispell
ispell-pl-20021127.tgz Polish dictionary for interactive spelling checker
ispell-ro-20031216.tgz Romanian dictionary for ispell
ispell-ru-0.99g4.tgz Russian (KOI8-R) ispell dictonary from Alexander Lebedev
ispell-ru-io-0.99g4.tgz Russian (KOI8-R) ispell dictonary from Alexander Lebedev
ispell-sk-0.3.2.tgz Slovak dictionary for ispell
ispell-sv-1.2.1.tgz Swedish dictionary for interactive spelling checker
istgt-20150713.tgz Configurable iSCSI target
isync-1.3.0nb2.tgz Synchronize a maildir with an imap server
itex2MML-1.2.3.tgz Converts itex equations to MathML
itpp-4.0.7.tgz Library of mathematical, signal processing and communication routines
itstool-2.0.6nb1.tgz ITS Tool allows you to translate XML documents with PO files
iverilog-10.1.1.tgz Verilog simulation and synthesis tool (stable release version)
ivykis-0.42.3.tgz Asynchronous I/O readiness notification library
iwatch-1.0.4.tgz Watch the command output with interval timer
iwi-firmware-2.3nb2.tgz Firmware binary images for iwi(4) driver
iwi-firmware3-3.0.tgz Firmware binary images for iwi(4) driver
iwn-firmware- Firmware binary image for the iwn(4) driver
ja-FreeWnn-lib-1.11alpha23.tgz Japanese/Chinese/Korean input method (Japanese client library)
ja-FreeWnn-server-1.11alpha23nb1.tgz Japanese/Chinese/Korean input method (Japanese server)
ja-a2ps-1.45nb9.tgz Text file to postscript converter (with Japanese support)
ja-dvi2tty-5.0.tgz Program for previewing DVI files (ASCII Japanese TeX)
ja-elisat-1.0nb2.tgz 8x8 dots X11 bitmap font for JIS X 0208
ja-elisau-1.0nb2.tgz 10x8 dots X11 bitmap font for JIS X 0208
ja-gawk-3.0.6.tgz GNU awk + multi-byte extension
ja-grep-2.4.2nb1.tgz GNU grep + multi-byte extension
ja-groff-0.99nb9.tgz Japanese enhancement of GNU groff
ja-kaname- 12x12 dots X11 bitmap font for JIS X 0208
ja-kappa20-0.394nb2.tgz 20x20 dots X11 bitmap font for Japanese with several extra fonts
ja-less-382.262.03.tgz Less + zcat + ISO-2022 + UTF-8 - a pager similar to more and pg
ja-man-19990531nb3.tgz Japanese on-line manual pages of NetBSD
ja-mh6-3.05nb1.tgz Rand MH mail handling system + Japanese patches
ja-naga10-1.1nb3.tgz 10x10 dots X11 bitmap font for JIS X 0208
ja-ptex-2.0.tgz Meta-package for pTeX et al, supports Japanese language
ja-sazanami-ttf-20040629nb2.tgz Truly free Japanese TrueType font
ja-sed-3.02nb3.tgz GNU sed + multi-byte extension
ja-shinonome-0.9.11pl1nb2.tgz 12, 14, 16 dots bitmap fonts for Japanese, iso8859-1
ja-vflib-2.24.2nb2.tgz Japanese Vector font libraries and utilities
ja-vflib-lib-2.24.2nb3.tgz Japanese Vector font library
ja-vflib-utils-2.24.2nb3.tgz Utilities for manipulating VFlib vector font files
ja-vfxdvik-22.40v.j1.14nb20.tgz Xdvik with vflib
jabberd-1.4.2nb13.tgz Instant messaging server
jack-0.125.0nb2.tgz JACK audio connection kit
jam-2.5.2nb1.tgz Program construction tool, like make(1)
jamjar-0.7.1.tgz Acunia version of the jar archiver
jamvm-1.5.4.tgz Compact Java Virtual Machine
jansson-2.12.tgz C library for encoding, decoding and manipulating JSON data
japhar-0.08nb8.tgz Java Virtual Machine, currently JDK 1.1.5-level
jasmin-1.06nb2.tgz Java "assembler" interface
jasper-2.0.16.tgz Software-based reference implementation of the JPEG-2000 codec
java-lang-spec-3.0.tgz The Java(TM) Language Specification (HTML)
java-mecab-0.996.tgz MeCab java module
java-native-hyperestraier- Java native interface of Hyper Estraier
java-pure-hyperestraier- Java pure interface of Hyper Estraier
java-qdbm- Java API of QDBM
java-rxtx-2.1.7r2nb2.tgz Java serial IO library
java-subversion-1.12.0nb1.tgz Java bindings for Subversion
java-vm-spec-2.0nb1.tgz The Java(TM) Virtual Machine Specification (HTML)
javacc-5.0.tgz Java Compiler Compiler [tm]
javadeps-1.1nb1.tgz Automatic dependency tracking for Java
jbig2dec-0.17.tgz JBIG2 decoder library
jbig2enc-0.29pre.tgz JBIG2 encoder
jbigkit-2.1.tgz JBIG-KIT lossless image compression library
jcabc2ps-20060106nb3.tgz Music typesetting program for abc
jchkmail-1.3.1anb2.tgz Behavior-based virus and spam milter for Sendmail
jcode-perl-2.13nb11.tgz Perl library for Japanese character code conversion
jd-gui-1.4.0nb1.tgz Standalone Java byte code decompiler
jday-2.4.tgz Julian date calculator
jdbc-mysql-3.1.14.tgz MySQL 3.1 JDBC driver
jdbc-mysql-5.0.8.tgz MySQL 5.0 JDBC driver
jdbc-mysql-5.1.40.tgz MySQL 5.1 JDBC driver
jdbc-postgresql94-1201.tgz PostgreSQL 9.4 JDBC4 driver
jdebp-redo-1.4.tgz C++ implementation of DJB's redo build tool
jdom-1.1.1.tgz Simple API for processing XML documents in Java
jed-0.99.16nb2.tgz Extensible folding editor with Emacs/WordStar/EDT emulations
jemalloc-5.2.1nb1.tgz General purpose malloc(3) implementation
jenkins-2.60.2.tgz Open source continuous integration server (LTS release)
jenkins-2.73.tgz Open source continuous integration server (weekly release)
jetpack-1.0nb2.tgz Arcade action game for X Windows
jetty- Jetty is a Java HTTP Server and Servlet Container
jetty- Jetty is a Java HTTP Server and Servlet Container
jflex-1.6.0.tgz Fast lexical analyzer generator for Java