NetBSD amd64

Package Description
ots-0.5.0.tgz Tool and library for auto-summarizing text
otter-3.0.6.tgz Automated Deduction System
overnet-1.0.1nb2.tgz Peer-to-peer file sharing client (binary pkg)
owl-lisp-0.1.13.tgz Purely functional dialect of Scheme
oxygen-icons-5.64.0.tgz Oxygen icon set for the KDE integrated X11 desktop
p0f-2.0.8nb1.tgz Passive OS fingerprinting tool
p11-2.10i.tgz PDP11 emulator
p11-kit-0.23.15.tgz PKCS#11 module manager
p2c-1.20nb1.tgz Pascal to C compiler (translates Pascal to C)
p5-Acme-Damn-0.08nb3.tgz Perl5 module for 'unblessing' perl objects
p5-Acme-PlayCode-0.12nb10.tgz Perl5 module for code transforming to avoid typical typing mistakes
p5-AddressBook-0.16nb16.tgz Perl5 module for unified access to addressbook databases
p5-Algorithm-Annotate-0.10nb15.tgz Perl module that provides cvs-annotate-like functionality
p5-Algorithm-BloomFilter-0.02nb2.tgz Simple bloom filter data structure
p5-Algorithm-C3-0.10nb5.tgz Module for merging hierarchies using the C3 algorithm
p5-Algorithm-CheckDigits-1.3.2nb4.tgz Perl extension to generate and test check digits
p5-Algorithm-Cluster-1.59.tgz Perl interface to the C Clustering Library
p5-Algorithm-Dependency-1.111nb1.tgz Algorithmic framework for implementing dependency tree
p5-Algorithm-Diff-1.1903nb5.tgz Perl module for diffing similar to diff(1)
p5-Algorithm-HowSimilar-0.01nb9.tgz Perl module for computation of similarity amongst values
p5-Algorithm-LUHN-1.02nb3.tgz Calculate the Modulus 10 Double Add Double checksum
p5-Algorithm-Merge-0.08nb11.tgz Perl module providing diff3(1)-like functionality
p5-Algorithm-Munkres-0.08nb6.tgz Munkres Assignment for square and rectangular matrices
p5-Algorithm-Permute-0.16nb2.tgz Perl module for generating permutations with object oriented interface
p5-Alien-Base-ModuleBuild-1.08.tgz Module::Build subclass for building Alien:: modules and libraries
p5-Alien-Build-1.92.tgz Build external dependencies for use in CPAN
p5-Alien-GMP-1.14nb2.tgz Alien package for the GNU Multiple Precision library
p5-Alien-GvaScript-1.45nb2.tgz Gva extension to the prototype javascript framework
p5-Alien-Hunspell-0.11nb4.tgz Perl5 module providing hunspell
p5-Alien-Libxml2-0.11.tgz Perl interface to libxml2
p5-Alien-Packages-0.003nb6.tgz Find information of installed packages
p5-AnnoCPAN-Perldoc-0.10nb10.tgz Integrate AnnoCPAN notes locally into perldoc
p5-Any-Moose-0.27nb3.tgz Perl extension to check dependencies on Moose or Mouse
p5-Any-URI-Escape-0.01nb5.tgz Load URI::Escape::XS preferentially over URI::Escape
p5-AnyEvent-7.17.tgz Simple API for io, timer and completion callbacks
p5-AnyEvent-AIO-1.1nb10.tgz Perl 5 module providing truly asynchronous file and directory I/O
p5-AnyEvent-BDB-1.1nb10.tgz Perl 5 module providing truly asynchronous berkeley db access
p5-AnyEvent-HTTP-2.24nb1.tgz Perl 5 module providing simple but non-blocking HTTP/HTTPS client
p5-AnyEvent-HTTPD-0.93nb9.tgz Perl 5 simple lightweight event based web (application) server
p5-AnyEvent-IRC-0.97nb6.tgz Perl 5 event based IRC protocol client API
p5-AnyEvent-RabbitMQ-1.19nb2.tgz RabbitMQ interface with AnyEvent
p5-AnyEvent-ReverseHTTP-0.05nb10.tgz Perl 5 module providing reversehttp for AnyEvent
p5-AnyEvent-SCGI-1.1nb11.tgz Perl 5 module providing a event based SCGI server
p5-AnyEvent-XMPP-0.55nb5.tgz Implementation of the XMPP Protocol
p5-Apache-ASP-2.63nb2.tgz Perl5/Apache module of Perl-coded Active Server Pages
p5-Apache-DBI-1.12nb5.tgz DBI support for Apache+mod_perl
p5-Apache-DBILogConfig-0.02nb13.tgz Database-independent Apache database logger
p5-Apache-DBILogger-0.93nb13.tgz Database-independent httpd database logging module
p5-Apache-Filter-1.024nb11.tgz Perl5 module to alter the output of previous Apache handlers
p5-Apache-LogFormat-Compiler-0.35nb2.tgz Compile a log format string to perl-code
p5-Apache-SSI-2.19nb11.tgz Perl5 module to implement Server Side Includes
p5-Apache-Session-1.93nb5.tgz Perl5 module to provide persistent storage
p5-Apache-Session-SharedMem-0.6nb6.tgz Apache::Session module that stores session data in shared memory
p5-Apache-Session-Wrapper-0.34nb5.tgz Perl5 module doing a wrapper around Apache::Session
p5-Apache-Test-1.40nb2.tgz Wrapper for to test an Apache server
p5-Apache2-AuthCASSimple-0.10nb11.tgz Apache2 module to authenticate through a CAS server
p5-Apache2-AuthCookie-3.28.tgz Perl5 module for Authentication and Authorization via cookies
p5-Apache2-AuthCookieDBI-2.18.tgz Perl5 module AuthCookie backed by a DBI database
p5-App-CLI-0.50nb2.tgz Dispatcher module for command line interface programs
p5-App-Cache-0.37nb10.tgz Perl 5 module providing easy application-level caching
p5-App-ClusterSSH-4.03.06nb4.tgz Cluster administration tool
p5-App-Cmd-0.331nb3.tgz Perl 5 module to write command line apps with less suffering
p5-App-FatPacker-0.010008.tgz Perl5 module to pack your dependencies onto your script file
p5-App-MrShell-2.0207nb10.tgz Mr. Shell runs a command on multiple hosts
p5-App-Nopaste-1.013.tgz Perl 5 module providing easy access to any pastebin
p5-App-Prove-Plugin-ProgressBar-0.01nb7.tgz Progress bar for Perl prove(1)
p5-App-Siesh-0.21nb9.tgz Sieve Shell
p5-App-Sqitch-1.0.0nb1.tgz Sensible database change management
p5-App-cpanminus-1.7044nb2.tgz Perl5 script to get, unpack, build and install modules from CPAN
p5-App-cpanoutdated-0.24nb6.tgz Detect outdated CPAN modules in your environment
p5-App-perlbrew-0.87.tgz Manage perl installations in your $HOME
p5-AppConfig-1.71nb5.tgz Perl5 module for parsing config files and command line arguments
p5-AppConfig-Std-1.10nb4.tgz AppConfig::Std Perl module
p5-Archive-Any-0.0946nb1.tgz Perl5 module with single interface to deal with archives
p5-Archive-Any-Lite-0.11nb3.tgz Simple CPAN package extractor
p5-Archive-Extract-0.86.tgz Perl5 module interface to manipulate zip files
p5-Archive-Peek-0.35nb9.tgz Perl5 module to peek into archives without extracting them
p5-Archive-Tar-2.32nb1.tgz Perl5 module interface to manipulate tar files
p5-Archive-Tar-Wrapper-0.37.tgz API wrapper around the 'tar' utility
p5-Archive-Zip-1.64nb1.tgz Perl5 module interface to manipulate zip files
p5-Array-Compare-3.0.3.tgz Perl extension for comparing arrays
p5-Array-Diff-0.09.tgz Perl 5 module to diff two arrays
p5-Array-PrintCols-2.6nb6.tgz Perl5 module to print arrays of elements in sorted columns
p5-Array-RefElem-1.00nb11.tgz Set up array elements as aliases
p5-Asterisk-1.08nb2.tgz Collection of perl modules to be used with Asterisk
p5-Async-Interrupt-1.25.tgz Allow C/XS libraries to interrupt perl asynchronously
p5-AtExit-2.03nb4.tgz Provides an ANSI C style atexit() function to Perl programs
p5-Attribute-Lexical-0.005nb2.tgz Sane scoping of function/variable attributes
p5-Audio-CD-0.05nb14.tgz Audio-CD perl module for use with disc-cover
p5-Audio-Scan-1.01nb2.tgz XS parser for MP3, MP4, Ogg Vorbis, etc
p5-Audio-Wav-0.14nb5.tgz Perl modules for reading & writing Microsoft WAV files
p5-AuthCAS-1.7nb3.tgz AuthCAS - Client library for CAS 2.0 authentication server
p5-Authen-CAS-Client-0.08nb3.tgz Perl 5 module providing an interface for JA-SIG's CAS
p5-Authen-Htpasswd-0.171nb8.tgz Interface to read and modify Apache .htpasswd files
p5-Authen-PAM-0.16nb11.tgz Authentication via PAM
p5-Authen-PluggableCaptcha-0.05nb10.tgz Perl5 module implementing a pluggable Captcha framework
p5-Authen-SASL-2.16nb7.tgz Perl module to handle SASL authentication
p5-Authen-SASL-Authd-0.04nb5.tgz Perl module to handle SASL auth via Cyrus saslauthd or Dovecot
p5-Authen-SASL-Cyrus-0.13nb8.tgz Perl module to handle Cyrus protocol for SASL authentication
p5-Authen-Simple-0.5nb7.tgz Simple and consistent framework for authentication
p5-Authen-TacacsPlus-0.26nb3.tgz Perl extension for authentication using tacacs+ server
p5-AutoLoader-5.74nb6.tgz Perl automatic module loader
p5-AutoXS-Header-1.02nb10.tgz Perl 5 module container for the AutoXS header files
p5-Autodia-2.14nb8.tgz Create documentation through templates
p5-B-Compiling-0.06nb5.tgz Expose PL_compiling to perl
p5-B-Debug-1.26.tgz Walk Perl syntax tree, printing debug info about ops
p5-B-Hooks-EndOfScope-0.24nb2.tgz Perl 5 module to execute code after a scope finished compilation
p5-B-Hooks-OP-Annotation-0.44nb9.tgz Perl 5 module to annotate and delegate hooked OPs
p5-B-Hooks-OP-Check-0.22nb2.tgz Perl 5 module to wrap OP check callbacks
p5-B-Hooks-OP-Check-EntersubForCV-0.10nb2.tgz Invoke callbacks on construction of entersub OPs for certain CVs
p5-B-Hooks-OP-Check-StashChange-0.06nb11.tgz Invoke callbacks when the stash code is being compiled in changes
p5-B-Hooks-OP-PPAddr-0.06nb2.tgz Hook into opcode execution
p5-B-Hooks-Parser-0.21nb1.tgz Interface to perls parser variables
p5-B-Keywords-1.20nb1.tgz Perl 5 module providing lists of reserved barewords and symbol names
p5-B-Utils-0.27nb4.tgz Perl 5 module providing op tree manipulation helper functions
p5-BDB-1.92nb2.tgz Perl 5 module providing asynchronous Berkeley DB access
p5-BSD-Resource-1.29.11nb3.tgz Perl interface to BSD process resources library
p5-BSD-arc4random-1.50nb8.tgz Perl interface to the arc4 random number generator
p5-BackPAN-Index-0.42nb5.tgz Perl 5 module providing an interface to the BackPAN index
p5-BackupPC-XS-0.59.tgz Perl utility functions for sysutils/backuppc
p5-Barcode-Code128-2.21nb4.tgz Generate CODE 128 bar codes
p5-Benchmark-Timer-0.7112nb2.tgz Benchmarking with statistical confidence
p5-BerkeleyDB-0.63.tgz Access Berkeley DB
p5-Biblio-EndnoteStyle-0.06nb3.tgz Reference formatting using Endnote-like templates
p5-Bio-ASN1-EntrezGene-1.72nb2.tgz Regular expression-based Perl Parser for NCBI Entrez Gene
p5-Bit-Vector-7.4nb5.tgz Efficient base class implementing bit vectors
p5-Browser-Open-0.04.tgz Open a browser in a given URL
p5-Business-CreditCard-0.36nb3.tgz Perl5 module to validate/generate credit card checksums/names
p5-Business-Hours-0.13nb1.tgz Calculate business hours in a time period
p5-Business-ISBN-3.004nb3.tgz Perl5 module to work with International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs)
p5-Business-ISBN-Data-20140910.003nb4.tgz Data for the p5-Business-ISBN package
p5-Business-ISMN-1.201nb1.tgz Perl5 module to work with ISMNs
p5-Business-ISSN-1.003nb2.tgz Perl5 extention for International Standard Serial Numbers
p5-Business-UPS-2.01nb5.tgz Perl5 module to handle UPS rate calculation and package tracking
p5-Bytes-Random-Secure-0.29nb3.tgz Perl extension to generate cryptographically-secure random bytes
p5-CAM-PDF-1.60nb7.tgz Perl 5 PDF manipulation library
p5-CDB_File-0.99nb3.tgz Perl5 module to use CDB files
p5-CDDB-1.222nb6.tgz High-level interface to the Compact Disc Database
p5-CDDB-File-1.05nb11.tgz Parses a CDDB/freedb data file
p5-CDDB_get-2.28nb8.tgz Perl interface to query for CDDB information
p5-CGI-4.44nb1.tgz Perl5 module for writing forms-based CGI programs
p5-CGI-Ajax-0.707nb10.tgz Call perl asynchronously from javascript
p5-CGI-Application-4.61nb2.tgz Perl5 module to create sophisticated, reusable web-based applications
p5-CGI-Application-PSGI-1.00nb10.tgz Perl 5 module PSGI adapter for CGI::Application
p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-DBH-4.04nb5.tgz Easy DBI access from CGI::Application
p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-Session-1.05nb4.tgz Add CGI::Session support to CGI::Application
p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-ValidateRM-2.5nb7.tgz Help validate CGI::Application run modes using Data::FormValidator
p5-CGI-Compile-0.22nb3.tgz Perl 5 module to compile .cgi scripts to a code reference
p5-CGI-Cookie-Splitter-0.05nb4.tgz Perl5 module for splitting big cookies into smaller ones
p5-CGI-Cookie-XS-0.18nb6.tgz HTTP Cookie parser in pure C
p5-CGI-Emulate-PSGI-0.23nb3.tgz Perl 5 module prodiving PSGI adapter for CGI
p5-CGI-Fast-2.15nb1.tgz CGI Interface for Fast CGI
p5-CGI-FastTemplate-1.09nb13.tgz Perl5 extension for managing templates
p5-CGI-FormBuilder-3.1000nb3.tgz Perl5 module for building HTML forms
p5-CGI-Kwiki-0.18nb14.tgz Quickie Wiki that is not too Tricky
p5-CGI-Lite-3.02nb2.tgz Simple perl5 module for writing forms-based CGI programs
p5-CGI-Minimal-1.29nb11.tgz Perl5 module for simple CGI scripts
p5-CGI-PSGI-0.15nb8.tgz Perl 5 module to adapt to the PSGI protocol
p5-CGI-ProgressBar-0.05nb9.tgz sub-class with a progress bar object
p5-CGI-Session-4.48nb8.tgz Perl5 module providing session management across HTTP requests
p5-CGI-Session-Driver-memcached-0.04nb9.tgz CGI::Session driver for memcached
p5-CGI-Session-Plugin-Redirect-1.01nb7.tgz Perl5 module extension adding a redirect method for CGI::Session
p5-CGI-Session-Serialize-yaml-4.26nb9.tgz Serializer for CGI::Session
p5-CGI-Simple-1.22.tgz Simple totally OO CGI interface that is compliant
p5-CGI-Struct-1.21nb6.tgz Build structures from CGI data
p5-CHI-0.60nb4.tgz Unified cache handling interface
p5-CLASS-1.00nb11.tgz Alias for __PACKAGE__
p5-CPAN-Changes-0.400002nb4.tgz Read and write Changes files
p5-CPAN-Checksums-2.12nb3.tgz Write a CHECKSUMS file for a directory as on CPAN
p5-CPAN-Common-Index-0.010nb2.tgz Library for searching CPAN modules, authors and distributions
p5-CPAN-DistnameInfo-0.12nb8.tgz Perl 5 module to extract distname and version from distfile
p5-CPAN-FindDependencies-2.49.tgz Perl 5 module to find dependencies for modules on the CPAN
p5-CPAN-Inject-1.14nb5.tgz Inject a distribution for installation via the CPAN shell
p5-CPAN-Meta-2.150010nb3.tgz Perl module for handling the distribution metadata for a CPAN dist
p5-CPAN-Meta-Check-0.014nb3.tgz Perl module to verify requirements in a CPAN::Meta object
p5-CPAN-Meta-Requirements-2.140nb4.tgz Set of version requirements for a CPAN dist
p5-CPAN-Meta-YAML-0.018nb4.tgz Perl module to read and write a subset of YAML for CPAN Meta files
p5-CPAN-Mini-1.111016nb5.tgz Create a minimal mirror of CPAN
p5-CPAN-ParseDistribution-1.54nb3.tgz Index a file from the BackPAN to give name and version of the distr'n
p5-CPAN-Perl-Releases-4.22.tgz Mapping Perl releases on CPAN to the location of the tarballs
p5-CPAN-Reporter-1.2018nb3.tgz Adds CPAN Testers reporting to p5-CPAN
p5-CPAN-Uploader-0.103013nb3.tgz Perl 5 module to upload things to the CPAN
p5-CPANPLUS-0.9178.tgz Ameliorated interface to the CPAN
p5-CSS-1.09nb8.tgz Object oriented access to Cascading Style Sheets
p5-CSS-Minifier-XS-0.09nb3.tgz XS based CSS minifier
p5-CSS-Squish-0.10nb8.tgz Compact many CSS files into one big file
p5-CSS-Tiny-1.20nb4.tgz Perl 5 module to read/write .css files with as little code as possible
p5-Cache-2.11nb5.tgz The Cache interface
p5-Cache-Cache-1.08nb5.tgz The Cache interface
p5-Cache-FastMmap-1.48.tgz Shared memory cache through an mmap'ed file
p5-Cache-LRU-0.04nb4.tgz Simple, fast implementation of an in-memory LRU cache
p5-Cache-Memcached-1.30nb7.tgz Perl API for distributed memory cache daemon memcached
p5-Cache-Memcached-Fast-0.25nb2.tgz Perl client for memcached, in C language
p5-Cache-Simple-TimedExpiry-0.27nb11.tgz Perl module providing a lightweight cache with timed expiration
p5-Calendar-Simple-1.23nb2.tgz Perl extension to create simple calendars
p5-Canary-Stability-2013.tgz Canary to check Perl compatibility
p5-Captcha-reCAPTCHA-0.97nb4.tgz Perl implementation of the reCAPTCHA API
p5-Captcha-reCAPTCHA-Mailhide-0.94nb9.tgz Perl implementation of the reCAPTCHA Mailhide API
p5-Capture-Tiny-0.48nb2.tgz Capture STDOUT and STDERR from Perl, XS or external programs
p5-Carp-1.50nb1.tgz Alternative warn and die for modules
p5-Carp-Always-0.16nb2.tgz Perl5 module which warns and dies noisily with stack backtraces
p5-Carp-Assert-0.21nb5.tgz Executable comments like the ANSI C library assert.h
p5-Carp-Assert-More-1.20.tgz Perl5 module providing convenience wrappers around Carp::Assert
p5-Carp-Clan-6.08.tgz Report errors from perspective of a "clan" of modules
p5-Carp-REPL-0.18nb4.tgz Perl 5 read-eval-print-loop on die and/or warn
p5-Carton-1.0.34nb2.tgz Perl module dependency manager (aka Bundler for Perl)
p5-Catalyst-Action-REST-1.21nb2.tgz Automated REST Method Dispatching
p5-Catalyst-Action-RenderView-0.16nb8.tgz Catalyst render action target
p5-Catalyst-Authentication-Credential-HTTP-1.018nb2.tgz HTTP Basic and Digest authentication for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Authentication-Credential-HTTP-Proxy-0.06nb10.tgz HTTP Proxy authentication for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Authentication-Store-Htpasswd-1.006nb2.tgz Authen::Htpasswd based user storage/authentication
p5-Catalyst-Component-ACCEPT_CONTEXT-0.07nb12.tgz Make current Catalyst request context available in Models and Views
p5-Catalyst-Component-InstancePerContext-0.001001nb11.tgz Return a new instance a component on each request
p5-Catalyst-Controller-BindLex-0.05nb13.tgz Put lexicals on the catalyst stash
p5-Catalyst-Controller-FormBuilder-0.06nb9.tgz Catalyst FormBuilder Base Controller
p5-Catalyst-Controller-HTML-FormFu-2.04nb2.tgz Catalyst integration for HTML::FormFu
p5-Catalyst-DispatchType-Regex-5.90035nb4.tgz Deprecated Catalyst Regex DispatchType
p5-Catalyst-Engine-HTTP-Prefork-0.51nb6.tgz High-performance pre-forking Catalyst engine
p5-Catalyst-Engine-JobQueue-POE-0.0.4nb5.tgz Implementing a Catalyst job queue with POE
p5-Catalyst-Engine-PSGI-0.14nb2.tgz Perl 5 PSGI engine for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Manual-5.9010.tgz Manual for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Model-Adaptor-0.10nb9.tgz Use a plain class as a Catalyst model
p5-Catalyst-Model-File-0.10nb6.tgz File based storage model for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Model-RDBO-0.07nb11.tgz Rose::DB::Object model class for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Authentication-0.100230nb6.tgz Infrastructure plugin for the Catalyst authentication framework
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Authentication-Store-RDBO-0.002nb12.tgz Authentication and authorization against a Rose::DB::Object
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Authorization-ACL-0.16nb5.tgz ACL support for Catalyst applications
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Authorization-Roles-0.09nb8.tgz Role based authorization for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-AutoRestart-0.96nb6.tgz Restart Catalyst when specified memory threshold reached
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-ConfigLoader-0.34nb5.tgz Load Catalyst config from YAML file
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-I18N-0.10nb10.tgz I18N for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-RequireSSL-0.07nb6.tgz Force SSL mode on select pages
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Server-0.28nb8.tgz Base Server plugin for RPC-able protocols
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-0.41nb1.tgz Generic Catalyst Session plugin
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-State-Cookie-0.17nb11.tgz Maintain session IDs using cookies
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-DBIC-0.14nb4.tgz DBIC session storage backend
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-Delegate-0.06nb11.tgz Delegate session storage to an application model object
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-FastMmap-0.16nb8.tgz FastMmap session storage backend
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-File-0.18nb11.tgz File storage backend for session data
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-StackTrace-0.12nb6.tgz Display a stack trace on the debug screen
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Static-Simple-0.36nb2.tgz Serve static files with Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-StatusMessage-1.002000nb5.tgz Handle passing of status messages between screens of a web application
p5-Catalyst-Runtime-5.90124.tgz The Elegant MVC Web Application Framework
p5-Catalyst-View-Email-0.36nb3.tgz Send Templated Email from Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-View-Excel-Template-Plus-0.04nb4.tgz Catalyst View for Excel::Template::Plus
p5-Catalyst-View-JSON-0.37.tgz JSON view for your data in Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-View-Jemplate-0.06nb12.tgz Jemplate view class for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-View-Mason-0.19nb5.tgz HTML::Mason view class for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-View-TT-0.44nb4.tgz Template Toolkit view class for Catalyst
p5-CatalystX-CRUD-0.57nb3.tgz CRUD framework for Catalyst applications