NetBSD amd64

Package Description
ctwm-4.0.3.tgz Window manager with support for multiple virtual screens and EWMH
cu-prolog-3.94.tgz Experimental constraint logic programming language
cucipop-1.31nb3.tgz The Cubic Circle POP3 mail server
cue-20151214.tgz Mh-e like mail user agent
cuecat-0.2.1nb1.tgz Read and parse barcodes from your CueCat barcode reader
cuetools-1.3.1.tgz Set of utilities to manipulate cue and toc files
cuisine-0.7.13nb1.tgz Small set of functions that sit on top of Fabric
culmus-0.132.tgz Culmus Hebrew fonts
cups-1.5.4nb18.tgz Common UNIX Printing System (1.5 branch)
cups-base-2.3.0.tgz Common UNIX Printing System
cups-drivers-Magicolor5440DL-1.2.1nb23.tgz CUPS drivers for printer Konica Minolta Magicolor 5440DL
cups-pdf-2.6.1nb11.tgz PDF backend for CUPS
curl-7.67.0.tgz Client that groks URLs
cut-2nb1.tgz C Unit Tester
cutter-1.2.4nb23.tgz Unit Testing Framework for C and C++
cvm-0.97nb1.tgz Credential Validation Modules
cvs-1.12.13nb7.tgz Concurrent Versions System
cvs-fast-export-1.44nb1.tgz Export an RCS or CVS history as a fast-import stream
cvs2cl-2.59nb7.tgz CVS-log-message-to-ChangeLog conversion script
cvs2html-1.82nb7.tgz Perl script to turn ``cvs log'' output into HTML
cvs2svn-2.3.0nb3.tgz Converts a CVS repository to a Subversion repository
cvsclone-0.00.tgz Clone a CVS repository using the :pserver: access method
cvsd-1.0.23nb9.tgz Run CVS pserver in a chroot-ed environment
cvsdiff2patch-1.0.1.tgz Convert CVS diffs into something that patch(1) understands
cvsgraph-1.7.0.tgz Graphically represents CVS/RCS branches and file revisions
cvslock-0.2.tgz Safely manipulate and inspect CVS repositories
cvsps-2.1nb4.tgz Generates 'patchset' information from a CVS repository
cvsps3-3.13.tgz Generates 'patchset' information from a CVS repository
cvsreport-0.3.5nb7.tgz Message reports from CVS activity
cvsup-bin-16.1.hnb1.tgz Daemon and client for cvsup
cvsup-gui-bin-16.1.hnb1.tgz GUI client for cvsup
cvsutils-0.2.5nb7.tgz CVS utilities to facilitate working
cvsweb-3.0.6nb10.tgz Web interface for browsing a CVS repository
cvsync-0.24.19nb9.tgz Portable incremental cvs repository syncer
cw-1.0.16.tgz Non-intrusive color wrapper for common commands
cwdiff-0.4.0.tgz Color wrapper for wdiff (word diff)
cwm-6.3.tgz Portable version of the window manager from OpenBSD
cwrappers-20180325.tgz pkgsrc compiler wrappers
cwtext-0.96nb3.tgz Morse Code Generator
cxref-1.6d.tgz C Cross Referencing & Documenting tool
cy2-anonymous-2.1.27.tgz Cyrus SASL ANONYMOUS authentication plugin
cy2-crammd5-2.1.27.tgz Cyrus SASL CRAM-MD5 authentication plugin
cy2-digestmd5-2.1.27.tgz Cyrus SASL DIGEST-MD5 authentication plugin
cy2-gssapi-2.1.27.tgz Cyrus SASL GSSAPI authentication plugin
cy2-ldapdb-2.1.27.tgz Cyrus SASL LDAPDB authentication plugin
cy2-login-2.1.27.tgz Cyrus SASL LOGIN authentication plugin
cy2-ntlm-2.1.27.tgz Cyrus SASL NTLM authentication plugin
cy2-otp-2.1.27.tgz Cyrus SASL OTP authentication plugin
cy2-plain-2.1.27.tgz Cyrus SASL PLAIN authentication plugin
cy2-saml-1.9.tgz Crude SAML assertion validator for bridging WebSSO and SASL
cy2-scram-2.1.27.tgz Cyrus SASL SCRAM authentication plugin
cy2-sql-2.1.27nb3.tgz Cyrus SASL SQL authentication plugin
cyberbase-ttf-2.0nb8.tgz Cyberbit minus CJK subset, for ISO-8859-x languages
cyberbit-ttf-2.0nb8.tgz Multilingual TrueType font from Bitstream
cyrus-imapd-2.2.13p1nb19.tgz Cyrus IMAP server
cyrus-imapd-2.3.18nb31.tgz Cyrus IMAP server
cyrus-imapd-2.4.20nb7.tgz Cyrus IMAP server
cyrus-sasl-2.1.27.tgz Simple Authentication and Security Layer
cyrus-saslauthd-2.1.27.tgz Cyrus SASL plaintext authentication daemon
daapd-0.2.4bnb1.tgz Server for DAA protocol (iTunes)
dact-0.8.42.tgz Dynamic adaptive compression tool
dadadodo-1.04.tgz Analyse texts for word probabilities and generate random sentences
daemond-1.0.tgz Run a command as a daemon
daemontools-0.76nb3.tgz Service monitoring and logging utilities by djb
daemontools-run-20190819.tgz Configures daemontools to run supervised services
dansguardian- Fast, featureful web content filter for Squid proxy servers
dante-1.4.2nb1.tgz BSD-licensed socks 4/5 proxy suite
dap-2.1.5nb4.tgz Digital audio recording and processing package
daq-2.0.6.tgz Abstraction layer for libpcap
dar-2.4.13nb1.tgz Disk archiver
darkice-1.2.tgz IceCast, IceCast2 and ShoutCast live audio streamer
darkstat-3.0.719.tgz Network statistics gatherer
darts-0.32nb2.tgz C++ template library that implements Double-Array
dash- Debian Almquist shell, POSIX-compliant shell faster than bash
dasm-2.20.11nb1.tgz Multi-CPU cross-assembler for 6502, 6803 and 68HC11
datadraw-3.1.1.tgz Persistent database generator for high performance C applications
dateutils-0.4.3nb1.tgz Command line tools for working with dates
db-2.7.7nb3.tgz Sleepycat Software's Berkeley DB version 2
db2latex-0.8pre1nb6.tgz Set of XSLT stylesheets converting DocBook to LaTeX2e
db3-3.11.2nb4.tgz Sleepycat Software's Berkeley DB version 3
db4-4.8.30nb1.tgz Berkeley DB version 4 from Oracle
db5-5.3.28nb2.tgz Berkeley DB version 5 from Oracle
db6-6.2.23.tgz Berkeley DB version 6 from Oracle
dbeacon- Distributed IPv4/IPv6 multicast beacon
dbench-4.0.tgz Simulation of the Ziff-Davis netbench benchmark
dbfsak-5.0.tgz Tool for converting to and from DBF files
dblatex-0.3.10nb2.tgz DocBook to LaTeX Publishing
dbmail-3.2.3nb14.tgz Store and retrieve mail messages in a database
dbskkd-cdb-2.00nb1.tgz SKK dictionary server based on cdb
dbus-1.12.16.tgz Message bus system
dbus-glib-0.110.tgz GLib bindings for the D-BUS message bus system
dbus-python-common-1.2.12.tgz Python bindings for the D-BUS message bus system
dbz-ttf-20050114nb2.tgz Divide By Zero TrueType fonts created by Tom Murphy 7
dc-tools-1.6nb1.tgz Dreamcast bootable CDs tools (mainly from Marcus Comstedt)
dcc-1.3.159nb2.tgz Anti-spam content filter
dccserver-0.5nb2.tgz Standalone replacement for the mIRC /dccserver command
dcdflib.c-1.1nb1.tgz Library of C Routines for Cumulative Distribution Functions
dcdflib.f-1.1nb3.tgz Library of Fortran Routines for Cumulative Distribution Functions
dcfldd-1.3.4.tgz Enhanced version of GNU dd with features useful for forensics
dclock-4nb1.tgz Digital clock for X
dconf-0.34.0nb1.tgz Backend for gsettings
dcraw-9.27.0nb1.tgz Raw digital camera decoder
dctc-0.85.9nb15.tgz Direct Connect clone (Direct Connect Text Client)
dd_rescue-1.33.tgz Tool like dd(1) for rescuing data from media with errors
dd_rhelp-0.0.6.tgz Rescue hard disk helper
ddclient-3.8.3nb6.tgz Client to update dynamic DNS entries
ddd-3.3.12nb1.tgz Data Display Debugger -- graphical front-end for GDB/DBX/XDB
ddos-scan-20000325.tgz Scan for a limited set of distributed denial of service (ddos) agents
ddrescue-1.19.tgz GNU ddrescue is a data recovery tool
decode-dimms-4.1.20191031nb2.tgz Decode memory DIMM SPD ROM info
deforaos-asm-0.2.3nb2.tgz DeforaOS (dis)assembly framework
deforaos-browser-0.5.1nb8.tgz DeforaOS desktop file manager and desktop handler
deforaos-camera-0.2.0nb9.tgz DeforaOS desktop camera
deforaos-configure-0.4.1.tgz DeforaOS automated Makefile generation tool
deforaos-cpp-0.0.3nb2.tgz DeforaOS C code pre-processing library
deforaos-editor-0.4.0nb8.tgz DeforaOS desktop text editor
deforaos-keyboard-0.3.1nb5.tgz DeforaOS desktop virtual keyboard
deforaos-libdatabase-0.0.1nb12.tgz DeforaOS libDatabase
deforaos-libdesktop-0.2.2nb6.tgz DeforaOS desktop library
deforaos-libsystem-0.4.2.tgz DeforaOS core system library
deforaos-locker-0.4.0nb9.tgz DeforaOS desktop screensaver
deforaos-mixer-0.2.2nb5.tgz DeforaOS desktop volume mixer
deforaos-panel-0.3.6nb10.tgz DeforaOS desktop panel
deforaos-pdfviewer-0.0.2nb34.tgz DeforaOS desktop PDF viewer
deforaos-phone-0.5.1nb5.tgz DeforaOS desktop telephony
deforaos-terminal-0.1.0nb8.tgz DeforaOS desktop terminal emulator
dehydrated-0.6.5.tgz Letsencrypt/acme client implemented as a shell-script
dejagnu-1.6.tgz TCL/Expect-based framework for regression testing
dejavu-ttf-2.37.tgz DejaVu family of TrueType fonts
delegate-9.9.1nb1.tgz General purpose TCP/IP proxy system
deliver-2.1.14nb3.tgz Local mail delivery agent with shell-script control
delta-2006.08.03nb8.tgz Heuristically minimizes interesting files
demime-1.1dnb8.tgz Tool to scrub mime from mailing lists
depot-5.14.tgz Maps several separate packages into a tree without merging them
desklaunch-1.1.5.tgz X utility for binding commands to pixmap icons
deskmenu-1.4.2nb29.tgz X utility for providing root menus
desktop-file-utils-0.24.tgz Utilities to manage desktop entries
destroy-20040415.tgz Program to securely destroy files on the hard disk
detex-2.8.tgz Remove LaTeX commands
detox-1.2.0.tgz Removes non-standard characters from filenames
dev86-0.16.21.tgz Linux 8086 development environment
device-driver-doc-de-20030729.tgz Device driver documentation in German
devilspie-0.22nb31.tgz Window-matching utility to customize window behavior
devkitd-003nb4.tgz NetBSD port of devkitd (for DeviceKit)
devtodo-0.1.20nb3.tgz Display and manage a list of items that are outstanding
dfc-3.1.1nb1.tgz Display file system space usage using graph and colors
dfdisk-1.0.tgz Fetch distfiles from multiple locations
dfftpack-20001209nb2.tgz Double precision version of FFTPACK
dfu-programmer-0.7.2nb1.tgz Programmer for Atmel USB DFU Bootloader
dfu-util-0.9.tgz Host side implementation of the USB DFU protocol
dgd- Object-oriented programmable server
dgpsip-1.35.tgz Differential GPS over IP communication device
dhbitty-20120806.tgz Small public key ECDH encryption/decryption program
dhcpcd-8.1.5.tgz DHCP / IPv4LL / IPv6RA / DHCPv6 client
dhcpcd-dbus-0.6.0.tgz DBus binding for dhcpcd
dhcpcd-icons-0.7.7.tgz Shared icons for dhcpcd-gtk and dhcpcd-qt
dhcpd-pools-2.27nb3.tgz ISC dhcpd lease analysis and reporting
dhex-0.68nb3.tgz The curses-based hex-editor with diff mode
dhid-5.5.tgz Dynamic Host Information System client daemon
dhisd-5.5.tgz DynDNS server
dhrystone-2.1nb1.tgz Reinhold Weicker's DHRYSTONE 2.1 integer benchmark
di-4.47.tgz Alternative df command
dia2code-0.8.1nb1.tgz Small utility used to generate code from a Dia diagram
dialog-1.3.20190211.tgz Display dialog boxes from shell scripts
dict-client-1.12.1nb1.tgz Dictionary Service Protocol client
dict-data-1.8.0nb1.tgz Dictionary data for DICTD
dict-mueller7-1.2nb7.tgz English-Russian dictionary by Mueller for dictd
dict-server-1.12.1nb2.tgz Dictionary Service Protocol server
diction-1.13.tgz GNU version of diction and style
dieharder-3.31.1.tgz Random number generator test suite
diffsplit-1.0nb8.tgz Splits a unified diff into pieces which patch one file each
diffstat-1.62.tgz Display a histogram of diff changes
diffuse-0.4.8nb1.tgz Graphical tool for merging and comparing text files
diffutils-3.7.tgz GNU diff utilities - find the differences between files
digest-20190127.tgz Message digest wrapper utility
dinotrace-9.4cnb5.tgz Tool for viewing the output of digital simulators
dipmap-1.16nb2.tgz Generate postscript maps from results of play-by-email Diplomacy games
dirac-1.0.2nb8.tgz Open-source video codec designed at the BBC
dirb-1.9nb20.tgz Web Content Scanner
dircproxy-1.2.0beta2nb11.tgz Detachable internet relay chat proxy server (devel version)
dirdiff-2.1nb2.tgz Displays differences between directories
direvent-5.1.tgz Daemon that monitors file system directories for events
dirsize-0.6.tgz Outputs aggregate size of all files in one or more directories
dirvish-1.2.1nb6.tgz Fast, disk based, rotating network backup system
disc-cover-1.5.6nb7.tgz Generation of CD covers
discount-2.2.6.tgz Markdown C implementation
disk-filltest-0.7.1.tgz Detect Bad Disks by Filling with Random Data
distbb-0.47.2.tgz DISTributed Bulk Build tool for pkgsrc
distcc-3.3.tgz Tool for distributed C/C++ compiling
distcc-gtk-3.3nb3.tgz Graphical monitor for distcc, the distributed C/C++ compiler
distcc-pump-3.3nb1.tgz Accelerated remote compilation with distcc
distmp3-0.1.9nb7.tgz Distributed mp3 encoding across multiple hosts
distribute-2.1.26nb9.tgz Mail dispatcher for mailing list. Fits nicely with majordomo
divxplayer-0.2.0nb4.tgz DivX(TM) Video Player for Linux from
diylc-3.28.0.tgz Simple electronic schematics CAD tool
djbdns-1.05nb14.tgz Collection of secure and reliable DNS tools
djbdns-run-20190619.tgz Configures djbdns to cache and serve queries
djbdnscurve6-36a.tgz Fork of djbdns with IPv6 and DNSCurve support
djbfft-0.76.tgz Extremely fast library for floating-point convolution
djbsort-20180729nb2.tgz Library for sorting arrays of integers
djvulibre-lib-3.5.27.tgz Compression library for scanned documents
djvulibre-tools-3.5.27.tgz Compression library for scanned documents
dk-milter-1.0.2nb1.tgz Open source DomainKeys filter software from Sendmail, Inc
dkim-milter-2.8.3nb5.tgz Open source DKIM filter software from Sendmail, Inc
dl-ezkit-0.8.1.tgz Coff file downloader for the EZ-KIT Lite using the RS232
dlint-1.4.0nb8.tgz Internet Domain Name System (DNS) error checking utility
dmake-4.12.2.tgz Portable make supported by many platforms
dmalloc-5.5.2.tgz Run-time configurable debugging malloc library
dmassage-0.6nb7.tgz Parser for dmesg(8)
dmenu-4.9.tgz Dynamic menu for X
dmesg2gif-1.3nb10.tgz Output dmesg(8) device tree as GIF image
dmg2img-1.6.7.tgz Convert Apple dmg to HFS+ img format
dmidecode-3.2nb5.tgz Print out DMI (SMBIOS) table in human-readable format
dmsdos- Program to access DBLSPACE/DRVSPACE containers
dnsbl-milter-6.45.tgz DNSBL Sendmail milter
dnscap-141.tgz Network capture utility designed specifically for DNS traffic
dnscheck-1.5.4nb6.tgz DNSCheck is a DNS quality checker
dnscrypt-proxy2-2.0.35nb1.tgz DNS proxy with support for encrypted protocols
dnsdist-1.3.3.tgz Highly DNS-, DoS- and abuse-aware loadbalancer
dnsmasq-2.80nb1.tgz Lightweight, easy to configure DNS forwarder
dnsperf-2.3.2.tgz DNS server performance measurement tools
dnssec-tools-2.1nb5.tgz Toolkit to ease the deployment of DNSSEC related technologies
dnstop-20140915nb2.tgz Diagnose tcpdump trace for DNS queries/replies
dnstracer-1.10nb4.tgz Tool to trace dns queries
doas-6.2p2nb1.tgz Execute commands as another user
doc++-3.4.10nb3.tgz Documentation system for C, C++ and Java
docbook-4.5.tgz SGML DTD designed for computer documentation
docbook-simple-1.1nb4.tgz Simplified DocBook XML DTD
docbook-website-2.6.0nb3.tgz DocBook XML DTD for building websites
docbook-xml-4.5.tgz XML DTD designed for computer documentation
docbook-xsl-1.79.1nb4.tgz Docbook XSL modular stylesheet
docbook2odf-0.244nb2.tgz Convert DocBook documentation into ODF documents
docker-1.5nb5.tgz WindowMaker dock app which acts as a system tray
doclifter-2.3nb6.tgz Translates documents written in troff macros to DocBook
docsis-0.9.4nb1.tgz Utility for manipulating DOCSIS-compliant cable modems
docx2txt-1.2nb7.tgz Convert Microsoft .docx documents to simple text files
dog-1.7nb1.tgz Dog writes the contents of each given file, URL, or stdin
doom-pwad-sigil-1.1.tgz Doom mod
doom1-1.9.tgz Shareware levels for Doom
doom2-pwad-preacher-20181129nb1.tgz Doom II mod
doom2-pwad-struggle-20180819nb1.tgz Doom II mod
dopewars-1.5.12nb31.tgz Make a fortune dealing drugs on the streets of New York
dos2unix-7.4.1.tgz DOS/Mac to Unix and vice versa text file format converter
dose3-5.0.1nb5.tgz Package repository analysis toolkit
dosfstools-4.1.tgz Tools for working with FAT filesystems
dot-forward-0.71nb3.tgz Reads sendmail's .forward files under qmail
dotconf-1.3.tgz Simple-to-use and powerful configuration-file parser library
dotfile-2.4.1nb2.tgz GUI dotfile generator program to create .config files
double-conversion-3.1.5.tgz Conversion routines for IEEE doubles
dovecot-1.2.17nb32.tgz Secure IMAP and POP3 server