NetBSD amd64

Package Description
fuse-archivemount-0.5.3nb5.tgz FUSE gateway to libarchive
fuse-bindfs-1.8.4nb1.tgz Remounts file system subtrees in arbitrary locations
fuse-cddfs-0.2.tgz FUSE filesystem that uses libparanoia for audio CDs
fuse-chironfs-1.1.1nb1.tgz Replicating file system
fuse-cryptofs-0.6.0nb5.tgz FUSE encrypted filesystem
fuse-curlftpfs-0.9.1nb20.tgz FUSE filesystem for acessing FTP hosts
fuse-emulator-utils-1.4.3.tgz ZX Spectrum Emulator utilities
fuse-exfat-1.3.0.tgz FUSE file-system and utilities for exFAT file systems
fuse-ext2-0.0.7nb2.tgz FUSE file-system to mount ext2 and ext3 file system
fuse-gmailfs-0.7.2nb4.tgz FUSE filesystem which uses Google mail for free space
fuse-gphotofs-0.5nb1.tgz FUSE filesystem for accessing digital cameras
fuse-gstfs-0.1nb5.tgz On-demand, transcoding filesystem (using GStreamer pipeline)
fuse-httpfs- FUSE HTTP filesystem
fuse-loggedfs-0.4nb3.tgz FUSE file system which logs all operations
fuse-lzofs-20060306.tgz Filesystem which allows you to use transparently compressed files
fuse-mp3fs-0.13nb1.tgz MP3 transcoding FUSE file system
fuse-ntfs-3g-2017.3.23.tgz NTFS driver with read and write support
fuse-pcachefs-0.0.20160203nb1.tgz FUSE-based persistent caching filesystem
fuse-pod-0.5.1nb30.tgz FUSE-based filesystem for iPod
fuse-sparsebundlefs-20160928.tgz FUSE filesystem for reading Mac OS sparse-bundle disk images
fuse-unionfs-2.0.tgz FUSE-based union filesystem
fuse-wdfs-1.4.2nb10.tgz FUSE-based webdav filesystem
fuse-wikipediafs-0.4nb1.tgz FUSE filesystem for accessing the wikipedia
fvwm-2.5.31nb14.tgz Development version of X11 Virtual window manager
fvwm-wharf-1.0nb1.tgz Copy of AfterStep's Wharf compatible with fvwm2
fvwm1-1.24rnb3.tgz Virtual window manager for X
fwknop-2.6.9.tgz Port knocking via Single Packet Authorization (SPA)
fxtv-1.03nb23.tgz TV display application for Brooktree 848 compatible TV cards
fzf-0.18.0nb1.tgz Command-line fuzzy finder
fzy-1.0.tgz Fuzzy text selector for the terminal
g-wrap-1.9.15.tgz Tool for generating guile wrappers for C code
g2-0.50nb25.tgz Powerful, easy to use 2D graphics library
g95-0.93nb12.tgz Fortran 95 compiler from
galaxa-0.1nb3.tgz Space game based loosely on "Galaga"
gallery-1.5.10nb12.tgz Web-based photo gallery written in PHP
gallery-2.3.2nb1.tgz Web-based photo gallery written in PHP
gallery-dl-1.12.0.tgz Command-line program to download image galleries and collections
gama-2.07.tgz Geodetic network adjustment (surveying)
gambc-4.6.5.tgz GambitC Scheme System
game-music-emu-0.6.2.tgz Video game music file emulation/playback library
gamin-0.1.10nb6.tgz File alteration monitor
gammu-1.40.0nb3.tgz Command line utility and library to work with mobile phones
ganglia-monitor-core-3.7.2nb8.tgz Ganglia cluster monitor, monitoring daemon
ganglia-webfrontend-3.7.2nb3.tgz PHP based frontend for the Ganglia Cluster Monitor
gap-4.3.5nb1.tgz Computational group theory and discrete algebra language
garmin-utils-2.5nb1.tgz Utilities for Garmin GPS receivers
garmintools-0.10nb1.tgz Utilities for Garmin Forerunner 305 and similar GPS units
gate-2.06nb1.tgz Lightweight text editor
gate88-20050319.tgz Deep space intergalactic battle
gawk-5.0.1.tgz GNU awk
gbase-0.5nb15.tgz GTK program designed to convert between the four common bases
gbdfed-1.6nb16.tgz GTK-based BDF font editor
gbemol-0.3.2nb46.tgz Graphical frontend for the Music Player Daemon (MPD)
gcal-3.6.3.tgz GNU version of the standard calendar utility
gcalctool-5.32.2nb27.tgz Desktop calculator for GNOME
gcc-aux-20141023nb4.tgz GNAT Ada compiler based on GCC 4.9
gcc-mips-4.9.2nb5.tgz The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) - 4.9 for mips (especially playstation2)
gcc44-4.4.7nb10.tgz GNU Compiler Collection 4.4
gcc48-4.8.5nb8.tgz The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) - 4.8 Release Series
gcc48-libs-4.8.5nb8.tgz The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) support shared libraries
gcc49-4.9.4nb8.tgz The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) - 4.9 Release Series
gcc49-libs-4.9.4nb8.tgz The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) support shared libraries
gcc5-5.5.0nb5.tgz The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) - 5 Release Series
gcc5-aux-20160603nb8.tgz GNAT Ada compiler based on GCC 5
gcc5-libs-5.5.0nb5.tgz The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) support shared libraries
gcc6-6.5.0nb3.tgz The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) - 6 Release Series
gcc6-aux-20160822nb3.tgz GNAT Ada compiler based on GCC 6
gcc6-libs-6.5.0nb3.tgz The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) support shared libraries
gcc7-7.4.0nb3.tgz The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) - 7.0 Release Series
gcc7-libs-7.4.0nb4.tgz The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) support shared libraries
gccmakedep-1.0.3.tgz Create dependencies in Makefiles using gcc
gchore-1.0nb33.tgz Chore reminder tool with gtk UI
gcin-1.1.7nb26.tgz Gtk Chinese INput application in X
gcloud-golang-metadata-20150310nb23.tgz Google Compute Engine metadata package
gcolor2-0.4nb11.tgz Simple color selector
gcombust-0.1.54nb7.tgz Graphical frontend for CD mastering (mkisofs, cdrecord, ...)
gconf-editor-2.32.0nb26.tgz Editor for the GConf configuration system
gconfmm-2.28.3nb20.tgz C++ bindings for gconf
gcpio-2.12nb1.tgz GNU copy-in/out (cpio) with remote magnetic tape (rmt) support
gcvs-1.0nb14.tgz GTK interface for CVS
gd-2.2.5nb5.tgz Graphics library for the dynamic creation of images
gdal-lib-2.4.3.tgz Translator library for raster geospatial data formats
gdb-7.11nb6.tgz Symbolic debugger for multiple language frontends
gdb-8.1nb4.tgz Symbolic debugger for multiple language frontends
gdbm-1.14.1.tgz The GNU database manager
gdbm_compat-1.14.1nb1.tgz The GNU database manager Compat library for dbm and ndbm
gdbm_primitive-1.15nb5.tgz Shell primitives for working with GDBMs
gdbus-codegen-2.62.3.tgz Generate code and/or documentation for one or more D-Bus interfaces
gdchart-0.11.5nb19.tgz Easy to use, fast C API for creating charts and graphs
gdk-pixbuf2-2.40.0.tgz Library for image loading and manipulation
gdmap-0.8.1nb11.tgz Tool to visualize disk space
gdome2-0.8.1nb8.tgz Gnome DOM (Document Object Model) engine
gdsreader-0.3.2.tgz GDS-II stream file to Postscript and HP/GL converter
gearmand-1.1.18nb6.tgz Gearman C Server and Library
geda-1.8.2nb23.tgz Toolset for automating electronic design
geg-1.0.2nb2.tgz Program for drawing 2D math functions within a nice GUI
gelemental-1.2.0nb31.tgz Periodic table viewer
genecys-data-0.2nb2.tgz Game datafiles for Genecys
generate-2.8.tgz Simple text pre-processor
genesplicer-20030403.tgz Computational Method for Splice Site Prediction
gengetopt-2.22.6.tgz Command line parser generator
genius-1.0.17nb18.tgz Calculator and math tool
genpasswd-1.5.tgz Random password generator
genpkgng-20140425.tgz Convert a pkgsrc binary package to a FreeBSD pkg
genrpm-1.2.tgz Generate an RPM package from an installed pkgsrc package
gentium-ttf-1.02nb1.tgz Free TrueType fonts from Bitstream, useful for web viewing
geoclue-0.12.0nb19.tgz Geoinformation service API and base providers
geomyidae-0.34.tgz Gopher daemon for Linux/BSD
geos-3.7.3.tgz C++ port of the Java Topology Suite (JTS)
geoslab703-ttf-20010522nb5.tgz Free TrueType fonts from Bitstream, useful for web viewing
gerbv-2.6.2nb5.tgz Gerber file viewer
get-flash-videos-0.0.20150331nb4.tgz Tool for using various Flash-based video hosting sites
get_ds7-1.2.4nb11.tgz Read pictures from a FUJIFILM DS-7(DS series) digital camera
get_iplayer-3.23.tgz Search, index, record or stream BBC iPlayer broadcasts
gethost-0.03nb1.tgz Hostname and IP resolver for testing /etc/hosts and nsswitch.conf
getmail-5.14.tgz Secure, flexible, reliable fetchmail replacement
getopt-1.1.6.tgz Program to help shell scripts parse command-line parameters
gettext-0.20.1.tgz Tools for providing messages in different languages
gettext-asprintf-0.20.1.tgz Provides a printf-like interface for C++
gettext-lib-0.20.1.tgz Internationalized Message Handling Library (libintl)
gettext-m4-0.20.1nb1.tgz Autoconf/automake m4 files for GNU NLS library
gettext-tools-0.20.1.tgz Tools for providing messages in different languages
gexiv2-0.12.0nb1.tgz GObject-based wrapper around the Exiv2 library
gflags-2.2.2.tgz Commandline flags module for C++
gflib-20030604.tgz Reed Solomon and Galois Field error correction library
gfm-1.06nb15.tgz Group File Manager for TI hand-helds
gforth-0.7.3nb5.tgz Fast interpreter for the Forth language
gfract-0.32nb31.tgz Gtk-based fractal program
gg2-2.3.0nb40.tgz Instant messenger software for Poland; Jabber plugin included
ggiterm-0.7.1nb4.tgz Libggi-based terminal emulator
ggrab-0.22a.tgz Server for recording video streams from dream dvb-receivers
ggz-client-libs- GGZ Gaming Zone libraries
ghc-7.6.3nb14.tgz Compiler for the functional language Haskell
ghostscript-9.05nb19.tgz Meta-package for installing the preferred ghostscript version
ghostscript-agpl-9.50nb2.tgz Postscript interpreter
ghostscript-cidfonts-20000901nb6.tgz CIDFont resources for Ghostscript
ghostscript-cmaps-20020913nb3.tgz CMap resources for Ghostscript
ghostscript-fonts-8.11nb3.tgz Postscript fonts for Aladdin Ghostscript
ghostscript-gpl-9.06nb31.tgz Postscript interpreter
giblib-1.2.4nb16.tgz Programming utility library
gice-0.6.2nb32.tgz Powerful C text editor with advanced features
gif2png-3.0.0nb1.tgz Convert GIFs to PNG format
gif320-3.3.tgz GIF file viewer for use with VT-320 terminals
giflib-5.1.4.tgz GIF image format library
giflib-util-5.1.4.tgz GIF image format utility
gifsicle-1.91.tgz Create, edit, and inspect GIFs from shell
gift- Modular daemon that abstracts filesharing protocols
gift-fasttrack-0.8.9nb1.tgz Fasttrack plugin for giFT
gift-gnutella-0.0.11nb2.tgz Gnutella plugin for giFT
gift-openft- OpenFT Plugin for the gift daemon
giftcurs-0.6.2nb10.tgz Curses frontend to the giFT daemon
giftrans-1.12.2.tgz Manipulate GIF89a images' transparency, comment and other data
gigabase-3.82.tgz Object-Relational Database Management System
gimmage-0.2.3nb45.tgz GTKMM-based image viewing program
gimme-20170213.tgz Script to make binary packages in a chroot
gimmix- Graphical Music player daemon (MPD) client
gimp-docs-2.8.2.tgz Documentation package for The GIMP image manipulation software
gimp-docs-de-2.8.2nb2.tgz Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software
gimp-docs-en-2.8.2nb3.tgz Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software
gimp-docs-es-2.8.2nb2.tgz Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software
gimp-docs-fr-2.8.2nb2.tgz Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software
gimp-docs-it-2.8.2nb2.tgz Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software
gimp-docs-ja-2.8.2nb2.tgz Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software
gimp-docs-ko-2.8.2nb2.tgz Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software
gimp-docs-nl-2.8.2nb2.tgz Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software
gimp-docs-nn-2.8.2nb2.tgz Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software
gimp-docs-pl-2.8.2nb2.tgz Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software
gimp-docs-ru-2.8.2nb2.tgz Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software
gimp-docs-sv-2.8.2nb2.tgz Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software
gimp-docs-zh_CN-2.8.2nb2.tgz Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software
gindent-2.2.10.tgz GNU version of pretty-printer for C source code
gini-0.5.1nb3.tgz Free streaming media server
git-2.24.1.tgz GIT version control suite meta-package
git-base-2.24.1.tgz GIT Tree History Storage Tool (base package)
git-contrib-2.24.1.tgz GIT Tree History Storage Tool (contrib)
git-cvs-2.24.1.tgz Backend for git to extract data from CVS
git-docs-2.24.1.tgz GIT Tree History Storage Tool (documentation)
git-gitk-2.24.1.tgz GIT Tree History Storage Tool (gitk)
git-lfs-2.7.2nb4.tgz Git extension for versioning large files
git-remote-hg-20140603nb2.tgz Bridge support in git for mercurial
git-sh-1.3.tgz Customized bash environment suitable for git work
git-svn-2.24.1.tgz Bidirectional operation between a Subversion repository and git
gitolite-3.6.6nb2.tgz Gitolite allows you to host Git repositories easily and securely
gitweb-2.24.1.tgz Web interface for GIT repositories
gkermit-1.00nb1.tgz Minimal implementation of the ``kermit'' protocol (GPL'd)
gkrellm-2.2.10nb38.tgz GTK2 based system monitor
gkrellm-flynn-0.8nb39.tgz GKrellM2 plugin that shows system load with a DooM marine
gkrellm-launch-0.5nb39.tgz GKrellM plugin to allow quick launch of applications
gkrellm-leds-0.8.2nb37.tgz GKrellM plugin that monitors CapsLock, NumLock and ScrollLock keys
gkrellm-moon-0.6nb39.tgz GKrellM2 moonclock plugin
gkrellm-multiping-2.0.8nb39.tgz Pings several machines and prints out stats
gkrellm-server-2.2.10nb5.tgz Monitoring daemon remotely accessible by a GKrellM client
gkrellm-share-2.2.10.tgz GKrellM2 locale files
gkrellm-snmp-0.21nb39.tgz GKrellM plugin to display values collected from a SNMP agent
gkrellm-stock-0.5.1nb48.tgz GKrellM2 stock ticker plugin
gkrellm-volume-2.1.13nb37.tgz Gkrellm2 volume mixer plugin
gkrellm-weather-2.0.7nb42.tgz Gkrellm2 weather plugin
gkrellm-wireless-2.0.3nb39.tgz Wavelan signal strength monitor for gkrellm
gld-1.7nb5.tgz Standalone greylisting server for Postfix
glib-1.2.10nb11.tgz Some useful routines for C programming (glib1)
glib-networking-2.62.1.tgz Network-related giomodules for glib
glib2-2.62.3.tgz Some useful routines for C programming (glib2)
glib2-tools-2.62.3.tgz GLib2/gobject python-dependent tools
glibmm-2.62.0.tgz C++ bindings for glib
glickomania-1.0nb5.tgz Clear a board by removing groups of identical, adjacent tiles
glimmer-2.13nb1.tgz System for finding genes in microbial DNA
glimpse-4.18.6.tgz Text search engine
glm- C++ mathematics library for graphics programming
global-6.6.2nb8.tgz Source code tag system including web browser output
globe-20140814.tgz Display the currently-lighted face of Earth in ASCII
gloox-1.0.17nb3.tgz Jabber/XMPP client library
glpi-9.4.4nb1.tgz IT inventory management software
glpk-4.65.tgz Library for solving linear programming problems
glurp-0.12.3nb21.tgz Graphical GTK+2-based client for musicpd
glusterfs-3.12.8nb4.tgz Cluster filesystem
glyr-1.0.10nb18.tgz Music related metadata search engine with CLI and C API
gmake-4.2.1nb1.tgz GNU version of 'make' utility
gmime-2.6.23nb2.tgz Library for the creation and parsing of MIME messages (API v2.6)
gmime24-2.4.33.tgz Library for the creation and parsing of MIME messages (API v2.4)
gmime3-3.2.5.tgz Library for the creation and parsing of MIME messages (API v3)
gmngview-1.0.10nb32.tgz Simple GTK-based MNG viewer
gmp-6.1.2.tgz Library for arbitrary precision arithmetic
gmp-api-38.0.tgz Headers for developing Gecko Media Plugins
gmp3info-0.8.5anb31.tgz Utility to read and modify the ID3 tags of MP3 files
gmpc-11.8.16nb28.tgz GNOME client for the Music Player Daemon
gmpc-alarm-11.8.16nb11.tgz Alarm Timer plugin for GMPC
gmpc-albumview-11.8.16nb11.tgz GMPC plugin showing album covers
gmpc-jamendo-11.8.16nb25.tgz Jamendo plugin for GMPC
gmpc-lyrics-11.8.16nb11.tgz GMPC plugin fetching lyrics
gmpc-lyricwiki-11.8.16nb11.tgz Lyrics plugin for GMPC using Lyricwiki
gmpc-magnatune-11.8.16nb25.tgz Magnatune plugin for GMPC
gmpc-tagedit-11.8.16nb12.tgz GMPC plugin for editing song tags
gmtk-1.0.9nb17.tgz Gnome-mplayer toolkit
gnapfetch-0.3nb7.tgz Update/maintain opennap servers for gnapster/TekNap
gnarwl-3.6nb3.tgz LDAP based mail autoresponder
gnatpython-20110912nb3.tgz Python package used in Ada testsuites
gnats-4.2.0nb3.tgz GNATS bug tracking system
gnet-2.0.8nb4.tgz Simple network library
gnet1-1.1.8nb8.tgz Simple network library (older version)
gnetcat-0.7.1nb3.tgz Read and write data across network connections
gnetman-20050211nb7.tgz Advanced Netlister and Netlist Manipulation Database for gEDA
gnome-audio-2.22.2.tgz Set of audio files for GNOME
gnome-backgrounds-3.28.0.tgz Set of background images for the GNOME Desktop
gnome-common-3.18.0.tgz Generic M4 macros for GNOME development
gnome-desktop-2.32.1nb37.tgz Common GNOME2 desktop files and libgnome-desktop library
gnome-doc-utils-0.20.10nb3.tgz Documentation utilities for the GNOME project
gnome-icon-theme-3.12.0nb5.tgz Theme consisting of a set of icons for GNOME
gnome-icon-theme-extras-2.30.1nb2.tgz Extra icons for the GNOME icon sets
gnome-keyring-2.32.1nb27.tgz GNOME password and secret manager
gnome-mastermind-0.3.1nb30.tgz Mastermind (the game)