tpasm - Assembler for 6805, 68HC11, 6502, Surplus, 8051, Z80, PIC, and AVR

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Distribution NetBSD 7.2
Repository NetBSD i386
Package filename tpasm-1.7.tgz
Package name tpasm
Package version 1.7
Package release -
Package architecture i386
Package type tgz
Category devel
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tpasm is a cross assembler for the following microcontrollers.
Motorola 6805:   6805  68705
Motorola 68hc11: 68hc11
Rockwell 6502:   6502  65c02
Sunplus SPCxxx:
spc08a   spc21a   spc21a1  spc41a   spc41b   spc41b1  spc41c   spc81a
spc121a  spc251a  spc512a  spc500a1 spc1000a spc2000a
Intel 8051:
8031   8032   8051   8052   80c390
Microchip PIC:
12c508  12c509  12ce518 12ce519 12c671  12c672  16c505  16c52   16c54
16c55   16c56   16c57   16c58   14000   16c554  16c556  16c558  16c61
16c62   16c620  16c621  16c622  16c63   16c64   16c642  16c65   16c66
16c662  16c67   16c71   16c710  16c711  16c715  16c72   16c73   16c74
16c76   16c77   16f83   16c84   16f84   16f873  16f874  16f876  16f877
16c923  16c924  17c42   17c43   17c44   17c52   17c56
Atmel AVR:
avr       attiny10  attiny11  attiny12  attiny15  attiny22  attiny28
at90s1200 at90s2313 at90s2323 at90s2333 at90s2343 at90s4414 at90s4433
at90s4434 at90s8515 at90c8534 at90s8535 atmega103 atmega161
Zilog Z80:    z80  z180


Package Version Architecture Repository
tpasm-1.7.tgz 1.7 amd64 NetBSD
tpasm - - -


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Binary Package tpasm-1.7.tgz
Source Package tpasm

Install Howto

Install tpasm tgz package:

# pkg_add tpasm

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