pyca - Administration tools for X.509/PKIX CA

Property Value
Distribution NetBSD 8.0
Repository NetBSD amd64
Package filename pyca-
Package name pyca
Package version
Package release -
Package architecture amd64
Package type tgz
Category python security
Homepage -
License gnu-gpl-v2
Maintainer -
Download size 74.24 KB
Installed size 337.44 KB
pyCA tries to make it easier for people to set up and run a organizational
certificate authority which fulfills the need for a fairly secure
certification processing.  The package also tries to reduce administrative
tasks and user's frustration by providing a comfortable web interface to
users contacting the certificate authority.


Package Version Architecture Repository
pyca- i386 NetBSD
pyca - - -


Name Value
python37 >= 3.7.0


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Binary Package pyca-
Source Package pyca

Install Howto

Install pyca tgz package:

# pkg_add pyca

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