ruby24-net-ssh-multi - SSH connection multiplexing

Property Value
Distribution NetBSD 8.0
Repository NetBSD amd64
Package filename ruby24-net-ssh-multi-1.2.1.tgz
Package name ruby24-net-ssh-multi
Package version 1.2.1
Package release -
Package architecture amd64
Package type tgz
Category net ruby security
License mit
Maintainer -
Download size 69.31 KB
Installed size 219.59 KB
Net::SSH::Multi is a library for controlling multiple Net::SSH
connections via a single interface. It exposes an API similar to that
of Net::SSH::Connection::Session and Net::SSH::Connection::Channel,
making it simpler to adapt programs designed for single connections to
be used with multiple connections.
This library is particularly useful for automating repetitive tasks
that must be performed on multiple machines. It executes the commands
in parallel, and allows commands to be executed on subsets of servers
(defined by groups).


Package Version Architecture Repository
ruby24-net-ssh-multi-1.2.1.tgz 1.2.1 i386 NetBSD
ruby24-net-ssh-multi - - -


Name Value
ruby24-base >= 2.4.5


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Binary Package ruby24-net-ssh-multi-1.2.1.tgz
Source Package ruby24-net-ssh-multi

Install Howto

Install ruby24-net-ssh-multi tgz package:

# pkg_add ruby24-net-ssh-multi

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