ruby24-native-package-installer - Helper to install native packages on "gem install"

Property Value
Distribution NetBSD 8.0
Repository NetBSD i386
Package filename ruby24-native-package-installer-1.0.6.tgz
Package name ruby24-native-package-installer
Package version 1.0.6
Package release -
Package architecture i386
Package type tgz
Category devel ruby
License gnu-lgpl-v3
Maintainer -
Download size 46.31 KB
Installed size 138.79 KB
Users need to install native packages to install an extension library that
depends on native packages.  It bores users because users need to install
native packages and an extension library separately.
native-package-installer helps to install native packages on "gem install".
Users can install both native packages and an extension library by one action,
"gem install"."


Package Version Architecture Repository
ruby24-native-package-installer-1.0.6.tgz 1.0.6 amd64 NetBSD
ruby24-native-package-installer - - -


Name Value
ruby24-base >= 2.4.5


Type URL
Binary Package ruby24-native-package-installer-1.0.6.tgz
Source Package ruby24-native-package-installer

Install Howto

Install ruby24-native-package-installer tgz package:

# pkg_add ruby24-native-package-installer

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