totd - DNS proxy that supports IPv6 <==> IPv4 record translation

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Distribution NetBSD 8.0
Repository NetBSD i386
Package name totd
Package version 1.5.3
Package architecture i386
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Copyright (C) 1998 WIDE Project.  All rights reserved.
Copyright (C) 1999 University of Tromso.  All rights reserved.
Totd is a small DNS proxy nameserver that supports IPv6 only hosts/networks
that communicate with the IPv4 world using some translation mechanism.
Examples of such translation mechanisms currently in use are:
* IPv6/IPv4 Network Address and Packet Translation (NAT-PT)
implemented e.g. by Cisco.
* Application level translators as the faithd implemented by
the KAME project ( See faithd(8) on
For an example setup you may checkout our WWW-site:
and the following clickable image in particular:
*** Contacting the Author ***
You can contact me (Feico Dillema) at feico at (s/ at /@).
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totd-1.5.3.tgz 1.5.3 amd64 NetBSD
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Install Howto

Install totd tgz package:

# pkg_add totd

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