tvtwm - Classic twm with virtual desktop support

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Distribution NetBSD 8.0
Repository NetBSD i386
Package name tvtwm
Package version 11nb3
Package architecture i386
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tvtwm is a superset of the X11R5 release of twm (Tom's Window Manager),
written by Tom LaStrange.  Much of the early functionality, which is
described in more detail in README.old, was added by Tom LaStrange himself.
Since then, tvtwm has fallen under my control, and I've added some things
Why doesn't tvtwm have version numbers, and only has patchlevels?  I
don't know.  History, I suppose.  But, for information's sake, that is
effectually the version number.  In this case, pl11.
The major benefit of tvtwm over twm is the "Virtual Desktop".  This
allows you do define a substitute root window that is larger than your
display area.  This new virtual root window is the parent for all of your
X clients.  tvtwm provides a "Panner" which will let you see a scaled down
representation of the whole virtual desktop.  Using this panner, and keys
bound to functions added to tvtwm, you can move around this desktop to
have your physical display showing only part of the whole desktop.  Thus,
you can have sections of your desktop assigned to particular tasks, or
just use it to keep from having 20 million layers of windows.  :-)
Many other things are discussed in README.old.  Please look there for
further information.  The more recent changes have been documented on an
item-by-item basis, and these changes can be found, not surprisingly, in
the CHANGES file.
Categories: x11, wm


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tvtwm-11nb3.tgz 11nb3 amd64 NetBSD
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Install Howto

Install tvtwm tgz package:

# pkg_add tvtwm

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