zebedee - Simple tunneling program for TCP or UDP with encryption

Property Value
Distribution NetBSD 8.0
Repository NetBSD i386
Package name zebedee
Package version 2.5.3nb13
Package architecture i386
Package type tgz
Installed size 516.81 KB
Download size 120.86 KB
Official Mirror ftp.netbsd.org
Zebedee is a simple program to establish an encrypted, compressed
"tunnel" for TCP/IP or UDP data transfer between two systems.  This
allows traffic such as telnet, ftp and X to be protected from snooping
as well as potentially gaining performance over low-bandwidth networks
from compression.
Homepage: http://www.winton.org.uk/zebedee/
Categories: security


Package Version Architecture Repository
zebedee-2.5.3nb13.tgz 2.5.3nb13 amd64 NetBSD
zebedee - - -


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tcl >=8.4


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Binary Package zebedee-2.5.3nb13.tgz
Source Package zebedee

Install Howto

Install zebedee tgz package:

# pkg_add zebedee

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