NetBSD amd64

Package Summary
py38-bsddb3-6.2.6.tgz Python bindings for Oracle Berkeley DB
py38-buildbot-1.5.0.tgz Continuous integration system
py38-buildbot-console-view-1.5.0.tgz Waterfall Plugin for the buildbot CI system
py38-buildbot-grid-view-1.5.0.tgz Grid View Plugin for the buildbot CI system
py38-buildbot-pkg-1.5.0.tgz Packaging tools for the buildbot CI system
py38-buildbot-waterfall-view-1.5.0.tgz Waterfall Plugin for the buildbot CI system
py38-buildbot-worker-1.5.0.tgz Worker for the buildbot CI system
py38-buildbot-www-1.5.0.tgz Web frontend for the buildbot CI system
py38-byterun-20160218.tgz Python implementation of a python interpreter
py38-cElementTree-3.8.0.tgz C implementation of Python ElementTree API
py38-cached-property-1.5.1.tgz Decorator for caching properties in classes
py38-cachetools-3.1.1.tgz Extensible memoizing collections and decorators
py38-cairo-1.18.2.tgz Python bindings for cairo
py38-cairocffi-0.9.0nb2.tgz CFFI-based Cairo bindings for Python
py38-cairosvg-2.1.3.tgz Simple SVG Converter for Cairo
py38-capstone-3.0.5rc2nb1.tgz Python bindings for capstone
py38-cares-2.4.0.tgz Python interface for c-ares
py38-case-1.5.3.tgz Python unittest utilities
py38-cassandra-driver-3.15.1.tgz DataStax Python Driver for Apache Cassandra
py38-celery-4.3.0.tgz Asynchronous task/job queue based on distributed message passing
py38-certbot-1.0.0.tgz Client for the Let's Encrypt CA
py38-certbot-apache-1.0.0.tgz Apache plugin for Certbot
py38-certbot-dns-dnsimple-1.0.0.tgz DNSimple DNS Authenticator plugin for Certbot
py38-certbot-dns-dnsmadeeasy-1.0.0.tgz DNS Made Easy DNS Authenticator plugin for Certbot
py38-certbot-dns-gehirn-1.0.0.tgz Gehirn Infrastracture Service DNS Authenticator plugin for Certbot
py38-certbot-dns-google-1.0.0.tgz Google Cloud DNS Authenticator plugin for Certbot
py38-certbot-dns-linode-1.0.0.tgz Linode DNS Authenticator plugin for Certbot
py38-certbot-dns-luadns-1.0.0.tgz LuaDNS Authenticator plugin for Certbot
py38-certbot-dns-nsone-1.0.0.tgz NS1 DNS Authenticator plugin for Certbot
py38-certbot-dns-ovh-1.0.0.tgz OVH DNS Authenticator plugin for Certbot
py38-certbot-dns-rfc2136-1.0.0.tgz RFC 2136 DNS Authenticator plugin for Certbot
py38-certbot-dns-route53-1.0.0.tgz Amazon Web Services Route 53 API plugin for Certbot
py38-certbot-dns-sakuracloud-1.0.0.tgz Sakura Cloud DNS Authenticator plugin for Certbot
py38-certbot-nginx-1.0.0.tgz Nginx plugin for Certbot
py38-certifi-2019.11.28.tgz Python package for providing Mozilla's CA Bundle
py38-cffi-1.13.2.tgz Foreign Function Interface for Python calling C code
py38-cfscrape-2.0.8.tgz Python module for dealing with Cloudfare protection
py38-chai-1.1.2.tgz Easy to use mocking, stubbing and spying framework
py38-channels-2.3.1.tgz Brings event-driven capabilities to Django with a channel system
py38-characteristic-14.3.0.tgz Python attributes without boilerplate
py38-chardet-3.0.4.tgz Character encoding auto-detection in Python
py38-cheroot-6.5.8.tgz High-performance, pure-Python HTTP server used by CherryPy
py38-cherrypy-17.4.0.tgz Pythonic, object-oriented HTTP framework
py38-cherrypy-18.2.0.tgz Pythonic, object-oriented HTTP framework
py38-click-7.0.tgz Simple wrapper around optparse for powerful command line utilities
py38-click-log-0.3.2.tgz Logging integration for Click
py38-click-threading-0.4.4.tgz Multithreaded Click apps made easy
py38-clickclick-1.2.2.tgz Click utility functions
py38-clint-0.5.1.tgz Python Command-line Application Tools
py38-codestyle-2.5.0.tgz Python style guide checker
py38-cogapp-2.5.1.tgz Code generator for executing Python snippets in source files
py38-color-0.3.0.tgz Very small color printing module
py38-colorama-0.4.3.tgz Cross-platform coloured terminal text
py38-colored-1.4.2.tgz Python library for coloring terminal text
py38-colour-0.1.5.tgz Converts and manipulates various color representation
py38-configargparse-0.15.2.tgz Argparse-like with config files or environment variables support
py38-configobj-5.0.6nb1.tgz Config file reading, writing and validation
py38-confusable_homoglyphs-3.2.0.tgz Detect confusable usage of unicode homoglyphs
py38-constantly-15.1.0.tgz Symbolic constants in Python
py38-constants-0.6.0.tgz Simple way to deal with environment constants
py38-construct-2.9.45.tgz Powerful declarative parser for binary data
py38-contextlib2-0.6.0.tgz Backports and enhancements for the contextlib module
py38-cookiecutter-1.6.0nb1.tgz Command-line utility that creates projects from project templates
py38-cookies-2.2.1.tgz RFC 6265-compliant cookie parser/renderer
py38-country-19.8.18.tgz ISO country, subdivision, language, currency and script
py38-coverage-5.0.tgz Python module that measures code coverage for Python
py38-cparser-2.19.tgz C parser in Python
py38-crack-0.01nb2.tgz Python interface to cracklib
py38-crayons-0.3.0.tgz Colored string formatting for the terminal
py38-crcmod-1.7.tgz Cyclic Redundancy Checksums in Python
py38-creole-1.3.2.tgz Markup converter in pure Python
py38-crontab-2.4.0.tgz Python Crontab API
py38-crypto-2.6.1nb3.tgz Cryptographic and hash functions for Python
py38-cryptodome-3.9.4.tgz Cryptographic and hash functions for Python
py38-cryptography-2.8.tgz Cryptographic recipes and primitives for Python
py38-cryptography_vectors-2.8.tgz Cryptographic test vectors
py38-css-parser-1.0.4.tgz Cascading Style Sheets parser and library for Python
py38-cssselect-1.1.0.tgz Parses CSS3 Selectors and translates them to XPath 1.0
py38-cssselect2-0.2.2.tgz CSS selectors for Python ElementTree
py38-cssutils-1.0.2.tgz Cascading Style Sheets parser and library for Python
py38-cubes-1.1.tgz Lightweight framework for Online Analytical Processing
py38-cups-1.9.73nb9.tgz Python bindings for the CUPS API
py38-curl- Python module interface to the cURL library
py38-curses-3.8.0nb5.tgz Curses module for Python
py38-cursespanel-3.8.0nb4.tgz Curses panel module for Python
py38-curtsies-0.3.0.tgz Curses-like terminal wrapper, with colored strings
py38-cxfreeze-5.1.1.tgz Freezing python scripts into executables
py38-cybox- Python library for manipulating CybOX content
py38-cycler-0.10.0nb1.tgz Composable style cycles
py38-cymruwhois-1.6.tgz Client for the service
py38-cython-0.29.14nb1.tgz C-Extensions for Python
py38-d2to1-0.2.12.tgz Allows using distutils2-like setup.cfg files package's metadata
py38-daemon-2.2.4.tgz Library to implement a well-behaved Unix daemon process
py38-daemonize-2.5.0.tgz Library for writing system daemons in Python
py38-daphne-2.4.0.tgz HTTP, HTTP2 and WebSocket protocol server for ASGI
py38-dash-4.7.6.tgz Python utility libraries for doing stuff in a functional way
py38-dateparser-0.7.2.tgz Date parsing library designed to parse dates from HTML pages
py38-dateutil-2.8.1.tgz Extensions to the standard datetime module
py38-dbfread-2.0.7.tgz Reads DBF files and returns the data as native Python data types
py38-dbus-1.2.12.tgz Python bindings for the D-BUS message bus system
py38-ddt-1.2.1.tgz Data-Driven/Decorated Tests
py38-decorator-4.4.1.tgz Generic Python decorator utilities
py38-deepdiff-4.0.7.tgz Deep Difference and Search of any Python object/data
py38-defusedxml-0.6.0.tgz XML bomb protection for Python stdlib modules
py38-deprecation-2.0.7.tgz Library to handle automated deprecations
py38-dialog-3.4.0.tgz Python wrapper for the dialog utility
py38-dicttoxml-1.7.4.tgz Library for simple XML serialization
py38-diff-match-patch-20121119.tgz Robust algorithms for synchronizing plain text
py38-diffoscope-110nb1.tgz In-depth comparison of files, archives, and directories
py38-discogs-client-2.2.1.tgz Python Client for the Discogs API
py38-distorm3-3.4.1.tgz Powerful Disassembler Library For x86/AMD64
py38-distro-1.4.0.tgz OS platform information API
py38-django-1.11.27.tgz Django, a high-level Python Web framework
py38-django-2.2.9.tgz Django, a high-level Python Web framework
py38-django-admin-rangefilter-0.5.0.tgz Add the filter by a custom date range on the admin UI
py38-django-admin-sortable2-0.7.3.tgz Generic drag-and-drop sorting for Views in the Django Admin
py38-django-appconf-0.6.tgz Helper class for handling configuration defaults of Django
py38-django-celery-beat-1.4.0.tgz Database-backed Periodic Tasks
py38-django-classy-tags-0.8.0.tgz Class based template tags for Django
py38-django-cms-3.5.3.tgz Django content management system
py38-django-cmsplugin_gallery-1.0.1.tgz DjangoCMS image gallery plugin
py38-django-contrib-comments-1.9.1.tgz Framework to attach comments to any Django model
py38-django-cors-headers-3.2.0.tgz Django application for handling headers required for CORS
py38-django-countries-5.5.tgz Provides a country field for Django models
py38-django-easy-thumbnails-2.5.tgz Easy thumbnails for Django
py38-django-extensions-2.2.5.tgz Extensions for Django
py38-django-filer-1.4.0.tgz File management application for Django
py38-django-filter-2.2.0.tgz Generic dynamic filtering support for Django
py38-django-formtools-2.1.tgz Collection of assorted utilities for specific form use cases
py38-django-import-export-1.2.0.tgz Django application and library for importing and exporting data
py38-django-inline-ordering-1.0.2.tgz Django app to ease ordering of related data
py38-django-js-asset-1.2.2.tgz Script tag with additional attributes for django.forms.Media
py38-django-kronos-1.0.tgz Django application to define and schedule tasks with cron
py38-django-mptt-0.10.0.tgz Utilities for implementing Modified Preorder Tree Traversal
py38-django-polymorphic-2.0.3.tgz Simplifies using inherited models in Django projects
py38-django-registration-2.4.1.tgz User-registration application for Django
py38-django-rest-framework-proxy-1.6.0.tgz Easy proxying of incoming REST requests
py38-django-reversion-2.0.13.tgz Version control facilities for Django
py38-django-sekizai-0.10.0.tgz Django Template Blocks with extra functionality
py38-django-sortedm2m-1.5.0.tgz Drop-in replacement for Django's many to many field
py38-django-south-1.0.1.tgz Intelligent schema and data migrations for Django projects
py38-django-sql-explorer-1.1.3.tgz Pluggable app that allows to execute SQL, view, and export the results
py38-django-tagging-0.4.3.tgz Generic tagging application for Django
py38-django-tastypie-0.14.2.tgz Flexible and capable API layer for Django
py38-django-timezone-field-3.0.tgz Database and form fields for pytz timezone objects
py38-django-treebeard-4.3.tgz Efficient tree implementations for the Django Web Framework
py38-djangocms-admin-style-1.3.0.tgz Adds pretty CSS styles for the django CMS admin interface
py38-djangocms-attributes-field-1.0.0.tgz Implementation of JSONField for arbitrary HTML element attributes
py38-djangocms-audio-1.1.0.tgz Django CMS plugin that inserts an icon (font or svg)
py38-djangocms-column-1.9.0.tgz Multi Column Plugin for django CMS
py38-djangocms-file-2.2.0.tgz File plugin for django CMS
py38-djangocms-flash-0.3.0.tgz Flash plugin for django CMS
py38-djangocms-googlemap-1.2.0.tgz Google Maps plugin for django CMS
py38-djangocms-icon-1.2.0.tgz Django CMS plugin that inserts an icon (font or svg)
py38-djangocms-inherit-0.2.2.tgz Flash plugin for django CMS
py38-djangocms-link-2.3.1.tgz Django CMS plugin that allows to add links
py38-djangocms-picture-2.1.3.tgz Flash plugin for django CMS
py38-djangocms-style-2.1.0.tgz Plugin for django CMS to add CSS classes to other plugins
py38-djangocms-teaser-0.2.0.tgz Teaser plugin for django CMS
py38-djangocms-text-ckeditor-3.7.0.tgz Text Plugin for django-cms with CK-Editor
py38-djangocms-video-2.1.1.tgz Flash plugin for django CMS
py38-djangorestframework-3.11.0.tgz Lightweight REST framework for Django
py38-dns-1.15.0.tgz Python DNS toolkit
py38-dnsdiag-1.6.4.tgz DNS Diagnostics and Performance Measurement Tools
py38-doc8-0.8.0.tgz Opinionated style checker for rst styles of documentation
py38-docopt-0.6.2.tgz Helps creating command-line interfaces
py38-docstyle-3.0.0.tgz Python docstring style checker
py38-docutils-0.15.2.tgz Python tool to generate documents
py38-docx-0.8.10.tgz Python library for Microsoft Word (.docx) files
py38-dogpile-cache-0.7.1.tgz Caching front-end based on the Dogpile lock
py38-dominate-2.4.0.tgz Python library for creating and manipulating HTML documents
py38-dot-1.4.1.tgz Python interface to Graphviz's Dot language
py38-drf-nested-routers-0.91.tgz Nested resources for the Django Rest Framework
py38-dropbox-2.2.0nb1.tgz Dropbox Python API
py38-dulwich-0.19.14.tgz Python implementation of Git
py38-dynampd-1.1.0nb1.tgz Dynamic playlist generator for MPD
py38-ecdsa-0.13.tgz Easy-to-use implementation of ECDSA cryptography
py38-editor-1.0.3.tgz Module to open an editor programmatically
py38-editorconfig-core-0.12.2.tgz Editorconfig python library
py38-ejson-0.1.6.tgz Extensible JSON serializers and deserializers
py38-elasticsearch-6.2.0.tgz Official low-level python client for Elasticsearch
py38-elementpath-1.3.1.tgz XPath 1.0/2.0 parsers and selectors for ElementTree and lxml
py38-email_validator-1.0.2.tgz Robust email syntax and deliverability validation library
py38-emoji-0.5.4.tgz ASCII<->Emoji conversion library for Python
py38-empyrical-0.5.0.tgz Common financial risk and performance metrics
py38-enchant-2.0.0.tgz Spellchecking library for Python
py38-entrypoints-0.3.tgz Discover and load entry points from installed packages
py38-enzyme-0.4.1.tgz Python module to parse video metadata
py38-ephem- Scientific-grade astronomical computations for Python
py38-eradicate-1.0.tgz Removes commented-out code
py38-esptool-2.7nb2.tgz Firmware tool for ESP8266/ESP32
py38-exam-0.10.6.tgz Helpers for better testing
py38-execjs-1.5.1.tgz Run JavaScript code from Python
py38-execnet-1.7.1.tgz Rapid multi-Python deployment
py38-exifread-2.1.2.tgz Read Exif metadata from TIFF and JPEG files
py38-expat-3.8.0.tgz Python interface to expat
py38-expressions-0.2.3.tgz Extensible arithmetic expression parser and compiler
py38-extras-1.0.0.tgz Useful extra bits for Python
py38-extratools- Extra functional tools beyond standard libraries
py38-ezPyCrypto-0.1.1.tgz Easy Python API for strong encryption
py38-fakefs-3.6.1.tgz Fake file system that mocks the Python file system modules
py38-faker-2.0.4.tgz Python package that generates fake data for you
py38-falcon-1.4.1.tgz Unladen web framework for building APIs and app backends
py38-fann2-1.0.7.tgz Python bindings for Fast Artificial Neural Network (FANN)
py38-fasteners-0.15.tgz Python package providing useful locks
py38-fastimport-0.9.8.tgz Fastimport parser and generator in Python
py38-fecon235-5.17.0722.tgz Computational tools for financial economics
py38-feedgen-0.3.2.tgz Python module to generate ATOM feeds, RSS feeds, and Podcasts
py38-feedgenerator-1.9.tgz Standalone version of django.utils.feedgenerator, compatible with Py3k
py38-feedparser-5.2.1.tgz Parse RSS and Atom feeds in Python
py38-filebrowser_safe-0.5.0.tgz Permanent fork of FileBrowser asset manager for Mezzanine
py38-filebytes-0.9.10.tgz Library to read and edit ELF, PE, MachO and OAT files
py38-filechunkio-1.8.tgz Chunck files for input/output
py38-filelock-3.0.12.tgz Platform independent file lock
py38-fits-3.5.tgz Python module for reading, writing, and manipulating FITS files
py38-fixtures-3.0.0.tgz Fixtures, reusable state for writing clean tests and more
py38-flake8-3.7.9.tgz Modular source code checker for Python programs
py38-flake8-docstrings-1.5.0.tgz Extension for flake8 using pydocstyle to check docstrings
py38-flake8-import-order-0.18.1.tgz Flake8 and pylama plugin that checks the ordering of import statements
py38-flake8-polyfill-1.0.2.tgz Polyfill package for Flake8 plugins
py38-flakes-2.1.1.tgz Passive checker of Python programs
py38-flaky-3.6.1.tgz Plugin for nose or py.test that automatically reruns flaky tests
py38-flask-1.1.1.tgz Python web microframework
py38-flask-admin-1.5.4.tgz Simple and extensible administrative interface framework for Flask
py38-flask-api-1.1.tgz Browsable web APIs for Flask
py38-flask-assets-0.12.tgz Flask webassets integration
py38-flask-babel-0.12.2.tgz Adds i18n/l10n support to Flask applications
py38-flask-babelex-0.9.3.tgz Adds i18n and l10n support for Flask based on Babel and pytz
py38-flask-bootstrap- Flask extension for Twitter's Bootstrap
py38-flask-caching-1.7.2.tgz Caching support to your Flask application
py38-flask-common-0.3.0.tgz Common functionality for Flask
py38-flask-cors-3.0.8.tgz Flask extension for handling Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)
py38-flask-flatpages-0.7.1.tgz Provides flat static pages to a Flask application
py38-flask-frozen-0.15.tgz Freezes a Flask application into a set of static files
py38-flask-jwt-extended-3.24.1.tgz Extended JWT integration with Flask
py38-flask-login-0.4.1.tgz User session management for Flask
py38-flask-mail-0.9.1.tgz Flask extension for sending email
py38-flask-principal-0.4.0.tgz Identity management for Flask
py38-flask-rest-1.3.tgz Simple REST toolkit for Flask
py38-flask-restful-0.3.7.tgz Simple framework for creating REST APIs
py38-flask-script-2.0.6.tgz Scripting support for Flask
py38-flask-security-3.0.0nb1.tgz Simple security for Flask apps
py38-flask-sqlalchemy-2.4.1.tgz Adds SQLAlchemy support to your Flask application
py38-flask-uploads-0.2.1.tgz Flexible and efficient upload handling for Flask
py38-flask-webpack-0.1.0.tgz Flask extension to manage assets with Webpack
py38-flask-wtf-0.14.2.tgz Simple integration of Flask and WTForms
py38-flexmock-0.10.4.tgz Mock/Stub/Spy library for Python
py38-flower-0.9.2.tgz Real-time monitor and web admin for Celery task queue
py38-flufl.bounce-3.0.tgz Email bounce detectors
py38-flufl.i18n-2.0.1.tgz High level API for Python internationalization
py38-flufl.lock-3.2.tgz NFS-safe file locking with timeouts for POSIX systems
py38-flufl.testing-0.7.tgz Small collection of test tool plugins
py38-flup-1.0.3.tgz WSGI support modules
py38-fonttools-4.2.2.tgz Library for manipulating fonts
py38-freezegun-0.3.12.tgz Let your Python tests travel through time
py38-fs-2.4.11.tgz Python's filesystem abstraction layer
py38-ftfy-4.2.0.tgz Fixes some problems with Unicode text after the fact
py38-funcparserlib-0.3.6.tgz Recursive descent parsing library based on functional combinators
py38-furl-2.1.0.tgz URL manipulation made simple
py38-future-0.18.2.tgz Clean single-source support for Python 3 and 2
py38-game-1.9.6.tgz Set of Python modules designed for writing games
py38-gammu-2.12.tgz Python bindings for gammu
py38-gcovr-4.1.tgz Generate GCC code coverage reports
py38-gcs-oauth2-boto-plugin-2.2.tgz Boto auth plugin for Google Cloud Storage
py38-gdal-2.4.3.tgz Translator library for raster geospatial data formats, Python binding
py38-gdbm-3.8.0nb1.tgz Python interface to gdbm - GNU database manager
py38-gds-1.3.1.tgz Python module for creating GDSII stream files
py38-generate-2.8.tgz Python interface to Generate
py38-generateDS-2.28b.tgz Python XML data binding library
py38-genshi-0.7.3.tgz Python toolkit for generation of output for the web
py38-geojson-2.5.0.tgz Python bindings and utlities for GeoJSON
py38-gevent-1.4.0.tgz Python-gevent a coroutine-based Python networking library
py38-geventhttpclient-1.3.1.tgz HTTP client library for gevent
py38-gflags-3.1.2nb2.tgz Python equivalent of gflags, a commandline flag implementation
py38-ggplot-0.11.5.tgz Python implementation of the grammar of graphics
py38-gmpy-1.17.tgz Python library for arbitrary precision arithmetic
py38-gobject-2.28.7nb1.tgz Python bindings for glib2 gobject
py38-gobject3-3.34.0nb1.tgz Python bindings for glib2 gobject
py38-google-api-python-client-1.7.11.tgz Python client library for Google's discovery based APIs
py38-google-apitools-0.5.30.tgz Client libraries for humans
py38-google-auth-1.8.2.tgz Google Authentication Library
py38-google-auth-httplib2-0.0.3.tgz Google Authentication Library: httplib2 transport
py38-google-auth-oauthlib-0.4.1.tgz Google Authentication Library
py38-google-cloud-sdk-96.0.0nb1.tgz Google Cloud SDK (for Compute Engine etc.)
py38-google-compute-engine-20170829.tgz Packages for Google Compute Engine images
py38-google-maps-services-python-2.5.1.tgz Python client library for Google Maps API Web Services
py38-google-reauth-0.1.0.tgz Library to support two-factor authentication
py38-grako-3.99.9.tgz Grammar compiler
py38-graphviz-0.13.2.tgz Create and render graph descriptions in DOT language
py38-grappelli_safe-0.5.2.tgz Permanent fork of Grapelli admin skin for Mezzanine
py38-greenlet-0.4.15.tgz Lightweight in-process concurrent programming
py38-grpcio-1.25.0.tgz HTTP/2-based RPC framework
py38-grpcio-tools-1.25.0.tgz Protobuf code generator for gRPC
py38-gssapi-1.6.1.tgz Low-level and high-level wrappers around GSSAPI C libraries
py38-gstreamer1-1.16.1.tgz Python bindings for gstreamer1
py38-guessit-3.0.4.tgz Extracts as much information as possible from a video filename
py38-gunicorn-20.0.4.tgz Python WSGI HTTP server
py38-h11-0.9.0.tgz Pure-Python, bring-your-own-I/O implementation of HTTP/1.1
py38-h2-3.0.1.tgz HTTP/2 State-Machine based protocol implementation
py38-h5py-2.9.0.tgz Python interface to the HDF5 library
py38-hamcrest-1.9.0.tgz Framework for writing matcher objects
py38-hangups-0.4.10.tgz Third-party instant messaging client for Google Hangouts
py38-hash-0.6.2.tgz Python Non-cryptographic Hash Library
py38-hglib-2.6.1.tgz Python library for interfacing with mercurial's CommandServer
py38-hgtools-6.5.2.tgz Classes and setuptools plugin for Mercurial and Git repositories
py38-hpack-3.0.0.tgz Pure-Python HPACK header compression
py38-hsaudiotag3k-1.1.3.tgz Read metdata (tags) of mp3, mp4, wma, ogg, flac and aiff files
py38-html-docs-3.8.0.tgz HTML Documentation for Python 3.8
py38-html-sanitizer-1.6.4.tgz White-list based HTML sanitizer
py38-html2text-2019.9.26.tgz Convert HTML into easy-to-read plain ASCII text
py38-html5-parser-0.4.9.tgz Fast, standards-compliant, C-based HTML5 parser
py38-html5lib-1.0.1.tgz HTML5 parser and tokenizer
py38-http_ece-1.0.5.tgz Python support for the encryped Content-Encoding (RFC 8188)
py38-httpbin-0.7.0.tgz HTTP Request and Response Service
py38-httpie-1.0.3.tgz Human-friendly command line HTTP client
py38-httplib2-0.14.0.tgz Comprehensive http client library for Python
py38-httptools-0.0.13.tgz Collection of framework independent HTTP protocol utils
py38-humanize-0.5.1.tgz Convert numbers into easily readable format
py38-hyperframe-5.2.0.tgz HTTP/2 framing layer for Python
py38-hyperlink-19.0.0nb1.tgz Featureful, correct URL for Python
py38-hyperscan-0.0.2.tgz CPython extension for hyperscan
py38-hypothesis-4.53.3.tgz Python library for property based testing
py38-icalendar-4.0.4.tgz Python parser/generator for iCalendar files, as per RFC2445
py38-idna-2.8.tgz Python module for Internationalized Domain Names in Applications (IDNA)
py38-idna-ssl-1.1.0.tgz Patch ssl.match_hostname for Unicode(idna) domains support
py38-imageio-2.5.0.tgz Python library to read and write images
py38-imagesize-1.1.0.tgz Parses image files' header and returns image size
py38-importlib-metadata-1.3.0.tgz Read metadata from Python packages
py38-incremental-17.5.0.tgz Small library that versions your Python projects
py38-infinity-1.4.tgz All-in-one infinity value for Python
py38-inflection-0.3.1.tgz Port of Ruby on Rails inflector to Python
py38-intervals-0.8.1.tgz Tools for handling intervals (ranges of comparable objects)
py38-intervaltree-3.0.2.tgz Editable interval tree data structure
py38-iowait-0.2.tgz Platform-independent module for I/O completion events
py38-ipykernel-5.1.3.tgz IPython Kernel for Jupyter
py38-ipython-5.8.0.tgz Interactive computing environment for Python
py38-ipython-7.10.2.tgz Interactive computing environment for Python
py38-ipython_genutils-0.2.0nb1.tgz Vestigial utilities from IPython
py38-ipywidgets-7.5.1.tgz IPython HTML widgets for Jupyter
py38-irclib-11.1.1.tgz Internet Relay Chat (IRC) protocol client library
py38-isc_dhcp_leases-0.9.1.tgz Python module for parsing ISC dhcpd lease files
py38-iso-639-0.4.5.tgz Library for working with ISO-639 language codes
py38-iso3166-1.0.tgz Self-contained ISO 3166-1 country definitions
py38-iso8601-0.1.12.tgz Simple Python module to parse ISO 8601 dates
py38-isodate-0.6.0.tgz ISO 8601 date/time/duration parser and formatter
py38-isort-4.3.21.tgz Python utility / library to sort imports
py38-itsdangerous-1.1.0.tgz Helpers to pass trusted data to untrusted environments and back
py38-jade-4.0.0.tgz Jade syntax template adapter for Django, Jinja2, Mako and Tornado
py38-jaraco.classes-1.5.tgz Utility functions for Python class constructs
py38-jaraco.functools-2.0.tgz Additional functools in the spirit of stdlib's functools
py38-jaraco_util-11.0.tgz General utility modules that supply commonly-used functionality
py38-jdcal-1.4.1.tgz Julian dates from proleptic Gregorian and Julian calendars
py38-jedi-0.11.0.tgz Autocompletion tool for Python that can be used for text editors
py38-jellyfish-0.6.1.tgz Python library for doing approximate and phonetic matching of strings
py38-jinja2-2.10.3.tgz Small but fast and easy to use stand-alone template engine
py38-jinja2-time-0.2.0.tgz Jinja2 extention for dates and times
py38-jmespath-0.9.4.tgz Query language for JSON
py38-joblib-0.14.1.tgz Set of tools to provide lightweight pipelining
py38-josepy-1.2.0.tgz JOSE protocol implementation in Python using cryptography
py38-jrnl-1.9.8nb1.tgz Command line journal application
py38-jsbeautifier-1.10.2.tgz JavaScript unobfuscator and beautifier
py38-jsonlib-1.6.1.tgz JSON serializer/deserializer for Python (python-3.x version)
py38-jsonpickle-1.2.tgz Python library for serializing any arbitrary object graph into JSON
py38-jsonref-0.2.tgz JSON References for Python
py38-jsonschema-3.2.0.tgz Implementation of JSON Schema for Python
py38-jsparser-2.7.1.tgz Fast JavaScript parser
py38-junos-eznc-2.1.7.tgz Python library to manage JunOS devices
py38-jupyter_client-5.3.4.tgz Jupyter protocol implementation and client libraries
py38-jupyter_core-4.6.1.tgz Jupyter core package
py38-jxmlease-1.0.1.tgz Module for converting XML to Python data structures
py38-kafka-python-1.4.4.tgz Pure Python client for Apache Kafka
py38-kaitaistruct-0.8.tgz Kaitai Struct declarative parser generator for binary data
py38-kazoo-2.6.1.tgz Higher level Zookeeper client
py38-kerberos-1.3.0.tgz Python Kerberos implementation
py38-keyring-19.2.0.tgz Store and access your passwords safely
py38-keyrings.alt-3.1.1.tgz Alternate keyring implementations
py38-keystone-0.9.1.tgz Python bindings for keystone
py38-kiwisolver-1.1.0.tgz Fast implementation of the Cassowary constraint solver
py38-kombu-4.6.7.tgz Messaging framework for Python
py38-lama-7.7.1.tgz Code audit tool for Python
py38-landslide-1.1.6.tgz Generate HTML5 slideshows from markdown, ReST, or textile
py38-last-2.4.0.tgz Python interface to and
py38-latexcodec-1.0.7.tgz Lexer and codec for LaTeX
py38-lazr.config-2.2.1.tgz Create configuration schemas, and process and validate configurations
py38-lazr.delegates-2.0.4.tgz Easily write objects that delegate behavior
py38-lazy-object-proxy-1.4.3.tgz Fast and thorough lazy object proxy
py38-ldap3-2.6.1.tgz Strictly RFC 4510 conforming LDAP V3 pure Python client library
py38-leather-0.3.3.tgz Python charting library for those who need charts now
py38-lexicon-3.3.11.tgz Manipulate DNS records on various DNS providers
py38-lhafile-0.2.2.tgz LHA(.lzh) file extract interface
py38-libarchive-c-2.9.tgz Python interface to libarchive
py38-libevent-rpcgen-2.1.11.tgz Python libevent rpcgen script
py38-libixion-0.14.1.tgz General purpose formula parser & interpreter
py38-libmc-1.6.1.tgz Quick and small memcached client for Python
py38-libnacl-1.6.1.tgz Python bindings for libsodium based on ctypes
py38-libtaxii-1.1.111.tgz Python library for handling TAXII Messages and Services
py38-libxml2-2.9.10.tgz Python wrapper for libxml2
py38-ligotimegps-2.0.0.tgz Pure-python version of lal.LIGOTimeGPS
py38-limits-1.3.tgz Rate limiting utilities
py38-line_profiler-2.1.2.tgz Python line-by-line profiler
py38-linecache2-1.0.0nb1.tgz Backport of the linecache module to older Python versions
py38-livereload-2.6.1.tgz Python web server for developers
py38-lmdb-0.94.tgz Universal Python binding for the LMDB
py38-lmfit-0.9.13.tgz Least-squares minimization with bounds and constraints
py38-lockfile-0.12.2.tgz Platform-independent file locking module
py38-logan-0.7.2.tgz Toolkit for building standalone Django applications
py38-logbook-1.5.2.tgz Logging replacement for Python
py38-logilab-astng-0.24.3.tgz Extend Python abstract syntax tree
py38-logilab-common-1.4.2.tgz Useful miscellaneous modules used by Logilab projects
py38-loremipsum-1.0.5.tgz Lorem Ipsum text generator
py38-lru-dict-1.1.6.tgz Dict-like LRU container
py38-lupa-1.8.tgz Python wrapper around Lua and LuaJIT
py38-lxml-4.4.2.tgz Python binding for libxml2 and libxslt
py38-lz4-2.2.1.tgz Python LZ4 binding
py38-m2r-0.2.1.tgz Markdown to reStructuredText converter
py38-m3u8-0.5.3.tgz Parser for M3U8 playlists
py38-macholib-1.11.tgz Mach-O header analysis and editing
py38-magic-0.4.15nb1.tgz File type identification using libmagic
py38-mako-1.1.0.tgz Hyperfast and lightweight templating for the Python platform
py38-mando-0.6.4.tgz Create Python CLI apps with little to no effort at all
py38-manuel-1.10.1.tgz Build tested documentation
py38-markdown-3.1.1.tgz XHTML generator using a simple markup
py38-markdown-math-0.6.tgz Python extension adding math formula support to py-markdown
py38-markdown2-2.3.8.tgz Fast and complete Python implementation of Markdown
py38-markovify-0.7.2.tgz Simple and extensible Markov chain generator
py38-markups-3.0.0.tgz Python text markup language wrapper module
py38-markupsafe-1.1.1.tgz Implements a unicode subclass that supports HTML strings
py38-mastodon-1.4.6.tgz Python wrapper for the Mastodon API
py38-matplotlib-3.1.2.tgz Matlab-style plotting package for Python
py38-matplotlib-venn-0.11.5.tgz Routines for plotting area-weighted venn diagrams
py38-maya-0.3.3.tgz Human-friendly date and time handling
py38-mccabe-0.6.1.tgz Mccabe plugin for the Python program checker flake8
py38-mechanize-0.4.4.tgz Stateful programmatic web browsing in Python
py38-meinheld-1.0.1.tgz Python WSGI HTTP server
py38-meld3-2.0.0.tgz HTML/XML templating engine
py38-memcached-1.59.tgz Python memcached client
py38-memory-profiler-0.55.0.tgz Monitors memory usage of a Python program
py38-mezzanine-4.3.1.tgz Open source content management platform on Django
py38-minimock-1.2.8.tgz Simplest possible mock library
py38-mistune-0.8.4.tgz The fastest markdown parser in pure Python
py38-mixbox-1.0.3.tgz Utility library for cybox, maec, and stix packages
py38-mkdocs-1.0.4.tgz Fast and simple static site generator for documentation
py38-mkdocs-bootstrap-0.1.1.tgz Bootstrap theme for MkDocs
py38-mkdocs-bootswatch-0.1.0.tgz Bootswatch theme for MkDocs
py38-mmh3-2.5.1.tgz Python wrapper for MurmurHash3
py38-mock-3.0.5.tgz Python testing framework
py38-model_mommy-2.0.0.tgz Smart object creation facility for Django
py38-modulegraph-0.17.tgz Python module dependency analysis tool
py38-mohawk-1.1.0.tgz Library for Hawk HTTP authorization
py38-mongo-3.7.2.tgz Python driver for MongoDB
py38-monotonic-1.5.tgz Implementation of time.monotonic() for Python
py38-more-itertools-8.0.2.tgz More routines for operating on iterables, beyond itertools
py38-mox-0.5.3.tgz Mox is a mock object framework for Python
py38-mpd-0.3.0.tgz Python mpd client library
py38-mpd2-1.0.0.tgz Python mpd client library
py38-mpegdash-0.1.5.tgz MPEG-DASH MPD(Media Presentation Description) Parser
py38-mpmath-1.1.0.tgz Python library for arbitrary-precision FP arithmetic
py38-msgpack-0.5.6.tgz MessagePack (de)serializer for Python
py38-multidict-4.7.1.tgz Multidict implementation
py38-multipledispatch-0.6.0.tgz Efficient, mostly complete implementation of multiple dispatch
py38-munkres-1.0.12.tgz Munkres algorithm for the Assignment Problem
py38-musicbrainz-ngs-0.6.tgz Python bindings for Musicbrainz' NGS service
py38-mutagen-1.40.0.tgz Audio metadata handling for Python
py38-mypy-0.750.tgz Optional static typing for Python
py38-mypy_extensions-0.4.3.tgz Experimental type system extensions
py38-mysql-connector-2.2.1.tgz Standardized mysql database driver for Python development
py38-mysqlclient-1.4.6.tgz MySQL database connector for Python
py38-nacl-1.3.0.tgz Python binding to the Networking and Cryptography (NaCl) library
py38-namecheap-0.0.3.tgz Namecheap API client in Python
py38-natsort-6.2.0.tgz Natural sorting for python
py38-nbconvert-5.6.1.tgz Converting Jupyter Notebooks
py38-nbformat-4.4.0.tgz Jupyter Notebook format
py38-nbxmpp-0.6.10.tgz Asynchronous Python library for XMPP
py38-ncclient-0.6.6.tgz NETCONF Python client
py38-ndg_httpsclient-0.4.2.tgz HTTPS client implementation for httplib and urllib2 based on PyOpenSSL
py38-netCDF4-1.5.2.tgz Object-oriented python interface to netCDF version 4
py38-netaddr-0.7.19.tgz Python library for manipluating network addresses
py38-netifaces-0.10.9.tgz Portable access to network interfaces from Python
py38-networkx-2.3.tgz Python package for creating and manipulating graphs and networks
py38-nltk-3.4.1.tgz Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK)
py38-nodemcu-uploader-0.4.3nb2.tgz Tool to upload files to a nodemcu/ESP8266 device
py38-noise-1.2.2.tgz Perlin noise for Python
py38-nose-1.3.7.tgz Unittest-based testing framework for python
py38-nose-exclude-0.5.0.tgz Exclude specific directories from nosetests runs
py38-nose2-0.9.1.tgz Next generation of nicer testing for Python
py38-nosexcover-1.0.11.tgz Extends nose.plugins.cover to add Cobertura-style XML reports
py38-notebook-6.0.2.tgz Web-based notebook environment for interactive computing
py38-ntlm-auth-1.4.0.tgz NTLM authentication handler for python-requests
py38-numexpr-2.7.0.tgz Numerical expression evaluator for NumPy
py38-numpy-1.16.4.tgz Array processing for numbers, strings, records, and objects
py38-numpydoc-0.9.1.tgz Sphinx extension to support docstrings in Numpy format
py38-nwdiag-1.0.4.tgz Simple network-diagram image generator
py38-nyx-2.1.0.tgz Command-line monitor for the tor daemon
py38-oath-1.4.3.tgz Python implementation of OATH (HOTP, TOTP, OCRA)
py38-oauth2client-4.1.3.tgz Python library for accessing resources protected by OAuth 2.0
py38-oauthlib-3.1.0.tgz Generic implementation of the OAuth request-signing logic
py38-objgraph-3.4.1.tgz Draws Python object reference graphs with graphviz
py38-obspy-1.1.1nb1.tgz Python framework for seismological observatories
py38-odfpy-1.4.0.tgz Python API and tools to manipulate OpenDocument files
py38-ofxparse-0.20.tgz Tools for working with the OFX file format
py38-olefile-0.46.tgz Python module to read/write MS OLE2 files
py38-onionbalance-0.1.8nb1.tgz Tor onion service load balancer
py38-openpyxl-2.6.3.tgz Python library to read/write Excel 2007 xlsx/xlsm files
py38-ordered-set-3.1.1.tgz MutableSet that remembers its order
py38-orderedmultidict-1.0.1.tgz Ordered Multivalue Dictionary - omdict
py38-oset-0.1.3.tgz Python library for ordered sets
py38-packaging-19.2.tgz Core utilities for Python packages
py38-paho-mqtt-1.5.0.tgz MQTT version 3.1.1 client class
py38-pallets-sphinx-themes-1.2.2nb1.tgz Sphinx themes for Pallets and related projects
py38-pandas-0.24.2.tgz Python Data Analysis Library
py38-pandas-datareader-0.7.0.tgz Remote data access for pandas
py38-pandocfilters-1.4.2.tgz Utilities for writing pandoc filters in python
py38-parameterized-0.7.1.tgz Parameterized testing with any Python test framework
py38-paramiko-2.7.1.tgz SSH2 protocol library
py38-parse-1.12.1.tgz Parse strings using a specification based on format()
py38-parse_type-0.5.2.tgz Simplifies to build parse types based on the parse module
py38-parsedatetime-2.5.tgz Python module for parsing human-readable date/time text
py38-parsel-1.5.2.tgz Library to extract data from HTML and XML using XPath and CSS
py38-parso-0.5.1.tgz Python Parser
py38-passlib-1.7.2.tgz Comprehensive password hashing framework supporting over 30 schemes
py38-paste-3.2.3.tgz Middleware for Python WSGI applications Module wrapper for os.path
py38-pathlib2-2.3.5.tgz Object-oriented filesystem paths
py38-pathspec-0.6.0.tgz Utility library for gitignore style pattern matching of file paths
py38-pathtools-0.1.2.tgz File system general utilities
py38-patsy-0.5.1.tgz Python package for describing statistical models
py38-paver-1.3.4.tgz Easy Scripting for Software Projects
py38-pbkdf2-1.3.tgz PKCS #5 v2.0 PBKDF2 Module
py38-pbr-5.2.1.tgz Python Build Reasonableness
py38-pdf-parser-0.6.8.tgz Parse PDF document to identify the fundamental elements
py38-pdfrw-0.4.tgz PDF file reader/writer pure Python library
py38-peewee-3.13.1.tgz Small, expressive ORM for PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite
py38-pelican-3.7.1nb1.tgz Static site generator that supports Markdown and reST syntax
py38-pendulum-2.0.5.tgz Human-friendly date and time handling
py38-pep8-1.7.1.tgz Python style guide checker (obsolete, use py-codestyle)
py38-pexpect-4.7.0.tgz Pure Python Expect-like module
py38-pgnotify-0.1nb3.tgz Python interface to PostgreSQL LISTEN/NOTIFY
py38-phonenumbers-8.10.12.tgz Library for formatting, storing and validating phone numbers
py38-pickleshare-0.7.5.tgz Tiny shelve-like database with concurrency support
py38-piexif-1.1.3.tgz Exif manipulation with pure python script
py38-pip-19.3.1.tgz Installs Python packages as an easy_install replacement
py38-pkgconfig-1.5.1.tgz Python wrapper for pkg-config
py38-pkginfo- Query metadatdata from sdists / bdists / installed packages
py38-pluggy-0.13.1.tgz Plugin and hook calling mechanisms for python
py38-ply-3.8.tgz Lex an yacc parsing tools for Python
py38-polib-1.1.0.tgz Python library to parse and manage gettext catalogs
py38-policyd-spf-2.0.2.tgz Python based policy daemon for Postfix SPF checking
py38-portend-2.6.tgz TCP port monitoring utilities
py38-postgresql-5.1.tgz Python interface to PostgreSQL
py38-powerlaw-1.4.6.tgz Toolbox for analysis of heavy-tailed distributions
py38-poyo-0.4.0.tgz YAML Parser for Python
py38-precis-i18n-1.0.1.tgz PRECIS-i18n: Internationalized Usernames and Passwords
py38-prefixspan-0.5.2.tgz PrefixSpan in Python 3
py38-pretend-1.0.9.tgz Library for stubbing in Python
py38-prometheus_client-0.7.1.tgz Prometheus instrumentation library for Python applications
py38-prompt_toolkit-1.0.15.tgz Library for building powerful interactive command lines
py38-prompt_toolkit-3.0.2.tgz Library for building powerful interactive command lines
py38-protobuf-3.11.1.tgz Python bindings for protobuf
py38-pslib-0.2.0nb3.tgz Python bindings for pslib
py38-psutil-5.6.7.tgz Cross-platform process and system utilities module for Python
py38-psycopg2-2.8.4.tgz PostgreSQL database adapter for Python
py38-ptable-0.9.2.tgz Simple Python library for easily displaying tabular data
py38-ptt-1.9.0nb1.tgz Twitter API, command-line tool, and IRC bot
py38-ptyprocess-0.6.0.tgz Run a subprocess in a pseudo terminal
py38-publicsuffix2-2.20190812.tgz Public suffix for a domain name using the Public Suffix List
py38-purl-1.5.tgz Immutable URL class for easy URL-building and manipulation
py38-py-1.8.0.tgz Library with cross-python path, ini-parsing, io, code, log facilities
py38-py3dns-3.2.0.tgz Python 3 DNS library
py38-pyaml-18.11.0.tgz YAML pretty printer for human readable output
py38-pybtex-0.22.2.tgz BibTeX-compatible bibliography processor written in Python
py38-pybtex-docutils-0.2.2.tgz Docutils backend for pybtex
py38-pydeep-0.4.tgz Python bindings for ssdeep
py38-pydicom-1.3.0.tgz Pure python package for working with DICOM files
py38-pydispatcher-2.0.5.tgz Multi-producer-multi-consumer signal dispatching mechanism
py38-pyelftools-0.24nb1.tgz Library for analyzing ELF files and DWARF debugging information
py38-pyfolio-0.9.2.tgz Performance and risk analysis of financial portfolios
py38-pyftpdlib-1.5.5.tgz Very fast asynchronous FTP server library
py38-pygal-2.4.0.tgz Python SVG graph plotting library
py38-pygit2-0.28.2.tgz Python bindings to libgit2
py38-pygments-2.4.2.tgz Python syntax highlighter
py38-pygraphviz-1.5.tgz Python interface to the Graphviz package
py38-pyinotify-0.9.6.tgz Python inotify library
py38-pylint-2.4.4.tgz Python source code analyzer
py38-pylint-celery-0.3.tgz Pylint plugin to aid Pylint in recognising the Celery library
py38-pylint-django-2.0.13.tgz Pylint plugin to aid Pylint in recognising the Django framework
py38-pylint-plugin-utils-0.6.tgz Utilities and helpers for writing Pylint plugins
py38-pymc3-3.7.tgz Bayesian modeling and probabilistic machine learning
py38-pymysql-0.9.3.tgz Pure-Python MySQL driver
py38-pyparsing-2.4.5.tgz Parsing module for Python
py38-pyperclip-1.6.0.tgz Python module for cross-platform clipboard functions
py38-pyphen-0.9.5.tgz Pure Python module to hyphenate text
py38-pypiserver-1.3.1.tgz Minimal PyPI server for use with pip/easy_install
py38-pyquery-1.4.1.tgz Python jquery-like library
py38-pyrsistent-0.15.6.tgz Persistent/Functional/Immutable data structures
py38-pysha3-1.0.2.tgz SHA-3 wrapper (keccak) for Python
py38-pysol_cards-0.8.6.tgz Deal PySol FC Cards
py38-pysrt-1.1.1.tgz Python parser for SubRip (srt) files
py38-pystache-0.5.4.tgz Mustache for Python
py38-pysvn-1.7.6nb20.tgz Python interface to Subversion
py38-pyte-0.8.0.tgz VTXXX-compatible terminal emulator library
py38-python-bugzilla-2.2.0.tgz Bugzilla XMLRPC access module
py38-python-digest-1.8b4nb1.tgz Python library to aid in implementing HTTP Digest Authentication
py38-python-dotenv-0.8.2.tgz Add .env support to your django/flask apps
py38-python-lua-20170109.tgz Simple python to lua translator
py38-python-mimeparse-1.6.0.tgz Module provides basic functions for parsing mime-type names
py38-python-slugify-3.0.4.tgz Slugify (non-ASCII to ASCII) application that handles Unicode
py38-python-sql-0.9.tgz Python library to write SQL queries
py38-pytimeparse-1.1.8.tgz Parse various kinds of time expressions
py38-pytoml-0.1.21.tgz TOML-0.4.0 parser/writer for Python
py38-pytz-2019.3.tgz World timezone definitions, modern and historical
py38-pyutil-3.3.0.tgz Collection of mature utilities for Python programmers
py38-pywavelets-1.0.3.tgz Discrete Wavelet Transforms in Python
py38-qrcode-6.1.tgz Python QR Code image generator
py38-qt4-4.12.3.tgz Python binding for Qt4
py38-qt5-5.13.2.tgz Python binding for Qt5
py38-qt5-qscintilla-2.11.2nb1.tgz QScintilla -- Python bindings
py38-quadprog-0.1.7.tgz Solver for a strictly convex quadratic program
py38-queuelib-1.5.0.tgz Collection of persistent (disk-based) queues
py38-quickbooks-0.6.0.tgz Python library for accessing the Quickbooks API
py38-radon-4.0.0.tgz Code Metrics in Python
py38-ramlfications-0.1.9.tgz Python RAML parser
py38-random2-1.0.1.tgz Python 3 compatible port of Python 2 random module
py38-ranking-0.3.1.tgz Library for ranking collection
py38-rarfile-3.1.tgz RAR archive reader for Python
py38-rauth-0.7.3nb1.tgz Python library for OAuth 1.0/a, 2.0, and Ofly consumers
py38-raven-6.10.0.tgz Client for Sentry
py38-rdflib-4.2.2.tgz Python library for working with RDF
py38-readlike-0.1.3.tgz GNU Readline-like line editing module
py38-readline-3.8.0.tgz Line editing support for Python
py38-readme_renderer-24.0.tgz Library for rendering "readme" descriptions for Warehouse
py38-rebulk-1.0.1.tgz Performs advanced searches in strings
py38-redis-3.3.11.tgz Redis Python client
py38-rednose-1.2.2.tgz Coloured output for nosetests
py38-regex-2019.12.9.tgz Alternative regular expression module, to replace re
py38-relativetimebuilder-1.0.0.tgz Dateutil relativedeltas for calendar precision with aniso8601
py38-relatorio-0.9.0.tgz Templating library able to output odt and pdf files
py38-reparser-1.4.3.tgz Simple regex-based lexer/parser for inline markup
py38-reportlab-3.5.23.tgz Powerful PDF-generating toolkit for Python
py38-repoze.lru-0.7.tgz Tiny LRU cache implementation and decorator
py38-requestbuilder-0.7.1.tgz Command line-driven HTTP request builder
py38-requests-2.22.0.tgz HTTP library, written in Python, for human beings
py38-requests-file-1.4.3.tgz Transport adapter for file:// URLs with the requests python lib
py38-requests-ftp-0.3.1.tgz FTP transport adapter for use with the requests Python lib
py38-requests-futures-1.0.0.tgz Asynchronous Python HTTP for Humans
py38-requests-kerberos-0.12.0nb1.tgz Kerberos authentication handler for python-requests
py38-requests-mock-1.7.0.tgz Mock out responses from the requests package
py38-requests-ntlm-1.1.0.tgz NTLM authentication handler for python-requests
py38-requests-oauthlib-1.3.0.tgz OAuthlib support for Python-Requests
py38-requests-toolbelt-0.9.1.tgz Utility belt for advanced users of python-requests
py38-requests-unixsocket-0.2.0.tgz Use requests to talk HTTP via a UNIX domain socket
py38-responses-0.10.8.tgz Utility library for mocking out the requests Python library
py38-restructuredtext_lint-1.1.2.tgz reStructuredText linter
py38-retry_decorator-1.1.0.tgz Retry decorator for Python
py38-rfc3339-1.1.tgz Library for generating and parsing RFC 3339-compliant timestamps
py38-robobrowser-0.5.3.tgz Your friendly neighborhood web scraper
py38-roman-3.2.tgz Integer to Roman numerals converter for Python
py38-rope-0.14.0.tgz Python refactoring library
py38-rply-0.7.7.tgz Pure Python Lex/Yacc that works with RPython
py38-rpy-2.9.1.tgz R interface for Python
py38-rrdtool-1.7.2.tgz Data analysis tool generating graphical representations
py38-rsa-4.0.tgz Pure-Python RSA implementation
py38-rss2gen-1.1.tgz Python module to generate RSS feeds
py38-rt-1.0.11nb2.tgz Python interface to Request Tracker API
py38-ruamel-base-1.0.0.tgz Common routines for ruamel packages
py38-ruamel-yaml-0.16.5.tgz YAML parser/emitter
py38-ruamel-yaml-clib-0.2.0.tgz C version of reader, parser and emitter for ruamel.yaml
py38-s3transfer-0.2.1.tgz Amazon S3 Transfer Manager
py38-salt-pepper-0.7.5.tgz CLI front-end to a running salt-api system
py38-sanic-19.3.1.tgz Microframework based on uvloop, httptools, and learnings of flask
py38-sbws-0.8.0.tgz Tor simple bandwidth scanner
py38-scikit-image-0.15.0.tgz Image processing routines for SciPy
py38-scikit-learn-0.21.2.tgz Machine learning algorithms for Python
py38-scipy-1.2.2.tgz Scientific Algorithms Library for Python
py38-scipy-1.3.0.tgz Scientific Algorithms Library for Python
py38-scons-3.1.1.tgz Python-based, open-source build system
py38-scp-0.13.2.tgz Send and receive files with scp
py38-scrapy-1.7.3.tgz High-level Web Crawling and Web Scraping framework
py38-seaborn-0.9.0.tgz Statistical data visualization
py38-selectors2-2.0.1.tgz Back-ported, durable, and portable selectors
py38-selenium-3.14.1.tgz Python bindings for Selenium
py38-semantic_version-2.8.3.tgz Semantic version comparison for Python
py38-sendmail-admin-1.0nb2.tgz Mailqs and rmmq, two scripts that ease Sendmail administration
py38-seqdiag-0.9.6.tgz Simple sequence-diagram image generator
py38-serial-3.4.tgz Python Serial Port Extension
py38-serpent-1.28.tgz Simple serialization library
py38-service_identity-18.1.0.tgz Service identity verification for pyOpenSSL
py38-setconf-0.7.6.tgz Small utility to change settings in configuration textfiles
py38-setproctitle-1.1.10.tgz Python library to allow customization of the process title
py38-setuptools-42.0.2.tgz New Python packaging system
py38-setuptools-rust-0.10.6.tgz Setuptools plugin for Rust support
py38-setuptools_scm-3.3.3.tgz Manage your versions by scm tags
py38-setuptools_scm_git_archive-1.1.tgz Setuptools_scm plugin for git archives
py38-setuptools_trial-0.6.0nb1.tgz Setuptools plugin for Twisted-based unit tests
py38-simpleeval-0.9.8.tgz Simple, safe single expression evaluator library
py38-simplegeneric-0.8.1.tgz Simple generic functions for Python
py38-simplejson-3.17.0.tgz Simple, fast, complete and extensible JSON encoder/decoder
py38-simplesha3-2015.09.22.post1.tgz Simple SHA-3 implementation for Python
py38-simplesoap-1.16.2.tgz Python Simple SOAP Library
py38-simpy-3.0.11.tgz Discrete event simulation framework
py38-sip-4.19.19.tgz Tool to create Python bindings for C++ libraries
py38-sip-qt5-4.19.19.tgz SIP bindings for C and C++ libraries (PyQt5 version)
py38-six-1.13.0.tgz Python 2 and 3 compatibility utilities
py38-sklearn-pandas-1.8.0.tgz Pandas integration with sklearn
py38-smartypants-2.0.1.tgz Python with the SmartyPants
py38-smb-1.1.28.tgz Experimental SMB/CIFS library written in Python
py38-smbc-1.0.18nb1.tgz Python bindings for libsmbclient
py38-smbpasswd-1.0.1.tgz Python SMB Password Hash Generator
py38-snowballstemmer-2.0.0.tgz Python module with stemmer algorithms for multiple natural languages
py38-soaplib-0.8nb1.tgz Implementation of the SOAP 1.1 protocol
py38-softlayer-5.6.4.tgz SoftLayer API bindings for Python
py38-softlayer_messaging-1.0.3.tgz SoftLayer Message Queue client
py38-sortedcontainers-2.1.0.tgz Sorted collections library written in pure-Python
py38-soupsieve-1.9.5.tgz CSS4 selector implementation for Beautiful Soup
py38-spark-parser-1.8.9.tgz Earley-Algorithm Context-free grammar Parser Toolkit
py38-sparqlwrapper-1.8.0.tgz SPARQL endpoint interface to Python
py38-speaklater-1.3.tgz Implements a lazy string for python useful for use with gettext
py38-spf-2.0.12nb1.tgz Python implementation of the RFC 4408 SPF protocol
py38-sphinx-1.8.5nb3.tgz Python documentation generator
py38-sphinx-2.2.2.tgz Python documentation generator
py38-sphinx-autodoc-typehints-1.3.0.tgz Type hints support for the Sphinx autodoc extension
py38-sphinx-issues-1.2.0.tgz Sphinx extension for linking to an issue tracker
py38-sphinx-rtd-theme-0.4.3.tgz Sphinx theme
py38-sphinx-theme-cloud-1.10.0.tgz Sphinx cloud theme
py38-sphinxcontrib-applehelp-1.0.1.tgz Sphinx API for Apple help books
py38-sphinxcontrib-bibtex-1.0.0.tgz Sphinx extension for BibTeX style citations
py38-sphinxcontrib-devhelp-1.0.1.tgz Sphinx API for Devhelp document
py38-sphinxcontrib-htmlhelp-1.0.2.tgz Sphinx API for HTML help
py38-sphinxcontrib-jsmath-1.0.1.tgz Sphinx API for math in HTML via JavaScript
py38-sphinxcontrib-newsfeed-0.1.4.tgz News Feed extension for Sphinx
py38-sphinxcontrib-qthelp-1.0.2.tgz Sphinx API for QtHelp document
py38-sphinxcontrib-serializinghtml-1.1.3.tgz Sphinx API for "serialized" HTML files
py38-sphinxcontrib-websupport-1.1.2.tgz Sphinx API for Web Apps
py38-sqlalchemy-1.3.11.tgz Python SQL toolkit and Object Relational Mapper
py38-sqlalchemy-migrate-0.13.0.tgz Schema migration tool for SQLAlchemy
py38-sqlalchemy-utils-0.35.0.tgz Various utility functions for SQLAlchemy
py38-sqlite3-3.8.0nb15.tgz Built-in sqlite support for Python 2.5 and up
py38-sqlparse-0.3.0.tgz Non-validating SQL parser
py38-sqlsoup-0.9.1.tgz One step database access tool, built on the SQLAlchemy ORM
py38-static-1.1.1.tgz Serve static or templated content via WSGI or stand-alone
py38-statsmodels-0.9.0nb2.tgz Statistical computations and models for use with SciPy
py38-stdnum-1.11.tgz Python module to handle standardized numbers and codes
py38-stem-1.7.1.tgz Python controller library for the tor daemon
py38-stevedore-1.31.0.tgz Manage dynamic plugins for Python applications
py38-stix- Python library for manipulating STIX content
py38-strich-0.8.tgz 1D and 2D barcode generator
py38-stripe-2.35.1.tgz Stripe python bindings
py38-structlog-19.2.0.tgz Painless structural logging
py38-stsci.distutils-0.3.7.tgz Distutils/packaging-related utilities used by some of STScI's packages
py38-subunit-1.3.0.tgz Python implementation of subunit test streaming protocol
py38-subversion-1.12.0.tgz Python bindings and tools for Subversion
py38-sure-1.4.11.tgz Python testing tool
py38-swiftclient-3.5.0.tgz Python bindings to the OpenStack Object Storage API
py38-sympy-1.3.tgz Python library for symbolic mathematics
py38-sysctl-0.1nb3.tgz Python interface to sysctl(3)
py38-tables-3.6.1.tgz Database package for large amounts of data
py38-tablib-0.12.1nb2.tgz Format agnostic tabular data library (XLS, JSON, YAML, CSV)
py38-tabulate-0.8.6.tgz Pretty-print tabular data
py38-tempora-1.14.1.tgz Objects and routines pertaining to date and time
py38-tensorboard-1.7.0.tgz Web applications for inspecting TensorFlow runs and graphs
py38-termcolor-1.1.0.tgz ANSI color output for terminals
py38-terminado-0.8.2.tgz Terminals served to term.js using Tornado websockets
py38-terminator-plugins-1.0.tgz Set of plugins for terminator
py38-termstyle-0.1.11.tgz Console colouring for python
py38-test-4.6.6.tgz Python testing tool
py38-test-5.3.2.tgz Python testing tool
py38-test-assume-2.2.0.tgz Py.test plugin that allows multiple failures per test
py38-test-asyncio-0.10.0.tgz Pytest support for asyncio
py38-test-cache-1.0.tgz Pytest plugin with mechanisms for caching across test runs
py38-test-cov-2.8.1.tgz Pytest plugin for measuring coverage
py38-test-django-3.7.0.tgz Django plugin for pytest
py38-test-fixture-config-1.7.0.tgz Fixture configuration utils for py.test
py38-test-flake8-1.0.4.tgz Plugin plugin to check FLAKE8 requirements
py38-test-forked-1.1.3.tgz Run tests in isolated forked subprocesses
py38-test-httpbin-1.0.0.tgz Easily test your HTTP library against a local copy of httpbin
py38-test-isort-0.1.0.tgz Pytest plugin to perform isort checks (import ordering)
py38-test-localserver-0.5.0.tgz Py.test plugin to test server connections locally
py38-test-mock-1.13.0.tgz Thin-wrapper around the mock package for easier use with py.test
py38-test-pylint-0.14.1.tgz Pytest plugin to check source code with Pylint
py38-test-pythonpath-0.7.3.tgz Pytest plugin for adding to the PYTHONPATH
py38-test-randomly-3.1.0.tgz Pytest plugin to randomly order tests and control random.seed
py38-test-relaxed-1.1.5.tgz Relaxed test discovery/organization for pytest
py38-test-rerunfailures-8.0.tgz Pytest plugin to re-run tests to eliminate flaky failures
py38-test-runner-5.2.tgz Invoke py.test as distutils command with dependency resolution
py38-test-shutil-1.7.0.tgz Unix shell and environment tools for py.test
py38-test-sugar-0.9.2.tgz Py.test plugin that changes the default look and feel
py38-test-testmon-0.9.19.tgz Py.test plug-in which selects tests affected by recent changes
py38-test-timeout-1.3.3.tgz Py.test plugin to abort hanging tests
py38-test-utils-0.1.0.tgz Utility functions for py.test
py38-test-virtualenv-1.7.0.tgz Virtualenv fixture for py.test
py38-test-watch-4.2.0.tgz Continuous pytest runner
py38-test-xdist-1.30.0.tgz Plugin for distributed testing and loop-on-failing modes
py38-test-xprocess-0.12.1.tgz Pytest plugin to manage external processes across test runs
py38-testpath-0.3.1.tgz Test utilities for code working with files and commands
py38-testrepository-0.0.20.tgz Repository of test results
py38-testresources-2.0.1.tgz Pyunit extension for managing expensive test resources
py38-testscenarios-0.5.0.tgz Pyunit extension for dependency injection
py38-testtools-2.3.0.tgz Extensions to the Python standard library unit testing framework
py38-text-unidecode-1.3.tgz Most basic Text::Unidecode port
py38-textile-3.0.4.tgz XHTML generator using a simple markup
py38-thrift-0.13.0.tgz Python bindings for the Apache Thrift RPC system
py38-tinycss2-0.6.1.tgz Low-level CSS parser for Python
py38-tldextract-2.2.2.tgz Accurately separate the TLD from the registered domain and subdomains
py38-tlsh-3.4.5.tgz Fuzzy matching library
py38-tlslite-0.4.9.tgz SSL 3.0, TLS 1.0, and TLS 1.1 in Python
py38-toml-0.10.0.tgz Python Library for Tom's Obvious, Minimal Language
py38-toolz-0.10.0.tgz List processing tools and functional utilities
py38-tornado-5.1.1.tgz Fast and non-blocking web framework
py38-tox-3.12.1.tgz Virtualenv-based automation of test activities
py38-tqdm-4.40.0.tgz Fast, extensible progress bar for Python
py38-traceback2-1.4.0.tgz Backport of the traceback module to older Python versions
py38-traitlets-4.3.3.tgz Traitlets Python config system
py38-transifex-client-0.13.6nb1.tgz Transifex Command-line Client
py38-treq-18.6.0.tgz HTTP library for Twisted
py38-trueskill-0.4.3.tgz Python module implementing the TrueSkill rating system
py38-trustme-0.5.3.tgz Number on quality TLS certs while you wait
py38-twine-1.13.0.tgz Collection of utilities for publishing packages on PyPI
py38-twisted-18.9.0nb1.tgz Framework for writing networked applications
py38-twython-3.7.0.tgz Python wrapper for the Twitter API
py38-txaio-18.8.1.tgz Compatibility API between asyncio/Twisted/Trollius
py38-txamqp-0.8.2.tgz Python library for communicating with AMQP using Twisted
py38-txgithub-15.0.0nb1.tgz GitHub API client using Twisted
py38-txrequests-0.9.6.tgz Asynchronous Python HTTP Requests for Humans
py38-txtorcon-19.0.0.tgz Twisted Python library for controlling tor daemon
py38-typed-ast-1.4.0.tgz Optional static typing for Python
py38-typing-extensions- Backported and Experimental Type Hints for Python
py38-tzdata-2019.3.tgz Timezone database for Python
py38-tzlocal-2.0.0.tgz Python tzinfo object for the local timezone
py38-u2f-0.1.4.tgz U2F host library for interacting with a U2F device
py38-ujson-1.35.tgz Ultra fast JSON encoder and decoder for Python
py38-ukpostcodeparser-1.1.2.tgz UK Postcode parser
py38-uncertainties-3.1.2.tgz Transparent calculations with uncertainties on the quantities involved
py38-uncompyle6-3.6.0.tgz Python cross-version byte-code decompiler
py38-unicodecsv-0.14.1.tgz Drop-in replacement for Python's csv module with unicode support
py38-unicorn-1.0.1.tgz Python bindings for unicorn
py38-unittest-mixins-1.6.tgz Helpful mixins for unittest classes
py38-unittest2-1.1.0.tgz New features in unittest backported to Python 2.4+
py38-unittest2pytest-0.4.tgz Tool to rewrite Python unittest into pytest test cases
py38-uritemplate-3.0.0.tgz Python implementation of RFC6570, URI Template
py38-urllib3-1.25.7.tgz HTTP library with thread-safe connection pooling
py38-urwid-2.1.0.tgz Curses-based Python user interface library
py38-uvloop-0.14.0.tgz Fast implementation of asyncio event loop on top of libuv
py38-uwsgi-2.0.18nb1.tgz Feature-rich WSGI server
py38-uwsgitop-0.11.tgz Command to interface with the uWSGI stats server
py38-validate-email-address-1.tgz Verify if an email address is valid and really exists
py38-validators-0.14.1.tgz Python data validation for humans
py38-vcversioner- Use version control tags to discover version numbers
py38-vdirsyncer-0.16.7.tgz Synchronization tool for vdir
py38-vine-1.3.0.tgz Promises, promises, promises
py38-virtualenv-16.7.8.tgz Virtual Python Environment builder
py38-visitor-0.1.3.tgz Tiny pythonic visitor implementation
py38-vobject- Python iCalendar (ics) and vCard library
py38-w3lib-1.21.0.tgz Python library of web-related functions
py38-waitress-1.3.1.tgz Production-quality pure-Python WSGI server
py38-watchdog-0.9.0.tgz Filesystem events monitoring
py38-wcwidth-0.1.7.tgz Measures number of Terminal column cells of wide-character codes
py38-weasyprint-50.tgz Converts HTML/CSS documents to PDF
py38-webassets-0.12.1.tgz Asset management for Python web development
py38-webcolors-1.10.tgz Library for working with color specifications for HTML and CSS
py38-webencodings-0.5.1.tgz Character encoding for the web
py38-websocket-client-0.56.0.tgz WebSocket client module
py38-websockets-8.1.tgz Implementation of the WebSocket Protocol (RFC 6455)
py38-werkzeug-0.16.0.tgz Python WSGI Utility Library
py38-werkzeug-docs-0.16.0nb1.tgz Python WSGI Utility Library (HTML documentation)
py38-wheel-0.33.6.tgz Built-package format for Python
py38-whichcraft-0.6.1.tgz Cross-platform cross-python shutil.which functionality
py38-whisper-1.1.5.tgz Fixed-size database, similar in design to RRD
py38-whitenoise-4.1.4.tgz Simplified static file serving for WSGI applications
py38-wrapt-1.11.2.tgz Python module for decorators, wrappers and monkey patching
py38-wsproto-0.14.1.tgz Pure Python, pure state-machine WebSocket implementation
py38-wstools-0.4.8.tgz WSDL parsing services package for Web Services
py38-wtforms-2.2.1.tgz Flexible forms validation and rendering library
py38-wtforms-alchemy-0.13.0.tgz Generates WTForms forms from SQLAlchemy models
py38-wtforms-components-0.9.7.tgz Additional fields, validators and widgets for WTForms
py38-wtforms-recaptcha-0.3.2.tgz Custom WTForms field that handles reCaptcha display and validation
py38-wtforms-test-0.1.1.tgz Various unit test helpers for WTForms based forms
py38-xandikos-0.1.0.tgz Lightweight CalDAV/CardDAV server
py38-xapian-1.4.14.tgz Python bindings for Xapian search engine
py38-xarray-0.13.0.tgz N-D labeled arrays and datasets in Python
py38-xattr-0.9.7.tgz Python wrapper for extended filesystem attributes
py38-xcbgen-1.13.tgz XCB protocol descriptions (in XML)
py38-xdg-0.25.tgz Python library for XDG
py38-xdis-4.2.0.tgz Python cross-version byte-code disassembler and marshal routines
py38-xlrd-1.2.0.tgz Python library to extract data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files
py38-xlsxwriter-1.2.6.tgz Python module for creating Excel XLSX files
py38-xlwt-1.3.0.tgz Writing data and formatting information from Excel files
py38-xmlschema-1.0.16.tgz XML Schema validator and decoder
py38-xmltodict-0.12.0.tgz Simplified XML parser library
py38-xopen-0.8.4.tgz Open compressed files transparently
py38-yaml-5.2.tgz Collection of libraries to process YAML with Python
py38-yarl-1.4.2.tgz Yet another URL library
py38-yuicompressor-2.4.8.tgz YUI Compressor packaged for Python
py38-z3-4.8.3.tgz Python bindings for the Z3 theorem prover / SMT solver
py38-zc.lockfile-1.3.0.tgz Basic inter-process locks
py38-zconfig-3.5.0.tgz Configuration library
py38-zeep-3.3.1.tgz Fast and modern Python SOAP client
py38-zipp-0.6.0.tgz Backport of pathlib-compatible object wrapper for zip files
py38-zipstream-1.1.4.tgz Zipfile generator
py38-zmq-18.1.1.tgz Python bindings for zeromq
py38-zope.deferredimport-4.3.tgz Imports names that will only be resolved when used in the code
py38-zope.deprecation-4.4.0.tgz Zope hookable
py38-zope.exceptions-4.3.tgz Zope testing helpers
py38-zope.hookable-4.2.0.tgz Zope hookable
py38-zope.proxy-4.3.1.tgz Generic Transparent Proxies
py38-zope.testing-4.7.tgz Zope testing helpers
py38-zstandard-0.12.0nb1.tgz Zstandard bindings for Python
pyca- Administration tools for X.509/PKIX CA
pycharm-bin-2019.1.2.tgz JetBrain\'s python IDE
pygopherd-2.0.16nb5.tgz Gopher server
pymsgauth-2.1.0nb13.tgz Automatically process qsecretary confirmation requests
pysolfc-2.6.4.tgz Over 1000 solitaire games
python27-2.7.17.tgz Interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language
python36-3.6.9.tgz Interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language
python37-3.7.5.tgz Interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language
python38-3.8.0.tgz Interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language
pythontidy-1.20nb2.tgz Cleans up, regularizes, and reformats the text of Python scripts
pyzy-0.1.0nb13.tgz Chinese PinYin and Bopomofo conversion library
qDecoder-9.0.1.tgz Web Application Interface for C/C++ (CGI Library)
qadsl-1.2.tgz Login software for Swedish Telia ADSL/Comhem cable Internet users
qalculate-3.5.0.tgz Modern multi-purpose desktop calculator (console version)
qalculate-gtk-3.5.0.tgz Modern multi-purpose desktop calculator (GTK version)
qbrew-0.4.1nb4.tgz Homebrewer's recipe calculator
qbzr-0.22.1nb4.tgz GUI front end for Bazaar
qca2-2.2.1.tgz Cross-platform crypto API for QT
qca2-gnupg-2.2.1.tgz Cross-platform crypto API for QT - GnuPG plugin
qca2-ossl-2.2.1.tgz Cross-platform crypto API for QT - OpenSSL plugin
qca2-qt5-2.2.1.tgz Cross-platform crypto API for QT5
qca2-qt5-gnupg-2.2.1.tgz Cross-platform crypto API for QT5 - GnuPG plugin
qca2-qt5-ossl-2.2.1.tgz Cross-platform crypto API for QT5 - OpenSSL plugin
qcad- 2D CAD system
qcad-partlibrary-20160819.tgz Parts libraries for the QCad 2D CAD system
qcheck-1.0nb1.tgz Text-only biff with Maildir support
qconf-2.4.tgz Configure script generator for qmake
qconfirm-0.14.3.tgz Request delivery confirmation for mail
qdbm-1.8.78.tgz Quick Database Manager - library of routines for managing a db
qdbm-cgi- CGI scripts of QDBM
qdbm-plus- C++ API for QDBM
qdirstat-1.6.tgz Qt-based directory statistics
qemu-4.2.0nb3.tgz CPU emulator using dynamic translation
qgis-3.8.3.tgz Geographic Information System (GIS)
qgpgme-1.10.0nb6.tgz Qt bindings for GPGme
qgreylist-0.3nb9.tgz Simple greylisting for qmail
qhull-2015.2.tgz Computing the convex hull
qident-1.2.tgz Small program to query an ident protocol server (rfc1413)
qimageblitz-0.0.6nb21.tgz Interm graphical effect and filter library for KDE4.0
qiv-2.3.1nb9.tgz Quick Image Viewer
qiviewer-0.5.0nb17.tgz Qt image viewer, designed to be fast and lightweight
qjson-0.8.1nb3.tgz Qt library for handling JSON data
qkc-1.0nb1.tgz Quick Kanji code Converter
qlandkartegt-garmindev-0.3.4nb1.tgz Garmin device drivers for qlandkartegt
qlogtools-3.1.tgz Tools useful in analyzing logs from qmail and other pkgs
qmHandle-1.3.2nb7.tgz Tool to view and manage the qmail message queue
qmail-1.03nb46.tgz Secure, reliable, efficient, simple, and fast MTA
qmail-acceptutils-20181228.tgz Offer TLS and SMTP AUTH with new features and no patch conflicts
qmail-autoresponder-2.0.tgz Rate-limited autoresponder for qmail
qmail-conf-0.60nb5.tgz Collection of tools for setting up qmail services
qmail-lint-0.55nb8.tgz Examine the qmail configuration for common errors
qmail-qfilter-2.1nb5.tgz Multi-filter front end for qmail-queue
qmail-rejectutils-20181230nb1.tgz Reject messages at SMTP according to multiple criteria
qmail-run-20190819.tgz Configures qmail to receive and deliver mail
qmail-server-1.0nb1.tgz Ingredients for typical qmail-based mail server
qmail-spp-spf-20091020.tgz Plugin for qmail-spp that performs SPF lookups
qmailanalog-0.70nb1.tgz Collection of tools to help analyze qmail's activity
qmmp-1.3.4.tgz Audio player similar to Winamp/XMMS using Qt
qmqtool-1.15nb2.tgz View and safely modify qmail queue
qoauth-1.0.1nb12.tgz OAuth library for Qt
qodem-1.0.0.tgz Re-implementation of the DOS-era Qmodem serial communications package
qonk-0.3.1nb11.tgz Small space build-and-conquer strategy game
qore- Embeddable multithreaded scripting language
qore-asn1-module-0.0.3nb6.tgz ASN.1 Qore module
qore-freetds-module-1.0.4nb7.tgz Freetds DB driver for qore
qore-json-module-1.7.tgz JSON module for Qore
qore-mysql-module- MySQL DB driver for Qore
qore-opengl-module-0.0.3nb10.tgz OpenGL Qore bindings
qore-openldap-module-1.1nb3.tgz Openldap module for Qore
qore-pgsql-module-2.4.1.tgz PostgreSQL driver for Qore
qore-sqlite3-module-1.0.1nb20.tgz SQLite module for Qore
qore-ssh2-module-1.2.tgz SSH2 module for Qore
qore-uuid-module-1.3nb6.tgz UUID module for Qore
qore-xml-module-1.4.1.tgz XML module for Qore
qore-xmlsec-module-0.0.2nb8.tgz XMLSec module for Qore
qore-yaml-module-0.6.tgz Yaml module for Qore
qpage-3.3.tgz Simple and efficient paging (SNPP) client and server
qpasswd-0.5.tgz Password-checking tools for many authentication schemes
qpdf-9.1.0.tgz Structural, content-preserving transformations on PDF files
qpdfview-0.4.18.tgz Tabbed PDF viewer
qpopper-4.1.0nb5.tgz Qualcomm's POP server for Eudora
qprint-1.1.tgz Encode and decode quoted-printable files
qqc2-desktop-style-5.64.0.tgz Style for Qt Quick Controls 2 to make it follow your desktop theme
qqwing-1.3.4.tgz Sudoku puzzle generator and solver
qrencode-4.0.2.tgz QR Code generator
qstat-2.10.tgz Program that gathers real-time statistics from game servers
qsubst-20010422.tgz Query-replace strings in files
qsynth-0.6.0.tgz Qt GUI Interface to FluidSynth
qt4-4.8.7.tgz "meta-package" for the QT GUI C++ toolkit
qt4-docs-4.8.7nb2.tgz Documentation for the QT C++ X GUI toolkit
qt4-libs-4.8.7nb18.tgz C++ X GUI toolkit
qt4-mng-4.8.7nb2.tgz QT MNG image format plugin
qt4-mysql-4.8.7nb2.tgz QT mysql driver
qt4-pgsql-4.8.7nb3.tgz QT postgresql driver
qt4-qdbus-4.8.7nb2.tgz QT DBus support