NetBSD amd64

Package Summary
bugzilla-5.0.3nb4.tgz Web based bug tracking system
bulk-small-20180101nb3.tgz Meta-package for a standard short limited bulk build
bulk_mailer-1.13nb1.tgz Assist in delivery of mail to large numbers of recipients
bullet-2.88nb1.tgz Collision detection, soft body and rigid body dynamics library
bunzip-0.21.tgz Decompressor for bzip .bz files
bup-0.30.tgz Highly efficient file backup system based on the git packfile format
burgerspace-1.9.3.tgz Hamburger-smashing video game
burp-1.4.40nb2.tgz Networked backup and restore program
buzztrax-0.10.2.tgz Modular, free, open source music studio
bvi-1.4.0.tgz Vi-like editor for binary files
bwa-0.7.17nb3.tgz Map low-divergent sequences against a large reference genome
bwbasic-3.10.tgz The Bywater Basic interpreter
bwm-ng-0.6.1.tgz Console-based bandwidth monitor
bwping-1.7.tgz Tool to measure bandwidth and RTT between two hosts using ICMP
bww2tex-2.00.tgz Bagpipe Music Writer Gold to BagpipeTeX converter
byacc-20180609.tgz Berkeley Yacc
byobu-5.111nb3.tgz Open source text-based window manager and terminal multiplexer
bytebench-4.1.0nb10.tgz BYTE Magazine's Public Domain benchmark for UNIX
bzflag-2.4.18nb4.tgz OpenGL tank game
bzip2-1.0.8.tgz Block-sorting file compressor
bzr-2.7.0.tgz Bazaar open source distributed version control system
bzr-explorer-1.2.2nb3.tgz GUI frontend to bzr
bzr-gtk-0.100.0nb2.tgz Various GTK+ frontends to Bazaar commands
bzr-svn-1.2.1nb1.tgz Foreign Subversion repository support for Bazaar
bzrtools-2.5.0nb1.tgz Collection of plugins for Bazaar
c++-gtk-utils-2.2.18.tgz Lightweight library for programming GTK+ programs using C++
c++gsl-1.0.0.tgz C++ Core Guidelines support library
c-icap-0.5.5.tgz Implementation of an ICAP server
c-icap-modules-0.5.3.tgz C-ICAP server modules
c2html-20070126nb7.tgz Converts a C source tree to hyperlinked and colored HTML
cabextract-1.9.1.tgz Microsoft cabinet (.CAB) file extractor
cabocha-0.69.tgz Yet another Japanese Dependency Structure Analyzer
cacti-1.2.3nb3.tgz Web frontend to rrdtool for monitoring systems and services
cadaver-0.23.3nb4.tgz Command-line WebDAV client
caddy-0.11.4nb8.tgz General-purpose web server
caff-2.10nb1.tgz Various GnuPG related tools
cairo-1.16.0.tgz Vector graphics library with cross-device output support
cairo-clock-0.3.3nb37.tgz Analog clock drawn with vector-graphics
cairo-gobject-1.16.0nb3.tgz Vector graphics library with cross-device output support
cairomm-1.12.2nb4.tgz C++ API for cairo
caja-1.22.1nb1.tgz File manager for the MATE desktop
caja-dropbox-1.22.1nb1.tgz Dropbox Caja extension
caja-extensions-1.22.0nb3.tgz Set of extensions for Caja
cal-3.5nb1.tgz Enhanced color version of standard calendar utility
cal3d-0.9.1nb3.tgz Skeletal based 3d character animation library in C++
cal3d-examples-0.9.1nb3.tgz Tools and demos for cal3d library
calamaris-2.59nb7.tgz Squid logfile analyzer
calcoo-1.3.18nb29.tgz Scientific calculator
calibre-3.40.1nb8.tgz E-book library management application
calltree-perl-0.1nb2.tgz Static code analysis for perl script
calypso-1.3nb2.tgz CardDAV/CalDAV server
cam-1.02nb2.tgz Cpu's Audio Mixer [curses based]
cambevao-2.2nb7.tgz Grabs jpg images from bktr and ov511+ based USB webcams
camediaplay-20010211nb1.tgz Digital camera downloading tool for Epson/Sanyo/Olympus/Agfa camera
caml-light-0.74nb2.tgz Another implementation of Caml
camlp4-4.08+1.tgz Preprocessor and pretty printer for OCaml
camlp5-7.08.tgz Preprocessor-pretty-printer for ocaml
canlock-hp-3.1.0.tgz Parsers for RFC 5536 message headers and RFC 8315 header fields
cannonball-0.3.20191023.tgz Enhanced OutRun Engine
cantarell-fonts-0.111.tgz Contemporary Humanist sans serif font designed for on-screen reading
cantata-2.3.3nb3.tgz Qt5 Graphical MPD Client
cantor-19.08.3nb1.tgz KDE frontend to mathematical software
capc-calc- C arbitrary precision calculator
capstone-3.0.5rc2.tgz Lightweight multi-platform, multi-architecture disassembly framework
carbons-purple-0.2.1nb1.tgz XEP-0280: Message Carbons plugin for libpurple
cardboard-schedule-1.13nb1.tgz Project and resource management software implemented in Java/Swing
caribou-0.4.21nb4.tgz Simplified in-place on-screen keyboard
cascade-1.4nb1.tgz Simple tool to analyze noise and distortion of a RF system
cascadia-ttf-1911.21.tgz Microsoft Cascadia Code font
cataclysm-dda-0.D.tgz Post-apocalyptic turn-based survival game (text-only version)
cataclysm-dda-sdl-0.D.tgz Post-apocalyptic turn-based survival game (tileset version)
catch-1.5.9.tgz C++-native, framework for unit-tests, TDD and BDD
catclock-0.0nb6.tgz Variant of the MIT xclock with a "cat" mode
catdoc-0.94.4.tgz Converts MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint files to plain text
catdoc-tk-0.94.4nb2.tgz Tk interface for MS-Word to plain text converter
cawf-4.10nb1.tgz Simplistic nroff-like formatter in C, like "awf"
cbindgen-0.10.1.tgz Generating C bindings from Rust code
cbmbasic-0.0.20141206.tgz Portable implementation of Commodore BASIC
cbmconvert-2.1.2.tgz Converts files to and from various C64/C128/CBM formats
cbrowser-0.8nb1.tgz Graphical C/C++ source code browsing tool, and call graph viewer
cbzone-2.0cnb2.tgz Simple classic game of 3D tank warfare
cc65-2.17nb1.tgz C cross compiler for 6502 target systems
ccache-3.7.6.tgz Cache for C/C++ compilers
ccd2iso-0.3.tgz CloneCD to ISO converter
ccgo- Go board with IGS and gnugo interface
ccid-1.4.27.tgz Middleware to access a smart card using SCard API (PC/SC)
cclive-0.7.16nb21.tgz Command line video extraction tool for user-uploaded video hosts
ccrtp-2.1.2nb6.tgz RTP and RTSP protocol implementation using GNU CommonCpp
ccsh-0.0.4nb1.tgz C-like syntax scripting
ccsm-0.8.4nb5.tgz CompizConfig Settings Manager
ccxstream-1.0.15.tgz Program for streaming multimedia content to XBMC over XBMSP protocol
ccze-0.2.1nb4.tgz Log coloriser, fast and light on resources
cd-discid-1.4.tgz Read CD to obtain CDDB discid information
cdb-0.75.tgz Creates and reads constant databases
cdbkup-1.0nb14.tgz CD-R(W) backup/restore system
cddbd-1.3.1p1nb2.tgz Internet CD Database Server
cdecl-2.5nb2.tgz Utility to explain and compose C and C++ declarations
cdhit-4.6.4nb3.tgz Clustering and comparing protein or nucleotide sequences
cdif-2.14nb4.tgz Word context diff
cdirip-0.6.4.tgz Program for extracting tracks from a CDI (DiscJuggler) image
cdk-5.0.20190303.tgz Curses Development Kit
cdl3-1.2.8.tgz Programming language for the development of compilers
cdlabelgen-4.3.0nb4.tgz Generate frontcards and traycards for CDs
cdpack-1.9.tgz Utility to create multi-cd/dvd binary package collections
cdparanoia- CDDA reading utility with extra data verification features
cdpd-1.0.2nb1.tgz Simple daemon to send Cisco Discovery Protocol packets
cdrdao-1.2.4.tgz Records audio or data CD-Rs in disk-at-once (DAO) mode
cdrkit-1.1.9nb7.tgz Portable command-line CD/DVD recorder software
cdrtools-3.01nb1.tgz Software for creating ISO9660 images and writing CD/DVD/Blu-ray
ce-4.6nb1.tgz Chet's Emacs: small, fast emacs-like editor , tty version
ce-doc-4.6nb2.tgz Chet's Emacs: small, fast emacs-like editor , documentation
ce-x11-4.6nb2.tgz Chet's Emacs: small, fast emacs-like editor , X11 version
celestia-1.6.1nb20.tgz Free real-time 3D space simulator
celt-0.11.3.tgz Ultra-low-delay, high-quality audio codec (experimental)
centerim-4.22.10nb20.tgz Instant Messenger interface supporting many protocols
centerim5-5.0.1nb2.tgz Text-mode multi-protocol instant messaging client using libpurple
cervisia-19.08.3.tgz CVS frontend
cfengine-2.2.10nb11.tgz Automate configuration and administration of large systems
cfengine-3.7.3nb1.tgz Tool for automating system administration
cfitsio-3.470.tgz FITS (flexible image transport system) file input and output
cflow-1.6.tgz Code-path flow analyzer for C
cflow-mode-1.6.tgz Emacs mode for GNU cflow output
cfourcc-0.1.2.tgz Command-line tool for changing AVI FourCC codes
cfr-0.125.tgz Another java decompiler
cgal-4.14nb4.tgz Computational Geometry Algorithms Library
cgdb-0.6.8nb1.tgz Curses-based interface to the GNU Debugger (GDB)
cgen-20131001.tgz CGEN, the Cpu tools GENerator
cgi-wcalc-1.0nb2.tgz CGI Based Transmission Line Analysis/Synthesis Calculator
cgic-2.06.tgz Thomas Boutell's ANSI C library for CGI Programming
cgicc-3.2.19.tgz C++ compliant CGI applications libraries
cgiirc-0.5.12nb1.tgz Access IRC from a web browser
cgilib-0.7.tgz Common gateway interface library
cgit-1.1.tgz Fast web interface for git
cgoban-1.9.14.tgz The complete goban. A Go server client and sgf viewer/editor
cgoban-java-3.4.14.tgz Client for the KGS Go Server and SGF viewer/editor
chasen-2.4.5.tgz Meta package of ChaSen, Japanese Morphological Analysis System
chasen-base-2.4.5.tgz ChaSen, Japanese Morphological Analysis System
check-0.13.0nb1.tgz Unit test framework for C
checkbot-1.79nb11.tgz Verify links on a set of HTML pages
checkpassword-0.90nb2.tgz Simple, uniform password-checking interface to all root applications
checkpassword-pam-0.99nb2.tgz PAM checkpassword-compatible authentication program
checkperms-1.12.tgz Check and correct file permissions
chef-19920415.tgz Convert from English to (mock) Swedish - Bork Bork Bork!
chemical-mime-data-0.1.94.tgz Chemical mime and file type support for desktops
chemtool-1.6.14nb11.tgz Program for drawing organic molecules
cherokee-1.2.101nb13.tgz Flexible and fast web server
chest-3.19.20080412.tgz Chess problem solver
chicken-4.13.0.tgz Scheme to C compiler, handling R5RS
chicken-5.1.0nb1.tgz Scheme to C compiler, handling R5RS
chimera-1.20nb1.tgz Distributed Hash Table implementation
chipmunk-1.4nb2.tgz Shell-like tool for hardware debugging
chirp-0.4.1nb10.tgz Tool for programming Amateur Radio HTs
chkfontpath-1.9.7nb4.tgz Command line tool to manage X server's font path
chkrootkit-0.50nb1.tgz Locally checks for signs of a rootkit
chksniff-0.2.tgz Small tool to check for promiscuous interfaces
chktex-1.7.6nb3.tgz LaTeX semantic checker
chmlib-0.40nb1.tgz Library for dealing with Microsoft ITSS/CHM format files
chocolate-doom-3.0.0nb1.tgz Doom/Heretic/Hexen/Strife source port
choparp-20021107.tgz Simple proxy arp daemon
choqok-1.5nb15.tgz Twitter and StatusNet client for KDE
chord-3.6.tgz Produce PS sheet-music from text input
chordii-4.5.3.tgz Produce PS sheet-music from text input
chromaprint-1.4.3nb3.tgz Audio fingerprinting
chromium-bsu- Fast paced, arcade-style, top-scrolling space shooter
chrony-3.5nb1.tgz Daemon for maintaining the accuracy of computer clocks
chrpath-0.13.tgz Change the dynamic library load path of compiled binaries
cia-20030922nb1.tgz Simple IP accounting software
cidr-2.3.1.tgz RFC 1878 subnet calculator / helper
cim-3.30nb8.tgz Simula compiler based on the C programming language
circos-0.49nb8.tgz Concise, explanatory, unique and print-ready data visualization
circuslinux-1.0.3nb13.tgz Clone of the Atari 2600 game "Circus Atari"
cisco-mibs-20050210nb1.tgz Public SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 MIBs from Cisco
cityhash-1.1.1.tgz Provides hash functions for strings
civctp-demo-19991025nb1.tgz Civilization: Call to Power - graphical strategy (linux demo)
cjkutils-4.8.4nb4.tgz Utilities for CJK LaTeX
cjose-0.6.1.tgz C implementation of JOSE
ck-0.5.1.tgz Concurrency primitives, safe memory reclamation & non-blocking data structures
ckmame-1.0nb3.tgz Check ROM sets for MAME
cksfv-1.3.14.tgz Check and create simple file verification (SFV) listings
clamav-0.102.1.tgz Anti-virus toolkit
clamav-doc-0.102.1.tgz Anti-virus toolkit documents
clamsmtp-1.10nb1.tgz SMTP filter that allows you to check for viruses
clang-9.0.0nb3.tgz C language family frontend for LLVM
clang-static-analyzer-9.0.0nb1.tgz C language family frontend for LLVM
clang-tools-extra-9.0.0nb1.tgz Extra Clang tools
claraocr-0.9.9nb8.tgz Optical Character Recognition (OCR) program for books
classias- Collection of machine-learning algorithms for classification
classpath-0.93nb5.tgz Class libraries for Java VM
classpath-gui-0.93nb31.tgz Class libraries for Java VM (GUI libraries)
claws-mail-3.17.4.tgz X based e-mail and netnews client
claws-mail-archive-3.17.4.tgz Adds archiving to Claws-Mail
claws-mail-att-remover-3.17.4.tgz Permanently deletes attachments from mail
claws-mail-attachwarner-3.17.4.tgz Warns if a message mentions an attachment without attaching files
claws-mail-bogofilter-3.17.4.tgz Enables the scanning of incoming mail using Bogofilter
claws-mail-fetchinfo-3.17.4.tgz Inserts headers containing some download information
claws-mail-mailmbox-3.17.4.tgz Handles mailboxes in mbox format
claws-mail-managesieve-3.17.4.tgz Manage Sieve filters on servers that support the ManageSieve protocol
claws-mail-newmail-3.17.4.tgz Write log file info on arriving email
claws-mail-notification-3.17.4.tgz Provides various ways to notify the user of new and unread email
claws-mail-pgp-3.17.4.tgz Metapackage for the PGP plug-in for Claws-mail
claws-mail-pgpcore-3.17.4.tgz Handles core PGP functions
claws-mail-pgpinline-3.17.4.tgz Handles PGP/Inline signed and/or encrypted mails
claws-mail-pgpmime-3.17.4.tgz Handles PGP/MIME signed and/or encrypted mails
claws-mail-rssyl-3.17.4.tgz Read RSS 1.0, 2.0 and Atom feeds in Claws-Mail
claws-mail-smime-3.17.4.tgz This plugin handles S/MIME signed and/or encrypted mails
claws-mail-spam-report-3.17.4.tgz Report spam to various places
claws-mail-spamassassin-3.17.4.tgz Enables the scanning of incoming mail using SpamAssassin
claws-mail-tnef-parse-3.17.4.tgz Handles TNEF attachments from Outlook
claws-mail-vcalendar-3.17.4.tgz Enable vCalendar message handling
clawsker-0.7.8nb8.tgz Edit Claws-Mail hidden preferences
cldr-emoji-annotation-35.12.14971.0.tgz Emoji annotation files in CLDR
cleanscore- Clean SLRN's score file
clearsilver-0.10.5nb12.tgz Fast, powerful, language-neutral HTML template system
clearsilver-base-0.10.5nb2.tgz Fast, powerful, language-neutral HTML template system
clex-4.6.4nb1.tgz File manager with a full-screen user interface
clib-0.3.tgz Enhanced language features for C
climm-0.7.1nb5.tgz Text-mode ICQ client
clion-bin-2018.3.4nb1.tgz JetBrain\'s C/C++ IDE
clipit-1.4.2nb17.tgz Lightweight, fully featured GTK+ clipboard manager
cliqz-1.30.1.tgz Secure browser (Mozilla based) with built-in quick search
clisp-2.49nb26.tgz CLISP, a Common Lisp implementation
clisp-bdb-2.49.tgz CLISP Berkeley DB module
clisp-fastcgi-2.49.tgz CLISP FastCGI module
clisp-gdbm-2.49nb3.tgz CLISP GNU database manager module
clisp-mit-clx-2.49.tgz CLISP MIT CLX module
clisp-new-clx-2.49nb2.tgz CLISP New CLX module
clisp-pcre-2.49nb1.tgz CLISP PCRE module
clisp-pgsql-2.49nb2.tgz CLISP PostgreSQL module
clisp-rawsock-2.49.tgz CLISP rawsock module
clisp-syscalls-2.49nb1.tgz CLISP, a Common Lisp implementation
clisp-wildcard-2.49nb1.tgz CLISP wildcard matching module
clisp-zlib-2.49.tgz CLISP zlib module
clive-2.3.3nb8.tgz Command line video extraction tool for user-uploaded video hosts
cln-1.3.4.tgz CLN Class Library for Numbers
cloc-1.84.tgz Count lines of code
clojure- Dynamic programming language that targets the Java VM
cloog-0.18.4.tgz Code generator for loop optimization (used by gcc)
cloudfuse-20120124nb16.tgz Filesystem (fuse) implemented on Mosso's Cloud Files
clustalw-2.1.tgz General purpose multiple alignment program for DNA or proteins
clusterit-2.5nb2.tgz Clustering package for unix
clutter-1.26.2nb3.tgz Open GL based interactive canvas library
clutter-box2d-0.10.0nb30.tgz Clutter Box2D integration library
clutter-gst-3.0.26nb3.tgz Clutter GStreamer integration
clutter-gtk-1.8.4.tgz GTK+ Integration library for Clutter
clutter-gtk0.10-0.10.8nb11.tgz GTK+ Integration library for Clutter (0.10)
clutter-mx-1.0.4nb27.tgz Clutter-based widget set
cm2gpx-1.0.4.tgz CacheMate PDB-to-GPX file converter
cmake-3.16.1.tgz Cross platform make
cmake-fedora-2.6.0.tgz Set of cmake modules for fedora developers
cmake-gui-3.16.1.tgz CMake GUI
cmake-mode-20080606nb2.tgz Emacs mode for CMake syntax highlighting and indentation
cmark-0.29.0nb1.tgz CommonMark parsing and rendering library and program in C
cmatrix-1.2anb2.tgz Simulates the display from "The Matrix" in your console
cmconvert-1.9.5nb1.tgz CacheMate import file converter for GPS GPX files
cmdpack-1.03nb1.tgz Neill Corlett's command line tools for emulation
cmigemo-1.3e.20110227nb7.tgz Migemo library implemented in C
cmocka-1.1.5.tgz Unit testing framework for C supporing mock objects
cmockery2-1.3.9.tgz Reviving cmockery unit test framework from Google
cmp3-2.0.p6nb4.tgz Curses based frontend to mpg123
cmph-2.0.tgz C Minimal Perfect Hashing Library
cmu-dhcpd- CMU BootP and DHCP server, plus Princeton patches
cmus-2.8.0nb1.tgz Small, fast and powerful text mode music player
cn2jp-1.4bnb3.tgz Library for code translation between Chinese and Japanese
cnprint-3.30bnb1.tgz Print & convert CJK style text to PostScript
cntlm-0.35.1nb1.tgz NTLM/NTLMv2 authenticating HTTP proxy
cnxtview-0.00anb16.tgz Creative WEBCAM Notebook Utility Programs
coalesce- Estimates effective population size and mutation rate
cobol-mode.el-0.0.20150505.tgz Emacs mode for editing COBOL source code
coconut-0.3.0nb49.tgz Objective-C library for Unix-like systems
coda-6.9.5nb15.tgz Coda distributed fileystem
code2html-0.9.1nb7.tgz Convert a program source code to syntax highlighted HTML
codeblocks-16.01nb10.tgz Open source, cross platform, free C++ IDE
codec2-0.5.1.tgz Speech codec for 2400 bit/s and below
codecrypt-1.7.5.tgz Post-quantum cryptographic software
codelite-13.0nb1.tgz Cross platform C/C++/PHP and Node.js IDE written in C++
codeville-0.8.0nb7.tgz Distributed revision control system
cogito-0.18.2nb11.tgz Version control system of the Linux kernel
cogl-1.22.0nb8.tgz Modern 3D graphics API
coherence- Media server framework
coinmp-1.8.4.tgz Linear Programming solver library
colchess-7.0.tgz Chess analysis engine
colchess-book-colchess-7.0.tgz Chess opening book for ColChess (default)
colchess-book-large-20000512.tgz Chess opening book for ColChess (large)
collectd-5.8.0nb3.tgz Statistics collection daemon base
collectd-amqp-5.8.0nb2.tgz Statistics collection daemon - amqp plugin
collectd-curl-5.8.0nb9.tgz Statistics collection daemon - curl-based plugins
collectd-dbi-5.8.0nb2.tgz Statistics collection daemon - dbi plugin
collectd-lua-5.8.0nb2.tgz Statistics collection daemon - lua plugin
collectd-memcached-5.8.0nb2.tgz Statistics collection daemon - memcached plugins
collectd-mysql-5.8.0nb2.tgz Statistics collection daemon - mysql plugin
collectd-network-5.8.0.tgz Statistics collection daemon - network plugin
collectd-notify-email-5.8.0nb2.tgz Statistics collection daemon - notify_email plugin
collectd-postgresql10-5.8.0nb2.tgz Statistics collection daemon - postgresql plugin
collectd-postgresql11-5.8.0nb2.tgz Statistics collection daemon - postgresql plugin
collectd-postgresql12-5.8.0nb2.tgz Statistics collection daemon - postgresql plugin
collectd-postgresql94-5.8.0nb2.tgz Statistics collection daemon - postgresql plugin
collectd-postgresql95-5.8.0nb2.tgz Statistics collection daemon - postgresql plugin
collectd-postgresql96-5.8.0nb2.tgz Statistics collection daemon - postgresql plugin
collectd-riemann-5.8.0nb5.tgz Statistics collection daemon - riemann plugin
collectd-rrdtool-5.8.0nb6.tgz Statistics collection daemon - rrdtool plugins
collectd-snmp-5.8.0nb2.tgz Statistics collection daemon - snmp plugin
collectd-write_prometheus-5.8.0nb5.tgz Statistics collection daemon - write_prometheus plugin
color-theme-6.6.0nb1.tgz Emacs-lisp mode for skinning your emacs
colorblind-0.0.1.tgz Pixel Filter for colorblind accessibility
colord-1.3.5nb3.tgz Device color profile management daemon
colordiff-1.0.18nb2.tgz Colour-highlighted 'diff' output
colorit-1.12.1.tgz Utility for coloring output
colorize-0.3.0nb8.tgz Log colorize perl script
colorls-2.2nb1.tgz Uses color with ls(1) to display file attributes
colortail-0.3.0.tgz Colour-able replacement for tail(1)
coma-1.1.tgz Keyboard driven tiling window manager
comix-4.0.4nb36.tgz Image viewer specifically designed to handle comic books
commit-patch-2.5.2nb4.tgz Commit patches to most common SCM repositories
common-mml-1.2.16nb4.tgz Common multimedia library required by mbone tools
compat12-1.2.1nb1.tgz Shared libraries for NetBSD 1.2 compatibility
compat13-1.3.3nb3.tgz Shared libraries for NetBSD 1.3 compatibility
compat14- Shared libraries for NetBSD 1.4 compatibility
compat20-2.1.tgz Shared libraries for NetBSD 2.0 compatibility
compat30-3.1.tgz Shared libraries for NetBSD 3.0 compatibility
compat40-4.0.tgz Shared libraries for NetBSD 4.0 compatibility
compat50-5.0.tgz Shared libraries for NetBSD 5.0 compatibility
compat50-x11-5.0.tgz Shared X11 libraries for NetBSD 5.0 compatibility
compat51-5.1.tgz Shared libraries for NetBSD 5.1 compatibility
compat51-x11-5.1.tgz Shared X11 libraries for NetBSD 5.1 compatibility
compat60-6.0.tgz Shared libraries for NetBSD 6.0 compatibility
compat61-6.1.tgz Shared libraries for NetBSD 6.1 compatibility
compat61-x11-6.1.tgz Shared X11 libraries for NetBSD 6.1 compatibility
compat_headers-0.2.tgz Compatibility headers
compface-1.5.2nb8.tgz 48x48x1 image compression and decompression (X-face utility)
compiz-0.8.8nb52.tgz Compositing window manager
compiz-bcop-0.8.8nb1.tgz Option code generator for compiz
compiz-fusion-0.6.tgz Meta-package for compiz fusion
compiz-fusion-plugins-extra-0.8.8nb44.tgz Compositing window manager - extra plugins
compiz-fusion-plugins-main-0.8.8nb38.tgz Compositing window manager - main plugins
compizconfig-backend-gconf-0.8.8nb39.tgz Plugin (gconf) for the compiz configuration backend
cone-0.90nb19.tgz Console newsreader and emailer
confuse-3.2.2.tgz Configuration file parser library
conky-1.9.0nb34.tgz Free, light-weight system monitor for X
connect-1.104.tgz Open a TCP connection using a SOCKS4/5 or HTTP proxy server
conserver-7.2.7nb5.tgz Application that allows multiple users to watch serial consoles
conserver8-8.2.4.tgz Application that allows multiple users to watch serial consoles
consolamono-ttf-20121116nb1.tgz Monospace font created for programming
consolekit-1.2.1nb3.tgz Framework for defining and tracking users, login sessions, and seats
convmv-2.05nb2.tgz Converts filenames from one encoding to another
cook-2.26nb9.tgz More powerful replacement for the traditional make(1) tool
cooledit-3.17.17nb8.tgz Full-featured text editor
coolkey-1.1.0nb1.tgz Driver support for the CoolKey and CAC products
coolmail-1.3nb3.tgz Xbiff replacement with 3D animation and sound
coreutils-8.31.tgz GNU basic file, shell and text manipulation utilities
corewars-0.9.13nb2.tgz Programs on a virtual machine, fighting each other
corkscrew-2.0.tgz Tool for tunneling SSH through HTTP proxies
cosmosmash-1.4.7.tgz Space rock shooting video game
couchdb-2.3.1nb1.tgz Document database server, accessible via a RESTful JSON API
courier-analog-0.16nb7.tgz Courier log analyzer
courier-authlib-0.64.0nb13.tgz Courier Authentication Library
courier-imap-4.10.0nb8.tgz IMAP server for access to maildir-style mailboxes
courier-maildir-0.68.1nb8.tgz Courier maildir utilities
courier-prime-1.203nb1.tgz Fixed-width font designed for screenplays
courier-unicode-2.1.tgz Implements several algorithms related to the Unicode Standard
couriertcpd-0.68.1nb9.tgz Courier TCP socket and TLS servers
coursera-dl-0.8.0nb1.tgz Download course ressources for Coursera classes
covered-0.7.10nb1.tgz Verilog code coverage analyzer (stable release version)
cowsay-3.04nb3.tgz Configurable talking cow
coyim-0.3.11nb7.tgz Safe and secure by default chat client
cparser-0.9.14.tgz Recursive descent C99 parser
cpia2view-0.03nb17.tgz USB cameras based CPiA2 Utility Programs
cplay-1.49nb7.tgz Curses front-end for various audio players
cpmtools-2.13nb2.tgz Similar to mtools, except for CP/M filesystems
cpogm-1.0nb7.tgz Copy owner, group and mode of a file
cppcheck-1.76.1nb20.tgz Tool for static C/C++ code analysis
cppcms-1.0.4nb19.tgz High performance C++ web development framework
cppunit-1.14.0.tgz C++ unit testing framework
cpputest-3.8nb1.tgz Unit testing and mocking framework for C/C++
cproto-4.7o.tgz Generates function prototypes from C source
cpuflags-1.43.tgz Determine compiler flags to best target current cpu
cpuid-3.3.tgz CPU identification feature
cpuminer-2.5.0nb7.tgz CPU miner for Litecoin and Bitcoin
cqcam-0.91nb9.tgz Free Color QuickCam control program
crack-5.0nb2.tgz The "Sensible" Unix Password Cracker
crack-attack-1.1.14nb35.tgz Tetris Attack inspired game
crack-attack-sounds-1.1.14.tgz Music and sounds for crack-attack
craft-3.5nb4.tgz Warcraft-like game for X11
crafty-22.1nb2.tgz Chess engine
crafty-doc-18.0.tgz Documentation for Crafty chess engine
crashme-2.4.tgz Try to crash machine by executing random data as instructions
crawl-0.4nb12.tgz Small and efficient HTTP crawler
cre2-0.3.4.tgz C wrapper for re2 regular expression library
createbuildlink-3.17.tgz Shell script to help creating files
credns-0.2.10nb1.tgz Validates DNSSEC in the DNS notify/transfer-chain
creduce-2.10.0nb1.tgz Tool for automatic reduction of C/C++ files triggering bugs
crfsuite-0.12nb2.tgz Fast implementation of Conditional Random Fields (CRFs)
crimson-1.1.3nb1.tgz implementation of JAXP, SAX, and DOM
crimsonfields-0.5.3.tgz Tactical war game in the tradition of Battle Isle
cripple-0.06bnb1.tgz Command line CD ripper/encoder wrapper with cddb support
criticalmass-1.0.2nb18.tgz SDL/OpenGL space shoot'em up game
cronolog-1.6.2nb8.tgz Web log rotation utility that provides datestamp filenames
croscorefonts-1.31.0.tgz Google Croscore fonts
cross-aarch64-none-elf-binutils-2.31.1.tgz Cross binutils for bare metal AArch64 ELF
cross-aarch64-none-elf-gcc-8.2.0nb1.tgz GCC for bare metal AArch64 ELF
cross-arm-none-eabi-binutils-2.32.tgz Cross binutils for bare metal ARM EABI
cross-arm-none-eabi-gcc-8.3.0nb1.tgz GCC for bare metal ARM EABI
cross-arm-none-eabi-gdb-7.10.tgz Cross GDB for bare metal ARM EABI
cross-binutils- Unified GNU binutils for cross build environments
cross-freemint-binutils-2.24.tgz Cross binutils for FreeMiNT
cross-freemint-mintbin-20110527nb1.tgz Cross FreeMiNT utility for FreeMiNT
cross-h8300-elf-binutils-2.27.tgz Cross utility for h8300-elf
cross-h8300-elf-gcc-6.2.0nb2.tgz GCC compiler for h8300-elf
cross-or1k-none-elf-binutils-2.32.tgz Cross binutils for bare metal OpenRISC 1000 ELF
cross-or1k-none-elf-gcc-9.1.0nb1.tgz GCC for bare metal OpenRISC 1000 ELF
cross-pdp11-aout-binutils-2.31.1.tgz Cross binutils for PDP-11 a.out
cross-pdp11-aout-gcc-8.2.0nb2.tgz GCC for PDP-11 aout
crossfire-client-1.73.0nb1.tgz Multi-player graphical arcade and adventure game (client)
crossfire-server-1.71.0.tgz Multi-player graphical arcade and adventure game (server)
crush-tools-2013.04nb6.tgz Collection of tools for processing delimited-text data
cryptopp-8.2.0.tgz Free C++ class library of Cryptographic Primitives
cs4235-20001009nb1.tgz Modifies the 3D mode on Crystal CS4235 sound cards
cscope-15.8anb2.tgz Interactive C program browser
csound5-5.19.01nb3.tgz Software synthesizer and sequencer
csound5-manual-5.19nb2.tgz Csound5 Reference Manual
csound6-6.13.0nb1.tgz Software synthesizer and sequencer
csound6-manual-6.13.0.tgz Csound6 Reference Manual
cssc-1.4.0.tgz GNU workalike for the source code control system SCCS
cstream-3.1.1.tgz General-purpose stream-handling tool with bandwidth limiting
csup-20100404nb3.tgz Rewrite of the CVSup file updating client in C
csvkit-0.9.0nb2.tgz Suite of utilities for converting to and working with CSV
csvtomd-0.1.1nb1.tgz Convert your CSV files into Markdown tables
csvutils-0.9.3.tgz Command-line utilities for managing CSV data using libcsv
ctemplate-2.3nb5.tgz Simple but powerful template language for C++
ctrlproxy-3.0.8nb8.tgz Detachable internet relay chat proxy server
ctwm-4.0.3.tgz Window manager with support for multiple virtual screens and EWMH
cu-prolog-3.94.tgz Experimental constraint logic programming language
cucipop-1.31nb3.tgz The Cubic Circle POP3 mail server
cue-20151214.tgz Mh-e like mail user agent
cuecat-0.2.1nb1.tgz Read and parse barcodes from your CueCat barcode reader
cuetools-1.3.1.tgz Set of utilities to manipulate cue and toc files
cuisine-0.7.13nb1.tgz Small set of functions that sit on top of Fabric
culmus-0.132.tgz Culmus Hebrew fonts
cups-1.5.4nb18.tgz Common UNIX Printing System (1.5 branch)
cups-2.3.0.tgz Common UNIX Printing System
cups-base-2.3.0.tgz Common UNIX Printing System
cups-drivers-Magicolor5440DL-1.2.1nb23.tgz CUPS drivers for printer Konica Minolta Magicolor 5440DL
cups-filters-1.25.11nb1.tgz Backends, filters, and other software for cups
cups-pdf-2.6.1nb11.tgz PDF backend for CUPS
curl-7.67.0.tgz Client that groks URLs
cut-2nb1.tgz C Unit Tester
cutter-1.2.4nb23.tgz Unit Testing Framework for C and C++
cvm-0.97nb1.tgz Credential Validation Modules
cvs-1.12.13nb7.tgz Concurrent Versions System
cvs-fast-export-1.44nb1.tgz Export an RCS or CVS history as a fast-import stream
cvs2cl-2.59nb7.tgz CVS-log-message-to-ChangeLog conversion script
cvs2html-1.82nb7.tgz Perl script to turn ``cvs log'' output into HTML
cvs2svn-2.3.0nb3.tgz Converts a CVS repository to a Subversion repository
cvsclone-0.00.tgz Clone a CVS repository using the :pserver: access method
cvsd-1.0.23nb9.tgz Run CVS pserver in a chroot-ed environment
cvsdiff2patch-1.0.1.tgz Convert CVS diffs into something that patch(1) understands
cvsgraph-1.7.0.tgz Graphically represents CVS/RCS branches and file revisions
cvslock-0.2.tgz Safely manipulate and inspect CVS repositories
cvsps-2.1nb4.tgz Generates 'patchset' information from a CVS repository
cvsps3-3.13.tgz Generates 'patchset' information from a CVS repository
cvsreport-0.3.5nb7.tgz Message reports from CVS activity
cvsup-bin-16.1.hnb1.tgz Daemon and client for cvsup
cvsup-gui-bin-16.1.hnb1.tgz GUI client for cvsup
cvsutils-0.2.5nb7.tgz CVS utilities to facilitate working
cvsweb-3.0.6nb10.tgz Web interface for browsing a CVS repository
cvsync-0.24.19nb9.tgz Portable incremental cvs repository syncer
cw-1.0.16.tgz Non-intrusive color wrapper for common commands
cwdiff-0.4.0.tgz Color wrapper for wdiff (word diff)
cwm-6.3.tgz Portable version of the window manager from OpenBSD
cwrappers-20180325.tgz pkgsrc compiler wrappers
cwtext-0.96nb3.tgz Morse Code Generator
cxref-1.6d.tgz C Cross Referencing & Documenting tool
cy2-anonymous-2.1.27.tgz Cyrus SASL ANONYMOUS authentication plugin
cy2-crammd5-2.1.27.tgz Cyrus SASL CRAM-MD5 authentication plugin
cy2-digestmd5-2.1.27.tgz Cyrus SASL DIGEST-MD5 authentication plugin
cy2-gssapi-2.1.27.tgz Cyrus SASL GSSAPI authentication plugin
cy2-ldapdb-2.1.27.tgz Cyrus SASL LDAPDB authentication plugin
cy2-login-2.1.27.tgz Cyrus SASL LOGIN authentication plugin
cy2-ntlm-2.1.27.tgz Cyrus SASL NTLM authentication plugin
cy2-otp-2.1.27.tgz Cyrus SASL OTP authentication plugin
cy2-plain-2.1.27.tgz Cyrus SASL PLAIN authentication plugin
cy2-saml-1.9.tgz Crude SAML assertion validator for bridging WebSSO and SASL
cy2-scram-2.1.27.tgz Cyrus SASL SCRAM authentication plugin
cy2-sql-2.1.27nb3.tgz Cyrus SASL SQL authentication plugin
cyberbase-ttf-2.0nb8.tgz Cyberbit minus CJK subset, for ISO-8859-x languages
cyberbit-ttf-2.0nb8.tgz Multilingual TrueType font from Bitstream
cyrus-imapd-2.2.13p1nb19.tgz Cyrus IMAP server
cyrus-imapd-2.3.18nb31.tgz Cyrus IMAP server
cyrus-imapd-2.4.20nb7.tgz Cyrus IMAP server
cyrus-sasl-2.1.27.tgz Simple Authentication and Security Layer
cyrus-saslauthd-2.1.27.tgz Cyrus SASL plaintext authentication daemon
d2x-0.2.5nb14.tgz Descent II port
daapd-0.2.4bnb1.tgz Server for DAA protocol (iTunes)
dact-0.8.42.tgz Dynamic adaptive compression tool
dadadodo-1.04.tgz Analyse texts for word probabilities and generate random sentences
daemond-1.0.tgz Run a command as a daemon
daemontools-0.76nb3.tgz Service monitoring and logging utilities by djb
daemontools-run-20190819.tgz Configures daemontools to run supervised services
dansguardian- Fast, featureful web content filter for Squid proxy servers
dante-1.4.2nb1.tgz BSD-licensed socks 4/5 proxy suite
dap-2.1.5nb4.tgz Digital audio recording and processing package
daq-2.0.6.tgz Abstraction layer for libpcap
dar-2.4.13nb1.tgz Disk archiver
darkice-1.2.tgz IceCast, IceCast2 and ShoutCast live audio streamer
darkstat-3.0.719.tgz Network statistics gatherer
darts-0.32nb2.tgz C++ template library that implements Double-Array
dash- Debian Almquist shell, POSIX-compliant shell faster than bash
dasher-4.10.1nb44.tgz Easy typing without using keyboard
dasm-2.20.11nb1.tgz Multi-CPU cross-assembler for 6502, 6803 and 68HC11
datadraw-3.1.1.tgz Persistent database generator for high performance C applications
dateutils-0.4.3nb1.tgz Command line tools for working with dates
db-2.7.7nb3.tgz Sleepycat Software's Berkeley DB version 2
db2latex-0.8pre1nb6.tgz Set of XSLT stylesheets converting DocBook to LaTeX2e
db3-3.11.2nb4.tgz Sleepycat Software's Berkeley DB version 3
db4-4.8.30nb1.tgz Berkeley DB version 4 from Oracle
db5-5.3.28nb2.tgz Berkeley DB version 5 from Oracle
db6-6.2.23.tgz Berkeley DB version 6 from Oracle
dbeacon- Distributed IPv4/IPv6 multicast beacon
dbench-4.0.tgz Simulation of the Ziff-Davis netbench benchmark
dbfsak-5.0.tgz Tool for converting to and from DBF files
dblatex-0.3.10nb2.tgz DocBook to LaTeX Publishing
dbmail-3.2.3nb14.tgz Store and retrieve mail messages in a database
dbskkd-cdb-2.00nb1.tgz SKK dictionary server based on cdb
dbus-1.12.16.tgz Message bus system
dbus-glib-0.110.tgz GLib bindings for the D-BUS message bus system
dbus-python-common-1.2.12.tgz Python bindings for the D-BUS message bus system
dbus-sharp-0.7.0nb17.tgz D-Bus for .NET
dbus-sharp-glib-0.5.0nb15.tgz D-Bus for .Net GLib integration module
dbz-ttf-20050114nb2.tgz Divide By Zero TrueType fonts created by Tom Murphy 7
dc-tools-1.6nb1.tgz Dreamcast bootable CDs tools (mainly from Marcus Comstedt)
dc_gui2-0.80nb55.tgz Graphical user interface for DCTC
dcc-1.3.159nb2.tgz Anti-spam content filter
dccserver-0.5nb2.tgz Standalone replacement for the mIRC /dccserver command
dcdflib.c-1.1nb1.tgz Library of C Routines for Cumulative Distribution Functions
dcdflib.f-1.1nb3.tgz Library of Fortran Routines for Cumulative Distribution Functions
dcfldd-1.3.4.tgz Enhanced version of GNU dd with features useful for forensics
dclock-4nb1.tgz Digital clock for X
dconf-0.34.0nb1.tgz Backend for gsettings
dconf-editor-3.22.3nb11.tgz gsettings editor
dcraw-9.27.0nb1.tgz Raw digital camera decoder
dctc-0.85.9nb15.tgz Direct Connect clone (Direct Connect Text Client)
dd2-0.2.2nb2.tgz Shoot'em up arcade game for one or two players
dd_rescue-1.33.tgz Tool like dd(1) for rescuing data from media with errors
dd_rhelp-0.0.6.tgz Rescue hard disk helper
ddclient-3.8.3nb6.tgz Client to update dynamic DNS entries
ddd-3.3.12nb1.tgz Data Display Debugger -- graphical front-end for GDB/DBX/XDB
ddos-scan-20000325.tgz Scan for a limited set of distributed denial of service (ddos) agents
ddrescue-1.19.tgz GNU ddrescue is a data recovery tool
decode-dimms-4.1.20191031nb2.tgz Decode memory DIMM SPD ROM info
defendguin-0.0.12nb1.tgz Clone of the arcade game Defender
deforaos-asm-0.2.3nb2.tgz DeforaOS (dis)assembly framework
deforaos-browser-0.5.1nb8.tgz DeforaOS desktop file manager and desktop handler
deforaos-camera-0.2.0nb9.tgz DeforaOS desktop camera
deforaos-configure-0.4.1.tgz DeforaOS automated Makefile generation tool
deforaos-cpp-0.0.3nb2.tgz DeforaOS C code pre-processing library
deforaos-editor-0.4.0nb8.tgz DeforaOS desktop text editor
deforaos-icon-theme-0.1.3.tgz Artwork for the DeforaOS desktop
deforaos-integration-0.0.2nb16.tgz DeforaOS desktop integration
deforaos-keyboard-0.3.1nb5.tgz DeforaOS desktop virtual keyboard
deforaos-libdatabase-0.0.1nb12.tgz DeforaOS libDatabase
deforaos-libdesktop-0.2.2nb6.tgz DeforaOS desktop library
deforaos-libsystem-0.4.2.tgz DeforaOS core system library
deforaos-locker-0.4.0nb9.tgz DeforaOS desktop screensaver
deforaos-mixer-0.2.2nb5.tgz DeforaOS desktop volume mixer
deforaos-panel-0.3.6nb10.tgz DeforaOS desktop panel
deforaos-pdfviewer-0.0.2nb34.tgz DeforaOS desktop PDF viewer
deforaos-phone-0.5.1nb5.tgz DeforaOS desktop telephony
deforaos-player-0.1.6nb13.tgz DeforaOS desktop media player
deforaos-surfer-0.2.10nb20.tgz DeforaOS desktop web browser
deforaos-terminal-0.1.0nb8.tgz DeforaOS desktop terminal emulator
deforaos-vncviewer-0.0.0nb13.tgz DeforaOS desktop VNC viewer
dehydrated-0.6.5.tgz Letsencrypt/acme client implemented as a shell-script
dejagnu-1.6.tgz TCL/Expect-based framework for regression testing
dejavu-ttf-2.37.tgz DejaVu family of TrueType fonts
delegate-9.9.1nb1.tgz General purpose TCP/IP proxy system
deliver-2.1.14nb3.tgz Local mail delivery agent with shell-script control
delta-2006.08.03nb8.tgz Heuristically minimizes interesting files
demime-1.1dnb8.tgz Tool to scrub mime from mailing lists
depot-5.14.tgz Maps several separate packages into a tree without merging them
desklaunch-1.1.5.tgz X utility for binding commands to pixmap icons
deskmenu-1.4.2nb29.tgz X utility for providing root menus
desktop-file-utils-0.24.tgz Utilities to manage desktop entries
destroy-20040415.tgz Program to securely destroy files on the hard disk
detex-2.8.tgz Remove LaTeX commands
detox-1.2.0.tgz Removes non-standard characters from filenames
dev86-0.16.21.tgz Linux 8086 development environment
devIL-1.7.8nb14.tgz Developer's Image Library
devhelp-2.32.0nb62.tgz Documentation viewer based on GNOME2
device-driver-doc-de-20030729.tgz Device driver documentation in German
devilspie-0.22nb31.tgz Window-matching utility to customize window behavior
devilutionx-0.5.0.tgz Port of the RPG Diablo for modern operating systems
devkitd-003nb4.tgz NetBSD port of devkitd (for DeviceKit)
devtodo-0.1.20nb3.tgz Display and manage a list of items that are outstanding
dfc-3.1.1nb1.tgz Display file system space usage using graph and colors
dfdisk-1.0.tgz Fetch distfiles from multiple locations
dfftpack-20001209nb2.tgz Double precision version of FFTPACK
dfu-programmer-0.7.2nb1.tgz Programmer for Atmel USB DFU Bootloader
dfu-util-0.9.tgz Host side implementation of the USB DFU protocol
dgd- Object-oriented programmable server
dgen-sdl-1.33.tgz Genesis/Megadrive emulator for Unix platforms
dgpsip-1.35.tgz Differential GPS over IP communication device
dhbitty-20120806.tgz Small public key ECDH encryption/decryption program
dhcpcd-8.1.5.tgz DHCP / IPv4LL / IPv6RA / DHCPv6 client
dhcpcd-dbus-0.6.0.tgz DBus binding for dhcpcd
dhcpcd-gtk-0.7.7nb10.tgz GTK+ system tray monitor for dhcpcd
dhcpcd-icons-0.7.7.tgz Shared icons for dhcpcd-gtk and dhcpcd-qt
dhcpcd-qt-0.7.7nb5.tgz Qt system tray monitor for dhcpcd
dhcpd-pools-2.27nb3.tgz ISC dhcpd lease analysis and reporting
dhewm3-1.5.0.tgz Source port of the original Doom 3
dhex-0.68nb3.tgz The curses-based hex-editor with diff mode
dhid-5.5.tgz Dynamic Host Information System client daemon
dhisd-5.5.tgz DynDNS server
dhrystone-2.1nb1.tgz Reinhold Weicker's DHRYSTONE 2.1 integer benchmark
di-4.47.tgz Alternative df command
dia-0.97.3nb12.tgz Program for creating diagrams of all kinds
dia-python-0.97.3nb9.tgz Program for creating diagrams of all kinds (Python plugin)
dia2code-0.8.1nb1.tgz Small utility used to generate code from a Dia diagram
dialog-1.3.20190211.tgz Display dialog boxes from shell scripts
dict-client-1.12.1nb1.tgz Dictionary Service Protocol client
dict-data-1.8.0nb1.tgz Dictionary data for DICTD
dict-mueller7-1.2nb7.tgz English-Russian dictionary by Mueller for dictd
dict-server-1.12.1nb2.tgz Dictionary Service Protocol server
dictem-1.0.4nb1.tgz Dictionary client (RFC-2229) for [X]Emacs
diction-1.13.tgz GNU version of diction and style
dieharder-3.31.1.tgz Random number generator test suite
diffsplit-1.0nb8.tgz Splits a unified diff into pieces which patch one file each
diffstat-1.62.tgz Display a histogram of diff changes
diffuse-0.4.8nb1.tgz Graphical tool for merging and comparing text files
diffutils-3.7.tgz GNU diff utilities - find the differences between files
digest-20190127.tgz Message digest wrapper utility
digger-20020314nb7.tgz Digger Remastered
dikt-2jnb28.tgz Dictionary protocol client for KDE
dillo-3.0.5nb5.tgz Very small and fast graphical web-browser
din-43.0.1.tgz Open source cross-platform sound synthesizer
dinotrace-9.4cnb5.tgz Tool for viewing the output of digital simulators
dipmap-1.16nb2.tgz Generate postscript maps from results of play-by-email Diplomacy games
dirac-1.0.2nb8.tgz Open-source video codec designed at the BBC
dirb-1.9nb20.tgz Web Content Scanner
dircproxy-1.2.0beta2nb11.tgz Detachable internet relay chat proxy server (devel version)
dirdiff-2.1nb2.tgz Displays differences between directories
direvent-5.1.tgz Daemon that monitors file system directories for events
dirsize-0.6.tgz Outputs aggregate size of all files in one or more directories
dirvish-1.2.1nb6.tgz Fast, disk based, rotating network backup system
disc-cover-1.5.6nb7.tgz Generation of CD covers
discount-2.2.6.tgz Markdown C implementation
disk-filltest-0.7.1.tgz Detect Bad Disks by Filling with Random Data
distbb-0.47.2.tgz DISTributed Bulk Build tool for pkgsrc
distcc-3.3.tgz Tool for distributed C/C++ compiling
distcc-gnome-3.3nb4.tgz Graphical monitor for distcc, the distributed C/C++ compiler
distcc-gtk-3.3nb3.tgz Graphical monitor for distcc, the distributed C/C++ compiler
distcc-pump-3.3nb1.tgz Accelerated remote compilation with distcc
distmp3-0.1.9nb7.tgz Distributed mp3 encoding across multiple hosts
distribute-2.1.26nb9.tgz Mail dispatcher for mailing list. Fits nicely with majordomo
divxplayer-0.2.0nb4.tgz DivX(TM) Video Player for Linux from
diylc-3.28.0.tgz Simple electronic schematics CAD tool
djbdns-1.05nb14.tgz Collection of secure and reliable DNS tools
djbdns-run-20190619.tgz Configures djbdns to cache and serve queries
djbdnscurve6-36a.tgz Fork of djbdns with IPv6 and DNSCurve support
djbfft-0.76.tgz Extremely fast library for floating-point convolution
djbsort-20180729nb2.tgz Library for sorting arrays of integers
djview4-4.10.6nb2.tgz Portable DjVu viewer and browser plugin
djvulibre-lib-3.5.27.tgz Compression library for scanned documents
djvulibre-tools-3.5.27.tgz Compression library for scanned documents
dk-milter-1.0.2nb1.tgz Open source DomainKeys filter software from Sendmail, Inc
dkim-milter-2.8.3nb5.tgz Open source DKIM filter software from Sendmail, Inc
dl-ezkit-0.8.1.tgz Coff file downloader for the EZ-KIT Lite using the RS232
dlint-1.4.0nb8.tgz Internet Domain Name System (DNS) error checking utility
dmake-4.12.2.tgz Portable make supported by many platforms
dmalloc-5.5.2.tgz Run-time configurable debugging malloc library
dmassage-0.6nb7.tgz Parser for dmesg(8)
dmenu-4.9.tgz Dynamic menu for X
dmesg2gif-1.3nb10.tgz Output dmesg(8) device tree as GIF image
dmg2img-1.6.7.tgz Convert Apple dmg to HFS+ img format
dmidecode-3.2nb5.tgz Print out DMI (SMBIOS) table in human-readable format
dmsdos- Program to access DBLSPACE/DRVSPACE containers
dnsbl-milter-6.45.tgz DNSBL Sendmail milter
dnscap-141.tgz Network capture utility designed specifically for DNS traffic
dnscheck-1.5.4nb6.tgz DNSCheck is a DNS quality checker
dnscrypt-proxy2-2.0.35nb1.tgz DNS proxy with support for encrypted protocols
dnsdist-1.3.3.tgz Highly DNS-, DoS- and abuse-aware loadbalancer
dnsmasq-2.80nb1.tgz Lightweight, easy to configure DNS forwarder
dnsperf-2.3.2.tgz DNS server performance measurement tools
dnssec-tools-2.1nb5.tgz Toolkit to ease the deployment of DNSSEC related technologies
dnstop-20140915nb2.tgz Diagnose tcpdump trace for DNS queries/replies
dnstracer-1.10nb4.tgz Tool to trace dns queries
doas-6.2p2nb1.tgz Execute commands as another user
doc++-3.4.10nb3.tgz Documentation system for C, C++ and Java
docbook-4.5.tgz SGML DTD designed for computer documentation
docbook-simple-1.1nb4.tgz Simplified DocBook XML DTD
docbook-website-2.6.0nb3.tgz DocBook XML DTD for building websites
docbook-xml-4.5.tgz XML DTD designed for computer documentation
docbook-xsl-1.79.1nb4.tgz Docbook XSL modular stylesheet
docbook2mdoc-1.1.0.tgz Convert DocBook documentation into man pages (mdoc)
docbook2odf-0.244nb2.tgz Convert DocBook documentation into ODF documents
docker-1.5nb5.tgz WindowMaker dock app which acts as a system tray
doclifter-2.3nb6.tgz Translates documents written in troff macros to DocBook
docsis-0.9.4nb1.tgz Utility for manipulating DOCSIS-compliant cable modems
docx2txt-1.2nb7.tgz Convert Microsoft .docx documents to simple text files
dog-1.7nb1.tgz Dog writes the contents of each given file, URL, or stdin
dolphin-emu-5.0nb8.tgz Nintendo GameCube and Wii emulator
dolphin-plugins-4.14.3nb14.tgz Extra Dolphin plugins
doom-pwad-sigil-1.1.tgz Doom mod
doom1-1.9.tgz Shareware levels for Doom
doom2-pwad-preacher-20181129nb1.tgz Doom II mod
doom2-pwad-struggle-20180819nb1.tgz Doom II mod
doomlegacy-1.47.2.tgz The legacy of Doom
dopewars-1.5.12nb31.tgz Make a fortune dealing drugs on the streets of New York
dos2unix-7.4.1.tgz DOS/Mac to Unix and vice versa text file format converter
dosbox-0.74.3nb1.tgz Multi-platform DOS emulator using SDL
dosbox-x-0.82.24.tgz DOSBox fork with enhancements
dose3-5.0.1nb5.tgz Package repository analysis toolkit
dosfstools-4.1.tgz Tools for working with FAT filesystems
dot-forward-0.71nb3.tgz Reads sendmail's .forward files under qmail
dotconf-1.3.tgz Simple-to-use and powerful configuration-file parser library
dotfile-2.4.1nb2.tgz GUI dotfile generator program to create .config files
double-conversion-3.1.5.tgz Conversion routines for IEEE doubles
dovecot-1.2.17nb32.tgz Secure IMAP and POP3 server
dovecot- Secure IMAP and POP3 server
dovecot-gssapi- Secure IMAP and POP3 server (GSSAPI plugin)
dovecot-ldap- Secure IMAP and POP3 server (LDAP plugin)
dovecot-mysql- Secure IMAP and POP3 server (MySQL plugin)
dovecot-pgsql- Secure IMAP and POP3 server (PostgreSQL plugin)
dovecot-pigeonhole-0.5.9.tgz Support for the Sieve language and the ManageSieve protocol
dovecot-sqlite- Secure IMAP and POP3 server (SQLite plugin)
doxygen-1.8.16.tgz Documentation system for C++, Java, IDL and C
doxymacs-1.8.0nb3.tgz Doxygen editing support for Emacs
dpbox-6.00.00nb3.tgz Multi-Protocol Amateur Packet Radio BBS
dpkg-1.18.25nb1.tgz Package maintenance system for Debian
dqs-3.3.2nb2.tgz Distributed queueing system
drac-1.12nb1.tgz Dynamic Relay Authorization Control
dragon-19.08.3.tgz Simple video player for KDE
driftnet-0.1.6nb12.tgz Real-time image sniffer
drill-1.6.17nb1.tgz DNSSEC debugging tool a'la dig
drivel-2.0.3nb67.tgz LiveJournal client for the GNOME Desktop
droid-ttf-20111115nb1.tgz The Droid fonts family from Ascender Corporation
dropbear-2019.78.tgz Small SSH2 server and client, aimed at embedded market
drraw-2.2b2nb7.tgz Simple web based presentation front-end for RRDtool
dsh-0.25.10nb1.tgz Runs command through rsh or ssh on a cluster of machines
dsk2rom-0.80.tgz MSX disk image conversion utility
dsniff-2.3nb15.tgz Password sniffer (webspy)
dsniff-nox11-2.3nb9.tgz Password sniffer
dspam-3.10.2nb26.tgz Extremely scalable, statistical-hybrid anti-spam filter
dspdfviewer-1.15.1nb13.tgz Dual-Screen PDF Viewer for latex-beamer
dsssl-docbook-modular-1.79nb11.tgz DSSSL stylesheets for the DocBook DTD
dtach-0.9.tgz Small program that emulates the detach feature of screen
dtb-arm-exynos5422-4.11.3.tgz DTB files for arm exynos5422 based boards
dtb-arm-tegra124-4.11.3.tgz DTB files for arm tegra124 based boards
dtb-arm-vexpress-4.11.3.tgz DTB files for arm vexpress based boards
dtb-arm64-sun50i-4.11.3.tgz DTB files for arm64 sun50i based boards
dtb-arm64-tegra210-4.11.3.tgz DTB files for arm64 tegra210 based boards
dtc-1.4.7.tgz Device Tree Compiler (dtc)
dtcp-20130602nb2.tgz Dynamic Tunnel Configuration Protocol daemon and client
dtcpclient-20090812nb2.tgz Dynamic Tunnel Configuration Protocol client
dtdparse-2.0beta6nb16.tgz Reads an SGML or XML DTD and constructs an XML database
dte-1.8.2.tgz Small and easy to use console text editor
dtorrent-3.3.2nb3.tgz Enhanced CTorrent, a BitTorrent console client written in C/C++
dtpstree-1.0.3nb1.tgz Display a tree of processes
duckmaze-0.2nb17.tgz Puzzle game
duktape-2.3.0.tgz Embeddable Javascript engine
dumpet-2.1.tgz Dump information about bootable CDs and other similar formats
dumpmpeg-0.6nb9.tgz Splits an MPEG stream into single images
dunelegacy-0.96.4.tgz Open source Dune 2 clone
dungeon-3.2bnb2.tgz Classic game of Dungeon
dunst-1.4.1.tgz Customizable and lightweight notification-daemon
duo-unix-1.10.4.tgz Duo two-factor authentication for Unix systems
duplicity-0.7.17nb1.tgz Remote encrypting incremental backup utility
dvd+rw-tools-7.1.tgz Tools for writing DVD+R[W] disks
dvd-slideshow-0.7.5nb12.tgz Script that creates a slideshow-style DVD with some simple menus
dvd-vr-0.9.7.tgz Utility to identify and optionally copy recordings from DVD-VR
dvdauthor-0.7.2nb21.tgz Tools to assist DVD authoring
dvdbackup-0.4.2.tgz DVD backup utility
dvdisaster-0.79.5nb5.tgz Protects data on optical media with error correcting codes
dvdrecord-0.1.5nb3.tgz This program allows you to create DVDs on a DVD-Recorder
dvdrip-0.98.11nb9.tgz Graphical frontend for DVD ripping
dvdview-1.2.2nb10.tgz Software only MPEG-1/2 video decoder
dvi2tty-6.0.0nb3.tgz Program for previewing DVI files
dvidvi-1.1nb3.tgz Select and/or rearrange pages in a TeX dvi file
dviljk-2.6.5nb10.tgz DVI driver for the LaserJet printers using kpathsea
dvipdfmx-20190225.tgz DVI to PDF converter with CID-keyed font support
dvipng-1.15nb5.tgz Convert TeX DVI files to PNG or GIF
dvipsk-5.999.tgz DVI-to-PostScript translator
dvorakng-0.6.0rc1nb3.tgz US English Dvorak keyboard tutor
dvtm-0.15.tgz Dynamic virtual terminal manager
dwm-6.2.tgz Dynamic window manager
dx-4.4.4nb54.tgz Open Visualization Data Explorer
dxpc-3.9.2nb1.tgz Differential X Protocol Compressor
dxsamples-4.4.0.tgz Sample data for Open Visualization Data Explorer
dynagen-0.11.0nb5.tgz Network configuration generator for Dynamips
dynamips-0.2.17.tgz Cisco 3600 and 7200 MIPS emulator
dync-1.1nb2.tgz C language awk-like utility
dynipclient-3.00nb2.tgz Client for the dynamic DNS service
e-uae- Enhanced Ubiquitous Amiga Emulator
e16menuedit2-0.0.3nb32.tgz Menu editor for the Enlightenment window manager
e2fsprogs-1.43.7nb1.tgz Second extended file system (ext2fs) management programs
e2guardian-5.1.1nb2.tgz Web content filtering proxy
eag-2.6.tgz Transducer generator using affix grammars
eagle-7.7.0nb1.tgz Easy to use printed circuit board editor
easy-rsa-3.0.6.tgz CLI utility to build and manage a PKI CA
easydiskpasswd-1.0nb1.tgz Tool to unlock a password protected USB "EasyDisk"
easyedit-1.4.6nb2.tgz Easy to use text editor with onscreen instructions
easygit- Git porcelain wrapper in Perl
easyh10-1.5nb1.tgz Database tool for the iRiver H10 digital audio player
easymenu-0.7.2.tgz Software used to generate menu systems
easyrpg-player-0.6.1.tgz RPG Maker 2000/2003 and EasyRPG games interpreter
eawpatches-12nb3.tgz Eric A. Welsh' patches (audio samples) for TiMidity
eb-4.3nb10.tgz C library for accessing EB, EBG, EBXA and EPWING CD-ROM dictionaries
eblook-1.6.1nb2.tgz Interactive command-line interface for EPWING electric dictionaries
eboard-1.0.4nb37.tgz Graphical user interface for playing chess
ebook-tools-0.2.2nb5.tgz Tools for accessing and converting various ebook file formats
ebview-0.3.6nb29.tgz GTK2 based EPWING dictionary browser
ec2-ami-tools-1.3.57676nb4.tgz Amazon EC2 AMI Tools (bundle, create, upload AMIs to S3)
ec2-api-tools-1.3.62308.tgz Amazon EC2 API tools (register, launch, administer instances)
echinus-0.4.9nb1.tgz Simple and lightweight tiling window manager
echoping-6.0.2nb9.tgz Test performance of a remote TCP service
ecl-16.1.3.tgz Embeddable Common Lisp
ecore-1.7.7nb15.tgz Event Abstraction and Modular Convenience Library
ed-1.14.1.tgz GNU version of line-oriented text editor
ed2k-gtk-gui-0.6.3nb34.tgz GUI for the eDonkey2000 and Overnet
edb-1.0.5nb5.tgz Database abstraction layer to Berkeley databases
edbus-1.7.7nb15.tgz Convenience wrappers around dbus to ease integrating dbus with E17
ede-1.0.4nb15.tgz Equinox Desktop Environment
edict-20061208.tgz Japanese-English dictionary file
editline-3.1.20150325.tgz NetBSD Editline library (libedit) for generic line editing
editorconfig-core-0.12.1.tgz Editorconfig C library
editres-1.0.7.tgz Dynamic resource editor for libXt applications
edje-1.7.7nb20.tgz Interface Abstraction Library and Toolset
edonkey2k-16.16.59nb1.tgz Yet another P2P file sharing tool
edt-1.9.tgz Text editor which emulates the VAX VMS EDT editor
eekboard-1.0.8nb24.tgz Virtual keyboard for GNOME
eet-1.7.7nb2.tgz Library for speedy storage, retrieval, and compression
efax-0.9nb2.tgz Collection of small programs for sending and receiving faxes
efax-gtk-3.2.13nb10.tgz GTK frontend for efax
efltk-2.0.5nb22.tgz Extended Fast Light Toolkit
efont-unicode-0.4.2nb3.tgz Free unicode BDF font
efreet-1.7.7nb15.tgz Interface Abstraction Library and Toolset
egd-0.8nb10.tgz EGD: Entropy Gathering Daemon
eggdbus-0.6nb4.tgz GObject bindings for DBus
eggdrop-1.8.4.tgz IRC robot with TCL scripting and multi-channel ability
egypt-1.10nb2.tgz Simple tool for creating call graphs of C programs
eieio-0.17nb4.tgz Enhanced Integration of Emacs Interpreted Objects
eigen-2.0.17nb1.tgz C++ template library for linear algebra
eigen3-3.3.7.tgz C++ template library for linear algebra
eina-1.7.7.tgz Data types library
einstein-puzzle-2.1.1nb1.tgz Computer implementation of a puzzle invented by Albert Einstein
eio-1.7.7nb16.tgz Enlightenned Asynchronous Input Output library
eispack-20001130nb2.tgz Fortran routines for the solution of eigenvalue problems
ejabberd-18.06.tgz Free and Open Source distributed fault-tolerant Jabber server
ekg-1.7nb11.tgz Experimental Gadu-Gadu Client (Polish instant messaging system)
electric-7.00nb4.tgz Electrical CAD system
electric-fence- Different kind of malloc() debugger
electrix-0.2.0nb66.tgz Application to view PDF files
elementary-1.7.7nb18.tgz E17 Widget Library
elementary-icon-theme-3.0.tgz Simple and appealing Tango-styled icon theme
elementary-xfce-icon-theme-0.11.tgz Elementary icons forked, extended and maintained for Xfce
elf-0.5.3nb4.tgz ELF header analyzer
elfcat-1.0.0.tgz Dump sections or program entries from a ELF file
elfsh-0.51b3nb4.tgz ELF format exploration shell
elib-1.0nb7.tgz Library of utility functions for Emacs
elinks-0.12rc6nb13.tgz Extended/Enhanced Links
eliom-6.7.0nb1.tgz Dynamic webpage generation library
elisp-manual-21.2.8.tgz The Emacs Lisp Reference Manual for GNU Emacs Version 21.2
elixir-1.9.1.tgz Functional, meta-programming aware language built on top of Erlang VM
elizatalk-0.4nb1.tgz Eliza talkback program
elk-3.99.8nb3.tgz Embeddable Scheme interpreter
elm-2.5.8nb5.tgz ELM Mail User Agent (without ME extensions)
elm-me-2.4.93nb6.tgz ELM Mail User Agent with ME extensions
elmo-1.3.2nb18.tgz The ELectronic Mail Operator MUA
eltclsh-1.9nb6.tgz Interactive TCL shell with editline facilities
elvis-2.2.0nb11.tgz Clone of vi with regex-search, hex-edit, HTML/LaTeX preview
elvis-x11-2.2.0nb1.tgz Clone of vi with regex-search, hex-edit, HTML/LaTeX preview (X11)
em-1.0.0.tgz Early V6 Unix line-based editor for mortals
emacs-26.3.tgz Meta-package for installing the preferred Emacs version
emacs-dict-client-1.8.2nb3.tgz Emacs package for talking to a dictionary server
emacs-jabber-0.8.0nb1.tgz Jabber client for Emacs
emacs-muse-3.20nb1.tgz Publishing environment for Emacs
emacs-nox11-26.1.tgz Meta-package for installing the preferred Emacs version
emacs-w3m-1.4.632.20190920.1116.tgz Emacs frontend for w3m browser
emacs-wiki-2.72nb1.tgz Wiki major mode for emacs, which aims for implicit and natural markup
emacs20-20.7nb24.tgz GNU editing macros (editor)
emacs21-21.4anb41.tgz GNU editing macros (editor)
emacs21-nox11-21.4anb14.tgz GNU editing macros (editor)
emacs25-25.3nb16.tgz GNU editing macros (editor)
emacs25-nox11-25.3.tgz GNU editing macros (editor)
emacs26-26.3nb1.tgz GNU editing macros (editor)
emacs26-nox11-26.3.tgz GNU editing macros (editor)
embryo-1.7.7.tgz Embeddable Scripting Language
emech-3.0.2nb1.tgz IRC bot written in C
emerillon-0.1.2nb59.tgz Map browser
emiclock-2.0.2nb7.tgz Analog clock with image in the middle
emixer-0.5.5nb4.tgz Frontend for mpg123 that can mix two mp3 streams and fade between them
empty-0.6.20b.tgz Simple replacement for expect
emulationstation-2.7.6.tgz Themeable multi-system emulator frontend
enca-1.15.tgz Extremely Naive Charset Analyser
enchant-1.6.0nb8.tgz Generic spell checking library
enchant2-2.2.7.tgz Generic spell checking library
encodings-1.0.5.tgz X11 Font Index Generator
enet-1.3.14.tgz Network communication layer that runs on top of UDP
engine-pkcs11-0.1.8nb5.tgz PKCS#11 engine for OpenSSL
engrampa-1.22.2.tgz Archive manager utility for the MATE Environment
enigma-1.21.tgz Puzzle game similar to Oxyd/Rock'n'Roll/Marble Madness
enlightenment-0.17.3nb20.tgz Enlightenment Window Manager, Development Release
enlightenment-1.0.21nb2.tgz Highly themeable and configurable window manager
enma-1.2.0nb4.tgz Sender authentication milter supporting SPF and Sender ID
enriched2html-1.0.tgz Converts from text/enriched to HTML
enscript-1.6.6nb5.tgz ASCII-to-PostScript filter
ent-19981020.tgz Entropy calculation and analysis of putative random sequences
entr-4.1.tgz Run arbitrary commands when files change
entropy- Anonymous peer-to-peer networking node (similar to Freenet)
eog-3.24.1nb6.tgz Eye of GNOME: an image viewing and cataloging program
eom-1.22.1nb1.tgz Eye of MATE: an image viewing and cataloging program
epdfview-0.1.8nb76.tgz Lightweight PDF viewer using Poppler and GTK2
epeg-0.9.0nb4.tgz Fast JPEG scaling library for thumbnail generation
epic4-2.10.2nb6.tgz The (E)nhanced (P)rogrammable (I)RC-II (C)lient
epic4-doc-1.0.20050315.tgz Additional documentation for epic4 package
epiphany-2.30.6nb69.tgz The web browser for the GNOME Desktop
epiphany-extensions-2.32.0nb56.tgz Extensions for the Epiphany web browser
epm-4.2.tgz ESP generates software packages from a list of files
epsg-8.1.tgz EPSG geodetic parameters database
epsg-docs-200911nb1.tgz EPSG geodetic parameters database documentation
epstool-3.08.tgz Manipulate EPS files
epubcheck-1.2.tgz Tool to validate IDPF Epub files
epubpreflight-0.1.0.tgz Tool to validate IDPF EPUB files
epydoc-3.0.1nb1.tgz Python documentation framework
erlang-22.1.8.tgz Concurrent functional programming language
erlang-base64url-1.0.tgz URL safe base64-compatible codec
erlang-cache_tab-1.0.14.tgz In-memory cache Erlang libraries
erlang-doc-22.1.tgz Documentation for Erlang, a concurrent functional programming language
erlang-eimp-1.0.6.tgz Erlang Image Manipulation Process
erlang-epam-1.0.4.tgz epam helper for Erlang / Elixir PAM authentication support
erlang-eredis- Erlang Redis client
erlang-esip-1.0.24.tgz ProcessOne SIP server component in Erlang
erlang-ezlib-1.0.4.tgz Native zlib driver for Erlang / Elixir
erlang-fast_tls-1.0.23.tgz TLS / SSL OpenSSL-based native driver for Erlang / Elixir
erlang-fast_xml-1.1.32.tgz Fast Expat based Erlang XML parsing library
erlang-fast_yaml-1.0.15.tgz Fast YAML native library for Erlang / Elixir
erlang-fs-2.12.0nb1.tgz Native Filesystem Listeners
erlang-goldrush-0.1.9.tgz Small, Fast event processing and monitoring for Erlang/OTP apps
erlang-iconv-1.0.8.tgz Fast encoding conversion library for Erlang / Elixir
erlang-jiffy-0.14.8.tgz JSON NIFs for Erlang
erlang-jose-1.8.4.tgz JSON Object Signing and Encryption
erlang-lager-3.5.2.tgz Logging framework for Erlang/OTP
erlang-luerl-0.3.tgz Implementation of Lua in Erlang
erlang-man-22.1.tgz Documentation for Erlang, a concurrent functional programming language
erlang-p1_mysql-1.0.6.tgz Erlang MySQL driver
erlang-p1_oauth2-0.6.3.tgz Erlang Oauth2 implementation
erlang-p1_pgsql-1.1.6.tgz Pure Erlang PostgreSQL driver
erlang-p1_utils-1.0.12.tgz Erlang Utility Modules from ProcessOne
erlang-p1_xmlrpc-1.15.1.tgz Erlang XMLRPC implementation with SSL, cookies, Authentication
erlang-sqlite3-1.1.6nb4.tgz Sqlite gen_server port for Erlang
erlang-stringprep-1.0.12.tgz Fast Stringprep implementation for Erlang / Elixir
erlang-stun-1.0.23.tgz STUN and TURN library for Erlang / Elixir
erlang-xmpp-1.2.2.tgz XMPP parsing and serialization library on top of Fast XML
error-0.0.tgz Insert compiler errors in source files as comments
es-0.9a1nb4.tgz Extensible shell, derived from plan9's rc
esh-0.8nb4.tgz Unix shell with Lisp-like syntax
esmtp-1.2nb3.tgz Relay-only Mail Transfer Agent with sendmail-compatible syntax
esniper-2.31.0nb12.tgz Simple, lightweight tool for sniping ebay auctions
esound-0.2.41nb3.tgz The Enlightened sound daemon
espeak-1.48.04.tgz Speech synthesizer
ess-13.09.1nb6.tgz Emacs Speaks Statistics
estd-0.11nb3.tgz Dynamically sets the CPU-frequency on SpeedStep and PowerNow CPUs
estic-1.61nb2.tgz German language configuration tool for ISTEC 1003/1008 ISDN systems
etach-1.2.9nb4.tgz Emacs Lisp package for dealing with MIME email attachments
etckeeper-1.18.12.tgz Store /etc in git, mercurial, bzr or darcs
etcmanage-0.9.4nb4.tgz Automatically manage files in /etc
etcutils-0.1nb1.tgz Utilities to programmatically edit configuration files
eterm-0.9.6.tgz Enlightened terminal emulator for the X Window System
ethemes-0.1nb4.tgz Themes for the window manager Enlightenment
ether2dns-1.8.tgz Converter from /etc/ethers to IPv6 DNS records
etherape-0.9.12nb37.tgz Graphical network monitor
ethos-0.2.2nb27.tgz Plugin interface library
etlegacy-2.76nb9.tgz Open source Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory client and server
etlegacy-data-2.60b.tgz Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory data files for etlegacy
etlegacy-server-2.76nb4.tgz Open source Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory server
etm-877nb2.tgz Events and tasks manager using simple text files
etpan-0.7.1nb37.tgz Mail console client with S/MIME and PGP support
etrace-2.1nb11.tgz Function call tracing
ettercap-NG-0.7.3nb14.tgz Multipurpose sniffer/interceptor/logger for switched LAN
eukleides-1.0.3.tgz Euclidean geometry drawing language
eukleides-1.5.4nb3.tgz Euclidean geometry drawing language
euler-1.61nb29.tgz Interactive numerical analysis and graphics program
eureka-1.24.tgz Doom/Heretic/Hexen map editor
eus-demo-1.0nb1.tgz Eric's Ultimate Solitaire (linux demo)
evas-1.7.7nb4.tgz Enlightened Canvas Library
evas-buffer-1.7.7nb3.tgz Evas buffer engine
evas-edb-1.7.7nb3.tgz Evas Edb image loader
evas-eet-1.7.7nb3.tgz Evas EET image loader
evas-gif-1.7.7nb6.tgz Evas GIF image loader
evas-jpeg-1.7.7nb3.tgz Evas JPEG image loader
evas-pmaps-1.7.7nb3.tgz Evas PMAPS image loader
evas-png-1.7.7nb3.tgz Evas PNG image loader
evas-software-x11-1.7.7nb4.tgz Evas software X11 engine
evas-tiff-1.7.7nb3.tgz Evas TIFF image loader
evas-xpm-1.7.7nb3.tgz Evas XPM image loader
eventlog-0.2.12.tgz Support library for syslog-ng
evermono-ttf-7.0.0.tgz Simple, elegant, monowidth font with wide Unicode coverage
evilwm-1.1.1nb1.tgz Minimalist Window Manager for X
evince-3.34.2.tgz Document viewer
ewipe-1.2.0.tgz Presentation editor and viewer based on Tcl/Tk
ex-20040103nb4.tgz Berkeley vi 3.7
exa-0.9.0.tgz Replacement for ls(1) written in Rust