NetBSD amd64

Package Summary
kegs-0.91nb9.tgz Apple IIgs emulator for Mac OS X, Win32, Linux, and Unix/X11
kemoticons-5.64.0.tgz Support for emoticons and emoticons themes
kermit-9.0.302nb10.tgz Network and serial communication, file transfer, and scripting utility
ketm-0.0.6nb8.tgz Old-school 2d-scrolling shooter
keybinder-0.3.0nb8.tgz Library for registering keyboard shortcuts
keybinder3-0.3.2nb3.tgz Library for registering keyboard shortcuts
keychain-2.8.5.tgz Nice ssh-agent front-end
keylaunch-1.3.9.tgz X utility for binding commands to a hot key
keystone-0.9.1nb1.tgz Multi-platform and multi-arch assembler framework
kfilemetadata-4.14.3nb46.tgz Library for extracting file metadata
kfilemetadata5-5.64.0.tgz Library for extracting file metadata
kfloppy-19.08.3.tgz KDE floppy formatter
kfourinline-19.08.3.tgz Four-in-a-row game for KDE
kgamma-4.14.3nb14.tgz KDE screen gamma values kcontrol module
kgb-bot-1.31nb7.tgz Notify about VCS commits on IRC
kgeography-19.08.3.tgz KDE geography trainer
kget-15.12.0nb22.tgz download manager for KDE
kglobalaccel-5.64.0.tgz Add support for global workspace shortcuts
kgoldrunner-19.08.3nb1.tgz Action game where the hero runs through a maze
kgpg-16.08.0nb10.tgz KDE encryption tool
kguiaddons-5.64.0.tgz Addons to QtGui
khal-0.10.1nb1.tgz CLI calendar application built around CalDAV
khangman-19.08.3.tgz KDE hangman game
khard-0.15.1.tgz CLI contacts application built around CardDAV
khelpcenter-19.08.3.tgz Application to show KDE Applications' documentation
kholidays-5.64.0.tgz KDE library for regional holiday information
khtml-5.64.0.tgz HTML rendering engine
ki18n-5.64.0.tgz Advanced internationalization framework
kicad-5.1.4.tgz Schematic and PCB CAD software (stable branch)
kicad-doc-5.1.4.tgz Documentation for the PCB CAD software
kicad-footprints-5.1.4.tgz components footprints for the PCB CAD software
kicad-i18n-5.1.4.tgz user interface translations for the PCB CAD software
kicad-packages3d-5.1.4.tgz 3D models for rendering and the MCAD software
kicad-symbols-5.1.4.tgz Schematic symbol libraries for the schematic CAD software
kicad-templates-5.1.4.tgz Project templates for the schematic CAD software
kiconthemes-5.64.0.tgz Support for icon themes
kid3-3.5.1nb13.tgz ID3 tagger for QT
kidentitymanagement-19.08.3.tgz Library for managing identitites
kidletime-5.64.0.tgz Monitoring user activity
kig-19.08.3.tgz KDE interactive geometry
kigo-19.08.3nb1.tgz Open-source implementation of the popular Go game
kile-2.1.3nb31.tgz LaTeX source editor - TeX shell - Gnuplot front end
killbots-19.08.3.tgz KDE port of the classic BSD console game robots
kilo-20160710.tgz Small text editor in less than 1K LOC
kiloji-ttf-2.1.0nb1.tgz JIS X 0208 Japanese script fonts made by kilo
kimageformats-5.64.0.tgz Image format plugins for Qt5
kimagemapeditor-19.08.3.tgz HTML Image Map Editor
kimap-19.08.3.tgz Job-based API for interacting with IMAP server
kimera-2.11nb23.tgz Kanji Input MEthod for RAgamuffins
kimera-tomoe-gtk-0.5nb29.tgz Kimera helper program for Tomoe
kinit-5.64.0.tgz Process launcher to speed up launching KDE applications
kinput2-3.1nb4.tgz Input server of Japanese text
kio-5.64.0.tgz Resource and network access abstraction
kipi-plugins-19.08.3.tgz Collection of plugins extending the KDE graphics and image applications
kirigami2-5.64.0.tgz QtQuick based components set
kiriki-19.08.3.tgz Addictive and fun dice game for KDE
kismet-2008.05.01nb49.tgz 802.11 wireless network detector, sniffer and IDS
kitemmodels-5.64.0.tgz Models for Qt Model/View system
kitemviews-5.64.0.tgz Widget addons for Qt Model/View
kiten-19.08.3.tgz KDE Japanese reference/learning tool
kitty-0.15.0.tgz GPU based terminal emulator
kjobwidgets-5.64.0.tgz Widgets for tracking KJob instances
kjs-5.64.0.tgz Support for JS scripting in applications
kjsembed-5.64.0.tgz Embedded JS
kjumpingcube-19.08.3.tgz Simple tactical game for KDE
klavaro-2.01nb23.tgz Touch Typing Tutor
klayout-0.25.6nb4.tgz Simple GDS and OASIS file viewer and Editor
kldap-19.08.3.tgz LDAP access API for KDE
klettres-19.08.3.tgz KDE app to teach the alphabet and read some syllables in languages
klh10-2.0h.tgz PDP-10 KL10B CPU model emulator
klickety-19.08.3.tgz Strategy game for KDE, an adaption of the Clickomania game
klines-19.08.3.tgz Inspired by well known game of Color Lines
kmag-19.08.3.tgz KDE screen magnifier
kmahjongg-19.08.3.tgz Tile matching game for one or two players
kmbox-19.08.3.tgz Library for accessing mail storages in MBox format
kmime-19.08.3.tgz Library for handling mail messages and newsgroup articles
kmines-19.08.3.tgz KDE version of the classic minesweeper game
kmix-4.14.3nb30.tgz KDE's soundcard mixer program
kmldonkey- KDE4 interface for mldonkey
kmousetool-19.08.3.tgz KDE mouse manipulation tool
kmouth-19.08.3.tgz KDE Speech Synthesizer frontend
kmplayer-0.11.3dnb54.tgz KDE frontend to mplayer
knavalbattle-19.08.3.tgz Network-enabled implementation of the famous ship sinking game for KDE
knc-1.7.1.tgz Kerberised NetCat
knetwalk-19.08.3.tgz Game for system administrators
knews-1.0nb17.tgz X11 newsreader with support for threading and MIME
knewstuff-5.64.0.tgz Support for downloading application assets from the network
knightcap-3.6nb5.tgz Chess engine with 3D OpenGL-rendered chessboard
knock-0.7.tgz Port knocking server
knot-2.8.3.tgz Knot (auth) DNS server
knotifications-5.64.0.tgz Abstraction for system notifications
knotifyconfig-5.64.0.tgz Configuration system for KNotify
ko-baekmuk-2.1nb1.tgz X11 fonts for KSX 1001 Korean standard (baekmuk foundry)
ko-hanyang-20010718nb2.tgz X11 fonts for KSC 5601 standard
ko-kaist-20010718nb2.tgz X11 fonts for Korean KSC 5601 standard (kaist foundry)
ko-mizi-20010718nb2.tgz X11 fonts for KSC 5601 standard
ko-po-check-0.8nb4.tgz Korean .po file checker
ko-x11fonts-20010722nb2.tgz Korean X11 fonts
kochi-ttf-20030809nb6.tgz Free Japanese TrueType font by Yasuyuki Furukawa
kolf-19.08.3.tgz Miniature golf game for KDE
kollision-19.08.3.tgz Simple ball dodging game
kolourpaint-19.08.3.tgz KDE paint program
kompare-19.08.3.tgz Diff/Patch Frontend
konatu-ttf-26nb1.tgz Japanese TrueType gothic (sans-serif) fonts, Konatu fonts
konoha- Statically-typed scripting langauge
konquest-19.08.3.tgz Game of galactic conquest for KDE
konsole-4.14.3nb14.tgz Terminal emulator for the K Desktop Environment
konversation-1.5.1nb20.tgz KDE IRC Client
kopete-16.12.0nb17.tgz Multi-protocol instant messenger client
kore-3.3.1.tgz Web application framework for writing scalable web APIs in C
koruri-ttf-20180915.tgz Koruri Japanese TrueType fonts
koth-0.8.0nb6.tgz The classic "shoot the other tank" artillery game, networked
koverartist-0.7.6nb41.tgz CD/DVD case designer
kp-0.96nb1.tgz The Keyboard Practicer, touch-type training program
kpackage-5.64.0.tgz Installation and loading of additional content as packages
kparts-5.64.0.tgz Document centric plugin system
kpat-19.08.3.tgz Multiplicity of different solitaire games
kpathsea-6.3.1.tgz Path searching library for TeX-related files
kpcli-3.3.tgz Command line interface to KeePass password safes
kpeople-5.64.0.tgz Provides access to all contacts and aggregates them by person
kpimtextedit-19.08.3.tgz Textedit with PIM-specific features
kplex-1.3.2.tgz Multitransport NMEA-0183 software data multiplexer
kplotting-5.64.0.tgz Lightweight plotting framework
kppp-16.12.0nb9.tgz Dialer and front end for pppd
kpty-5.64.0.tgz Pty abstraction
kqtquickcharts-19.08.3.tgz QtQuick plugin to render beautiful and interactive charts
kqtquickcharts-4.14.3nb8.tgz Beautiful and interactive charts for Qt Quick 1.0
krdc-19.08.3.tgz KDE remote desktop client
kremotecontrol-16.12.0nb9.tgz KDE frontend for your remote controls
kreversi-19.08.3.tgz The old reversi board game, also known as Othello
krfb-19.08.3.tgz KDE desktop sharing
kronolith-2.3.6nb3.tgz Horde calendar application
kross-5.64.0.tgz Multi-language application scripting
kruler-19.08.3.tgz KDE screen ruler
kscd-4.14.3nb15.tgz KDE CD player
kservice-5.64.0.tgz Advanced plugin and service introspection
kshisen-19.08.3.tgz Solitaire-like game played using the standard set of Mahjong tiles
ksi-3.9.0nb2.tgz Portable, embeddable Scheme implementation written in C
ksirk-19.08.3nb1.tgz Computerized version of a well known strategy game
ksmtp-19.08.3.tgz Job-based library to send email through an SMTP server
ksnakeduel-19.08.3nb1.tgz Simple snake duel game for KDE
kspaceduel-19.08.3.tgz Two player game with shooting spaceships flying around a sun
ksquares-19.08.3.tgz Game of Dots and Boxes
kstars-4.14.3nb14.tgz KDE desktop planetarium
kstart-4.1.tgz Kerberos v5 kinit daemon that uses keytabs
ksudoku-19.08.3nb1.tgz Logic-based symbol placement puzzle
ksystemlog-19.08.3.tgz System log viewer tool
kteatime-19.08.3.tgz KDE Tea Cooker
kterm-6.2.0nb24.tgz Multi-lingual terminal emulator for X
ktexteditor-5.64.0.tgz Advanced embeddable text editor
ktextwidgets-5.64.0.tgz Advanced text editing widgets
ktimer-19.08.3.tgz KDE countdown launcher
ktorrent-4.3.1nb19.tgz Graphical BitTorrent client for KDE4
ktouch-19.08.3.tgz KDE touch typing tutor
ktp-accounts-kcm-0.9.0nb13.tgz KDE instant messaging account management module
ktp-approver-0.9.0nb12.tgz KDE instant messaging notifier
ktp-auth-handler-0.9.0nb12.tgz KDE Telepathy KWallet integration module
ktp-common-internals-0.9.0nb13.tgz KDE Telepathy common internal library
ktp-contact-list-0.9.0nb12.tgz KDE instant messaging contact list application
ktp-contact-runner-0.9.0nb12.tgz KDE Telepathy KRunner integration module
ktp-desktop-applets-0.9.0nb12.tgz KDE Telepathy Plasma widgets
ktp-filetransfer-handler-0.9.0nb12.tgz KDE Telepathy file transfer handling
ktp-kded-integration-module-0.9.0nb12.tgz KDE Telepathy integration into KDE workspaces
ktp-send-file-0.9.0nb12.tgz KDE Telepathy file transfer application
ktp-text-ui-0.9.0nb12.tgz KDE Telepathy Plasma widgets
kttcp-20020711nb2.tgz Kernel network throughput benchmark
ktuberling-19.08.3.tgz Kids game: make your own potato
kturtle-19.08.3.tgz KDE educational programming environment
ktux-15.08.3nb12.tgz Tux Screen Saver
kubrick-19.08.3.tgz Game based on the Rubik's Cube puzzle
kunitconversion-5.64.0.tgz Support for unit conversion
kuser-16.08.0nb10.tgz KDE user manager
kwallet-5.64.0.tgz Secure and unified container for user passwords
kwalletmanager-19.08.3.tgz KDE wallet manager
kwidgetsaddons-5.64.0.tgz Addons to QtWidgets
kwindowsystem-5.64.0.tgz Access to the windowing system
kwordquiz-19.08.3.tgz KDE flash card trainer
kxmlgui-5.64.0.tgz User configurable main windows
kxmlrpcclient-5.64.0.tgz XML-RPC client library for KDE
kye-1.0nb29.tgz Puzzle game
kyopon-0.5.tgz Tool to manipulate data of Kyocera PHS handset
kyotocabinet-1.2.76nb1.tgz Straightforward implementation of DBM
kyua-0.13nb8.tgz Testing framework for infrastructure software
kz_h8write-0.2.1.tgz Flash writer for H8/3069F, mainly for KOZOS
l3afpad- Simple text editor forked from Leafpad, supports GTK+ 3.x
labelnation-1.212nb2.tgz Command-line label, business card printing program
lacheck-1.28nb4.tgz LaTeX checker
ladspa-1.15.tgz Linux Audio Developers Simple Plugin API
lambdamoo-1.8.1nb2.tgz The definitive MOO software
lambdamoo-core-990412.tgz Generic core classes for lambdamoo
lambdamoo-doc-1.8.0p6.tgz Documentation for lambdamoo
lame-3.100nb1.tgz Fast, high quality MP3 encoder
lanna-io-20170628.tgz Lanna Innovation collection of Thai fonts
lapack-3.7.1nb1.tgz Linear Algebra PACKage
larswm-7.5.3nb1.tgz 9wm-like window manager
lasem-0.4.1nb15.tgz Lasem is a library for rendering SVG and Mathml
lasso-2.5.1nb3.tgz Liberty Alliance Single Sign On implementation
lastfss-0.2.tgz Utility to maintain ephemeral snaphots
lastpass-cli-1.3.1nb5.tgz Command line interface to
latd-1.21.tgz The linux-decnet project's LAT protocol suite
latex-mk-2.1nb1.tgz Makefile fragments and scripts for managing LaTeX documents
latex2html-2016nb4.tgz LaTeX to HTML converter
latex2rtf-2.3.10nb1.tgz LaTeX to RTF converter
latexmk-463bnb1.tgz Tool to completely automate generating output from LaTeX documents
latin-words-bin-1.97nb1.tgz Latin-to-English dictionary program (Linux binary)
lato-ttf-2.015.tgz Free Sans Serif font Lato by Lukasz Dziedzic
lavaps-2.7nb14.tgz Lava lamp of currently running processes
lbdb-0.48.1nb1.tgz The little brother's database
lbrate-1.1nb1.tgz Extract/decompress CP/M LBR archives
lbreakout-010315nb12.tgz Breakout-style arcade game
lbreakout2-2.6.5.tgz Breakout-style arcade game
lcab-1.0b12.tgz Microsoft cabinet (.CAB) file creator
lcdftypetools-2.108.tgz Outline font manipulation tools
lcdis-1.04.tgz Disassembler for the Sega VMU/VMS
lcms-1.19nb3.tgz Little Color Management System -- a color management library
lcms2-2.9.tgz Little Color Management System - a color management library
lcov-1.13nb2.tgz Front-end for GCC's coverage testing tool gcov
ldapsdk-12311998nb9.tgz LDAP C-SDK from the Mozilla project
ldapvi-1.7nb14.tgz Interactive LDAP client
ldb-2.0.8.tgz LDAP-like embedded database
ldns-1.7.1nb1.tgz Library for simplified DNS programming
ldpc-20060208nb1.tgz Low Density Parity Check Codes
le-1.16.6.tgz Full screen text editor inspired by Norton Editor
leafnode-1.11.11.tgz NNTP server for small (dialup) sites
leafpad- Simple and light text editor using GTK+
leapsunpack-0.05.tgz Creates libtai leapsecs.dat from compressed table
ledger-3.1.3nb3.tgz Double-entry accounting system for command-line
leim-20.7nb7.tgz Libraries of Emacs Input Methods
lemon- Simple LALR(1) parser generator
lensfun-0.3.2nb1.tgz Library for rectifying defects introduced by photographic equipment
lepton-1.2.1.tgz Lossless compression/decompression for JPEG images
leptonica-1.78.0.tgz Software for image processing and image analysis applications
less-551.tgz Pager similar to more and pg
lesstif-0.95.2nb7.tgz API compatible clone of the OSF/Motif toolkit
lettuce-0.2.18nb1.tgz Behaviour-driven development test tool
level9-5.1nb1.tgz Curses port of the Level 9 text adventure interpreter
leveldb-1.22.tgz Fast and lightweight key/value database library by Google
lf-20180302nb13.tgz Terminal file manager
lft-3.79.tgz Layer four traceroute capable of tracing protocol paths
lftp-4.8.4nb3.tgz Powerful command line file transfer client
lgeneral-1.1.1nb11.tgz Panzer General play-a-like, uses Panzer General data files
lgeneral-data-1.1.3nb2.tgz Panzer General data files for lgeneral
lgogdownloader-3.5nb3.tgz Download games from GOG
lgrind-3.5nb9.tgz Source pretty printer for LaTeX
lha-114.9nb4.tgz Archive files using LZW compression (.lzh files)
lhasa-0.3.1.tgz Freely licensed lha archiving tool (for .lzh and .lha files)
lhs-0.1nb9.tgz Lightweight HTTP Server, IPv6-aware and SSL-enabled
lib3ds-1.2.0nb7.tgz 3D Studio File Format Library
libBlocksRuntime-6.0.0.tgz Runtime support for Apple Blocks
libFS-1.0.8.tgz X Font Server Interface Library
libICE-1.0.10.tgz Inter Client Exchange (ICE) library for X
libIDL-0.8.14nb4.tgz CORBA Interface Definition Language parser
libLLVM-7.0.1nb2.tgz Low Level Virtual Machine shared library
libLLVM34-3.4.2nb2.tgz Low Level Virtual Machine compiler infrastructure (previous version)
libLLVM4-4.0.1nb1.tgz Low Level Virtual Machine shared library
libSM-1.2.3.tgz X Session Management Library
libVNCServer-0.9.12nb1.tgz Easy API to write one's own vnc server
libX11-1.6.9.tgz Base X libraries from modular Xorg X11
libXScrnSaver-1.2.3.tgz X11 Screen Saver Library
libXau-1.0.9.tgz Authorization Protocol for X from
libXaw-1.0.13nb1.tgz X Athena Widgets Library from modular Xorg X11
libXaw3d-1.6.3.tgz X 3D Athena Widget Set
libXcomposite-0.4.5.tgz X Composite Library
libXcursor-1.2.0.tgz Client-side cursor loading library for X
libXdamage-1.1.5.tgz Xdamage extension (Library)
libXdmcp-1.1.3.tgz X Display Manager Control Protocol library from
libXext-1.3.4.tgz X Extension library
libXfixes-5.0.3nb1.tgz Xfixes library and extension of X RandR from modular
libXfont-1.5.4nb2.tgz X font Library
libXfont2-2.0.4.tgz X font Library (v2)
libXft-2.3.3.tgz Library for configuring and customizing font access
libXgFonts-1.0nb4.tgz These are the UNICODE fonts for use with 9term and sam
libXi-1.7.10.tgz X Input extension library
libXinerama-1.1.4.tgz X PanoramiX extension library
libXmu-1.1.3.tgz X Miscellaneous Utilities library
libXpm-3.5.13.tgz X PixMap Library from modular Xorg X11
libXpresent-1.0.0nb1.tgz Xlib-compatible API for the Present extension
libXrandr-1.5.2.tgz X RandR Library from
libXrender-0.9.10nb1.tgz X Render Library
libXres-1.2.0nb1.tgz X Resource Information Extension Library
libXt-1.2.0.tgz X Toolkit Intrinsics library
libXtst-1.2.3nb1.tgz X Tst Library
libXv-1.0.11nb1.tgz Xv Extension library
libXvMC-1.0.12.tgz XVideo Motion Compensation Library
libXxf86dga-1.1.5.tgz Library for the XFree86-DGA X extension
libXxf86vm-1.1.4nb1.tgz Library for the XFree86-VidMode X extension
liba52-0.7.4nb3.tgz Free ATSC A/52 stream decoder library
libaacs-0.9.0.tgz Advanced Access Content System specification implementation
libabw-0.1.1nb16.tgz Library for AbiWord documents
libaec-1.0.4.tgz Adaptive entropy coding library
libalac-0.0.20111026.tgz Apple Lossless Audio Codec is an audio codec developed by Apple
libansilove-1.1.6.tgz Library for converting ANSI, ASCII, and other formats to PNG
libao-1.2.2.tgz Cross-platform audio library
libao-alsa-1.2.2.tgz Cross-platform audio library (ALSA plugin)
libao-esound-1.2.2.tgz Cross-platform audio library (ESD plugin)
libao-nas-1.2.2.tgz Cross-platform audio library (NAS plugin)
libao-oss-1.2.2nb1.tgz Cross-platform audio library (OSS plugin)
libao-pulse-1.2.2.tgz Cross-platform audio library (PulseAudio plugin)
libao-sun-1.2.2.tgz Cross-platform audio library (Sun audio plugin)
libaom-1.0.0nb2.tgz Library for using AV1, video coding format
libappindicator-12.10.0nb2.tgz Allow applications to export a menu into the panel
libarchive-3.4.0.tgz Library to read/create different archive formats
libarena-20080221.tgz Memory allocator API and implementation
libares-1.1.1nb1.tgz Asynchronous DNS resolver library
libargparse-0.1.0000nb1.tgz Argument parsing library in C++
libart-2.3.21.tgz High-performance 2D graphics library
libasr-1.0.2.tgz Asynchronous DNS resolver library
libass-0.14.0nb2.tgz Portable subtitle renderer for the ASS/SSA subtitle format
libassetml-1.2.1nb7.tgz Library for sharing image and audio files between projects
libassuan-2.5.3.tgz IPC library used by some of the other GnuPG related packages
libast-0.7nb12.tgz The Library of Assorted Spiffy Things
libasyncns-0.8.tgz C library for executing name service queries asynchronously
libatomic_ops-7.6.10.tgz Multi-platform library of atomic operations by Hans Boehm
libaudiofile-0.3.6nb1.tgz Sound library for SGI audio file
libb2-0.98.1.tgz C library providing BLAKE2b, BLAKE2s, BLAKE2bp, BLAKE2sp
libbaloo4-4.14.3nb14.tgz KDE framework for searching and managing user metadata
libbdplus-0.1.2.tgz Research project to implement the BD+ System Specifications
libbegemot-1.11.tgz Base development library, contains useful routines
libbf-0.8.2b.tgz Blowfish block cipher library
libbinio-1.4.tgz Binary I/O stream class library
libblkid-2.32.1nb1.tgz Library to handle device identification and token extraction
libbluray-1.1.2.tgz Library for Blu-Ray Discs playback for media players
libbonobo-2.32.0nb13.tgz GNOME2 Object activation framework library
libbonoboui-2.24.4nb37.tgz GNOME2 Object activation framework library (graphical version)
libbpg-0.9.2.tgz Better Portable Graphics image format library
libburn-1.5.0.tgz Library to write preformatted data onto optical media
libcaca-0.99.18nb2.tgz Graphics library that outputs text instead of pixels, in colour
libcanberra-0.30nb1.tgz Desktop event sound library
libcanlock-3.1.0.tgz Standalone RFC 8315 Netnews Cancel-Lock implementation
libcarddav- CardDAV library
libcares-1.15.0nb1.tgz Asynchronous resolver library, c-ares
libcbor-0.5.0.tgz Parsing and generate schema-less binary data format
libcdaudio-0.99.12nb2.tgz Multi-platform CD player development library
libcddb-1.3.2nb1.tgz Library to access data on a CDDB server
libcdio-2.1.0nb2.tgz CD-ROM access library
libcdio-paranoia-2.0.0nb1.tgz CD-ROM access library: CDDA support
libcdr-0.1.5nb3.tgz Corel Draw file format importer library
libcec-4.0.4.tgz USB CEC Adapter communication Library
libcerf-1.13.tgz Library providing efficient and accurate complex error functions
libcfg+-0.7.0.tgz Command line and configuration file parsing library
libchamplain04-0.4.7nb47.tgz Map widget
libchamplain06-0.6.1nb53.tgz Map widget
libchamplain08-0.8.3nb49.tgz Map widget
libchewing-0.2.7.tgz The intelligent phonetic input method library
libchewing-0.4.0nb12.tgz The intelligent phonetic input method library
libclucene- Text search engine written in C++
libcmis-0.5.2nb3.tgz Client library for the CMIS interface
libcompizconfig-0.8.8nb45.tgz Configuration backend for compiz
libcomprex-0.3.3nb20.tgz Library to handle (de)compression of files
libconfig-1.7.2.tgz Simple library for manipulating structured configuration files
libcrack-2.7nb2.tgz Password checking library
libcroco-0.6.13.tgz Toolkit to parse and manipulate CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
libcsv-3.0.3.tgz CSV library written in pure ANSI C89
libctl-3.2.2nb1.tgz Guile-based flexible control file library for scientific simulations
libcuefile-0rc475.tgz CUE File library for the musepack decoder
libcurvecpr-20130806.tgz Uses elliptic-curve cryptography to encrypt and authenticate data
libcxx-9.0.0nb1.tgz C++ Standard Library
libcxxabi-9.0.0nb1.tgz C++ Standard Library
libdaemon-0.14nb1.tgz C library that eases the writing of UNIX daemons
libdatrie-0.2.12.tgz Implementation of Double-Array Trie
libdbh2-5.0.16.tgz Library to create disk based Hashtables
libdbi-0.9.0.tgz Database Independent Abstraction Layer for C
libdbi-driver-mysql-0.9.0.tgz MySQL driver for libdbi, a database abstraction
libdbi-driver-pgsql-0.9.0nb1.tgz PostgreSQL driver for libdbi, a database abstraction
libdbi-driver-sqlite-0.9.0.tgz SQLite driver for libdbi, a database abstraction
libdbi-driver-sqlite3-0.9.0nb8.tgz SQLite3 driver for libdbi, a database abstraction
libdbusmenu-glib-12.10.2nb7.tgz Glib2 library created by pulling some code from indicator-applet
libdbusmenu-gtk-doc-12.10.2.tgz GTK+ API library documentation for libdbusmenu
libdbusmenu-gtk3-12.10.2nb15.tgz GTK3+ library created by pulling some code from indicator-applet
libdbusmenu-jsonloader-12.10.2nb7.tgz Test libraries for development with libdbusemenu
libdbusmenu-qt- Dbusmenu library for Qt4
libdbusmenu-qt5- Dbusmenu library for Qt5
libdca-0.0.6.tgz DTS Coherent Acoustics decoder
libdecaf-1.0.0.tgz Implementation of Ed448-Goldilocks elliptic curve for cryptography
libdes-4.04b.tgz Small DES (Data Encryption Standard) lib & standalone program
libdesktop-agnostic-0.3.92nb34.tgz Desktop-agnostic library, apis and tools
libdevkit-gobject-003nb7.tgz Modular hardware abstraction layer
libdiscid-0.6.2.tgz Library for creating MusicBrainz DiscIDs
libdlna-0.2.4nb8.tgz Reference DLNA open-source implementation
libdmapsharing-2.1.9nb54.tgz Implementation of the DMAP family of protocols
libdmapsharing3-2.9.15nb42.tgz Implementation of the DMAP family of protocols (v3)
libdmtx-0.7.4.tgz Software for reading and writing Data Matrix 2D barcodes
libdnet-1.12nb1.tgz C interface to several low-level networking routines
libdnsres-0.1anb12.tgz Non-blocking thread-safe API for resolving DNS names
libdockapp-0.6.2.tgz Simple library to create dockapps for WindowMaker
libdrg-0.0.81nb4.tgz Library for reading and merging DRG files
libdrm-2.4.100.tgz Userspace interface to kernel DRM services
libdshconfig-0.20.13.tgz Library for parsing dsh-style configuration files
libdsk-1.3.8.tgz Library for accessing floppy discs and disc image files
libduktape-2.3.0.tgz Embeddable Javascript engine library
libdv-1.0.0nb2.tgz DV video codec library
libdv-tools-1.0.0nb1.tgz DV video codec library (standalone tools)
libdvbcsa-1.1.0.tgz Free implementation of the DVB Common Scrambling Algorithm
libdvbpsi-0.2.2.tgz PSI decoder and generator library for MPEG2 and DVB streams (v0.x)
libdvbpsi-1.3.2.tgz PSI decoder and generator library for MPEG2 and DVB streams
libdvdnav-6.0.1.tgz Library to navigate DVDs
libdvdplay-1.0.1nb3.tgz Simple API library designed for DVD navigation
libdvdread-6.0.2.tgz DVD access library
libe-book-0.1.3nb9.tgz Library for importing non-HTML reflowable e-book formats
libeXosip2-4.1.0nb1.tgz The Extended Open SIP library
libebml-1.3.10.tgz Extensible Binary Meta Language support library
libebur128-1.2.4.tgz EBU R128 loudness standard implementation
libecap-1.0.1nb2.tgz C++ implementation of eCAP API
libelf-0.8.13nb1.tgz ELF object file access library
libepoxy-1.5.3.tgz Library for OpenGL function pointer management
libepubgen-0.1.0nb5.tgz EPUB generator library for librevenge
liberation-ttf-2.00.1nb1.tgz TrueType fonts from RedHat
libesmtp-1.0.6nb4.tgz Library to manage posting of electronic mail
libestr-0.1.10.tgz Library for some string essentials
libetm-1.09.tgz Exception and termination manager
libetonyek-0.1.9nb2.tgz Library for Apple Office suite files
libetpan-1.9.1nb4.tgz Really nice mail library
libev-4.27.tgz Full-featured and high-performance event loop
libevent-2.1.11.tgz Asynchronous event notification library
libexecinfo-1.1nb1.tgz BSD Licensed clone of backtrace facility found in GNU libc
libexif-0.6.21nb1.tgz EXIF file library
libexif-gtk-0.3.5nb33.tgz EXIF file library (GTK2 interface)
libextractor-1.9nb4.tgz Metadata extractor for various file data types
libexttextcat-3.4.5.tgz Text categorization library
libf2c-20090201nb3.tgz f2c Fortran support library
libfakekey-0.1.tgz X Virtual Keyboard Library
libfastjson-0.99.8.tgz Fast json library for C
libfetch-2.39.tgz Library to access HTTP/FTP server
libffcall-2.2.tgz Foreign function call libraries
libffi-3.2.1nb4.tgz Foreign function interface
libfilezilla-0.18.2.tgz Library for building high-performing, platform-independent programs
libfirm-1.21.0.tgz Provides a graph-based SSA representation of programs
libfishsound-1.0.0.tgz Provides a simple API for decoding and encoding audio data
libflash-0.4.10nb9.tgz Open source Flash(tm) library
libflashsupport-4.2.2011.tgz Additional Interface Support for Linux Flash Player
libfm-1.3.1nb1.tgz File management library
libfm-extra- File management library (extra)
libfolks-0.4.2nb5.tgz Library to manage contacts
libfontenc-1.1.4.tgz Library for handling fonts with different character set encodings
libfprint-0.7.0nb11.tgz Fingerprint reader access library
libfpx-1.3.1nb1.tgz Library for reading and writing FlashPix images
libfreefare-0.4.0.tgz Convenient API for MIFARE card manipulations
libfreehand-0.1.1nb24.tgz Library for Adobe/Macromedia drawings
libftdi-0.20nb1.tgz Userland driver library for FTDI USB chips
libftdi1-1.1nb15.tgz Userland driver library for FTDI USB chips
libfwbuilder-4.1.3nb21.tgz Firewall Builder API
libgamin-0.1.10nb1.tgz File alteration monitor
libgcroots-0.2.3.tgz Garbage collector supporting library
libgcrypt-1.8.5.tgz GNU cryptographic library
libgda-5.2.9.tgz GNU database access library
libgda-mysql-5.2.9.tgz GNU database access library - mysql provider
libgda-postgres-5.2.9.tgz GNU database access library - postgres provider
libgdata-0.16.1nb24.tgz Google Data API based Glib client library
libgdata-0.6.6nb28.tgz Google Data API based Glib client library
libgdiplus-6.0.2.tgz Implementation of the GDI+ API
libgee-0.20.1nb2.tgz Library providing GObject-based interfaces and classes
libgee0.6-0.6.8.tgz Library providing GObject-based interfaces and classes (v0.6)
libgeotiff-1.4.3.tgz Library and tools for reading and writing GeoTIFF data
libgetopt-1.4.6.tgz Library for handling --long options
libgfshare-1.0.5.tgz Library to implement Shamir's secret sharing scheme
libggi-2.2.2nb4.tgz General Graphics Interface library is a flexible drawing library
libggigcp-1.0.2nb1.tgz Color management extension for GGI
libggimisc-2.2.2nb1.tgz Miscellaneous graphics target features for GGI
libggiwmh-0.3.2nb1.tgz Windows Manager hints library for GGI
libggz- GGZ Gaming Zone libraries
libghttp-1.0.9nb1.tgz GNOME http client library
libgii-1.0.2nb1.tgz General Input Interface - API for all possible input sources
libgiigic-1.0.0nb1.tgz General Input Configurator for GGI
libgit2-0.28.4.tgz Portable, pure C implementation of the Git core methods
libgksu-2.0.12nb13.tgz Library that provides a GTK+ frontend to su and sudo
libglade-2.6.4nb30.tgz Runtime interpreter for GLADE GUI files
libglademm-2.6.7nb30.tgz C++ bindings for libglade
libglobalplatform-6.0.0nb1.tgz C library for managing GlobalPlatform smart card contents
libgltf-0.1.0nb8.tgz Rendering library for glTF
libgnome-2.32.1nb35.tgz Core GNOME2 library (non-graphical)
libgnome-keyring-3.12.0.tgz GNOME password and secret manager
libgnomecanvas-2.30.3nb25.tgz GNOME Canvas library
libgnomecanvasmm-2.26.0nb30.tgz C++ bindings for libgnomecanvas
libgnomekbd-3.6.0nb3.tgz Gnome keyboard configuration library
libgnomekbd2-2.32.0nb27.tgz Gnome keyboard configuration library
libgnomemm-2.30.0nb35.tgz C++ bindings for libgnome
libgnomeprint-2.18.8nb34.tgz Library for the GNOME2 Printing Architecture
libgnomeprintui-2.18.6nb35.tgz Graphical library for the GNOME2 Printing Architecture
libgnomeui-2.24.5nb45.tgz Core GNOME2 graphical libraries
libgnomeuimm-2.28.0nb43.tgz C++ bindings for libgnomeui
libgpg-error-1.36nb1.tgz Definitions of common error values for all GnuPG components
libgphoto2-2.5.8nb3.tgz Digital camera access library
libgpod-0.8.2nb41.tgz Library for accessing iPod onboard databases, playlists, etc
libgroove-4.3.0nb5.tgz Audio dispatching library
libgsf-1.14.46.tgz GNOME2 structured file library
libgtkhtml-2.6.3nb41.tgz Lightweight HTML rendering GTK2 widget
libgtop-2.28.4nb16.tgz Library to retrieve system information, used in GNOME2
libguardtime-0.3.13nb12.tgz GuardTime Client C SDK
libgweather-2.30.3nb49.tgz Weather information access library
libgxps-0.2.2nb21.tgz Library for XPS documents
libhangul-0.1.0.tgz Library used by Korean input methods
libhdhomerun-20140121.tgz Client and library for Silicon Dust HD Homerun
libhfs-3.2.6nb2.tgz Library for accessing HFS (Apple Macintosh) volumes
libhid-0.2.16nb3.tgz Abstraction layer for HID-class devices over USB/serial
libhidapi-0.9.0.tgz Library for comunicating with bluetooth and usb hid devices
libhighlight-3.54.tgz Converts source code to formatted text with syntax highlighting (shared library)
libiberty-1.0nb2.tgz This package provides the GNU liberty library of "missing" functions
libical-3.0.6.tgz Reference implementation of the iCalendar data type and format
libiconv-1.14nb3.tgz Character set conversion library
libid3tag-0.15.1bnb2.tgz ID3 tag library, part of MAD (MPEG Audio Decoder)
libidea-0.8.2b.tgz IDEA block cipher library
libident-0.32.tgz Small library to interface to the ident protocol server (rfc1413)
libidn-1.34nb1.tgz Internationalized Domain Names command line tool
libidn2-2.3.0.tgz Convert internationalized domain names to/from ASCII Encoding
libifp- General-purpose library-driver for iRiver's iFP portable players
libimagequant-2.12.5.tgz High-quality conversion of RGBA images to 8-bit indexed-color
libindicator-12.10.1nb9.tgz GTK+3 symbols and convience functions for indicators
libinotify-0.0.20180201.tgz Inotify emulation library for *BSDs
libint-2.0.0.tgz Efficient computation of quantum mechanical matrix elements over Gaussian basis sets
libiptcdata-1.0.4.tgz Library to parse IPTC metadata
libirc-0.2nb2.tgz C library for the IRC protocol
libisoburn-1.5.0.tgz This is the libisoburn library and xorriso commands
libisofs-1.5.0.tgz Create an ISO-9660 filesystem with extensions
libite-1.6.0.tgz Useful functions developed by both Finit and the OpenBSD project
libixion-0.14.1nb2.tgz General purpose formula parser & interpreter
libixp-0.4.tgz Stand-alone client/server 9P library
libjit-0.1.2nb1.tgz Just-In-Time compilation functionality
libjpeg-turbo-1.5.3.tgz Accelerated libjpeg with SIMD instructions
libjudy-1.0.5.tgz High-performance sparse dynamic array library
libkactivities4-4.13.3nb11.tgz KDE Activity Manager
libkate-0.4.1nb16.tgz Overlay codec, originally designed for karaoke and text
libkcddb-19.08.3.tgz KDE CDDB library
libkcompactdisc-4.14.3nb15.tgz a library for interfacing with CDs
libkdcraw-19.08.3.tgz KDE digital camera raw image library wrapper
libkdeedu-4.14.3nb15.tgz Common library for KDE educational apps
libkdegames-19.08.3.tgz Common code and data for many KDE games
libkeduvocdocument-19.08.3.tgz Common libraries for KDE Edu applications
libkexiv2-19.08.3.tgz KDE wrapper around exiv2
libkexiv2-kde4-15.08.3.tgz KDE wrapper around exiv2
libkgapi-2.2.0nb15.tgz KDE-based library for accessing various Google services
libkipi-19.08.3.tgz KDE image plugin interface
libkkc-0.3.5nb1.tgz Japanese Kana Kanji conversion library
libkkc-data-0.2.7nb1.tgz Language model data for libkkc
libkmahjongg-19.08.3.tgz Library for loading and rendering of Mahjongg tilesets
libkomparediff2-19.08.3.tgz Library to compare files and strings
libksane-19.08.3.tgz SANE Library interface for KDE
libksba-1.3.5nb1.tgz X.509 library
libktorrent-1.3.1nb18.tgz Torrent library split from KTorrent
libkver-0.7.2.tgz Shared library and sysctl(1) replacement to override system version
libkvkontakte-5.0.0.tgz KDE library for asynchronous interaction with
liblangtag-0.6.3.tgz RFC 5646 language tag interface library
liblastfm-0.3.3nb24.tgz Library for accessing
liblbfgs-1.10.tgz Library of Limited-memory Broyden-Fletcher-Goldfarb-Shanno (L-BFGS)
liblcf-0.6.1.tgz Library to handle RPG Maker 2000/2003 and EasyRPG projects
liblinear-2.11nb1.tgz Library for large linear classification
liblinebreak-2.1.tgz Library for line breaking in a Unicode sequence
liblive-20141211.tgz Set of C++ libraries for multimedia streaming
liblnk-20171101.tgz Library to handle Windows .lnk shortcuts
liblo-0.28.tgz Lightweight Open Sound Control implementation
liblogging-1.0.5.tgz Easy to use logging library
liblognorm-2.0.5.tgz Tool to normalize log data
liblqr-0.4.2.tgz Content-aware image resizing library
liblrdf-0.5.0nb17.tgz Library for easy manipulation of LADSPA plugin RDF descriptions
libltdl-2.4.6.tgz Generic shared library support (libltdl abstraction library)
liblzo-1.08nb1.tgz Portable lossless data compression library (v1)
libmaa-1.4.4.tgz General purpose data structures and functions
libmad-0.15.1bnb2.tgz High-quality MPEG audio decoder
libmal-0.44nb1.tgz MAL convenience library
libmatchbox-1.9nb8.tgz Library for matchbox window manager for computers with small displays
libmatekbd-1.22.0nb2.tgz MATE keyboard configuration library
libmatemixer-1.22.0nb2.tgz MATE audio mixer
libmateweather-1.22.0nb3.tgz Weather information access library
libmatheval-1.1.11.tgz Library for evaluating mathematical expressions
libmatroska-1.5.2.tgz Extensible open standard Audio/Video container format
libmaxminddb-1.3.2.tgz C library for the MaxMind DB file format
libmcrypt-2.5.8.tgz Crypto algorithms library
libmediaart-1.9.4.tgz Library for managing, extracting, and handling media art caches
libmediainfo-0.7.90.tgz MediaInfoLib, support library for MediaInfo program
libmediawiki-5.37.0.tgz Mediawiki C++ interface for KDE
libmemcache-1.4.0beta9nb1.tgz C API for memcached
libmemcached-1.0.18.tgz C/C++ client library and tools for the memcached server
libmemmgr-1.04.tgz Simple memory manager library
libmerkletree-20140303.tgz Calculate and verify Merkle tree digests
libmicro-0.4.0.tgz Set of utilities to benchmark productivity of system calls
libmicrohttpd-0.9.69.tgz Small C library to run an HTTP server as part of another app
libmikmod- MikMod Sound Library
libmilter-8.15.2nb1.tgz Mail filter support library for sendmail
libmimedir-0.5.1.tgz MIME Directory Profile parser library (RFC 2425)
libmirisdr-0.1nb2.tgz Osmocom Mirics MSi2500 + MSi001 SDR library
libmm-1.4.2nb1.tgz Portable abstraction layer for shared memory
libmms-0.6.4.tgz Library for parsing mms:// and mmsh:// type network streams
libmodplug- Library for decoding mod-like music formats
libmongo-client-0.1.8.tgz Alternative C driver for MongoDB
libmowgli-2.1.3.tgz Development framework for C (like GLib)
libmp3splt-0.9.2.tgz Split mp3, ogg vorbis and FLAC without decoding
libmp4v2-1.6.1nb8.tgz Library for reading and modifying mp4 files
libmpcdec-1.2.6.tgz Portable Musepack decoder library (V7)
libmpd-11.8.17.tgz Library to access mpd (musicpd)
libmpdclient-2.17.tgz Asynchronous API library for interfacing MPD
libmpeg2-0.5.1.tgz Library for decoding mpeg-2 and mpeg-1 video streams
libmpeg3-1.8nb1.tgz MPEG decoding library and tools
libmrss-0.19.2nb16.tgz C library for parsing, writing and creating RSS files or streams
libmsn-4.2.1nb3.tgz Library for connecting to Microsoft's MSN Messenger service
libmspack-0.10.1alpha.tgz Archiver for Microsoft format CAB, CHM, WIM, LIT, HLP, KWAJ and SZDD
libmspub-0.1.4nb9.tgz Library for importing Microsoft Publisher content
libmtag-0.3.2nb1.tgz Music tagging library
libmtp-1.1.16.tgz Implementation of Media Transfer Protocol (MTP)
libmultigest-20150211.tgz Multiple, concatenated digest value calculation library
libmusepack-1.0.3.tgz Portable Musepack decoder library
libmusicbrainz-3.0.3nb5.tgz MusicBrainz (user-maintained community music metadatabase) library v3
libmusicbrainz5-5.1.0.tgz MusicBrainz (user-maintained community music metadatabase) library v5
libmwaw-0.3.7nb10.tgz Import library for pre-OSX Mac text formats
libmypaint-1.4.0.tgz Library for making brushstrokes
libmysofa-0.9.tgz Reader for AES SOFA HRTF files
libnbcompat-20190708.tgz Portable NetBSD compatibility library
libnet10-1.0.2anb3.tgz C library for portable packet creation and injection
libnet11- C library for portable packet creation and injection
libnetpgpverify-20191003.tgz PGP and ssh signature verification library
libnfc-1.7.1nb1.tgz Low level NFC SDK and Programmers API
libnice-0.1.16nb1.tgz IETF's Interactive Connectivity Establishment standard implementation
libnids-1.24.tgz Network monitoring library with TCP/IP reassembly
libnipper-0.12.1.tgz Performs security audits of network device configuration
libnjb-2.2.6nb4.tgz Communicating with some Creative and Dell audio players
libnms-0.6.0.tgz Open Media Streaming Client Library
libnotify-0.7.8nb1.tgz Desktop notification framework
libnova-0.15.0.tgz Celestial Mechanics, Astrometry and Astrodynamics calculation library
libntfs-2017.3.23.tgz Linux-NTFS project utilities for the Windows NT Filesystem
libntlm-1.5.tgz Library that implement Microsoft's NTLM authentication
libnumbertext-1.0.3.tgz Convert to number names from numbers
libnxml-0.18.3nb17.tgz C library for parsing, writing and creating XML files or streams
liboauth-1.0.3nb13.tgz Embeddable oauth 1.0 implementation
libodfgen-0.1.6nb10.tgz Library to generate ODF documents through libwpd and libwps
libofa-0.9.3nb19.tgz Open Fingerprint Architecture library
libofx-0.9.10nb13.tgz OFX (Open Financial eXchange) Library
libogg-1.3.4nb1.tgz Ogg project codecs library
liboggz-1.1.1nb1.tgz Inspects, edits, and validates Ogg files
liboil-0.3.17.tgz Library of simple, CPU-optimized functions
libol-0.3.18nb2.tgz Support library for syslog-ng
liboobs-2.22.2nb11.tgz Lightweight GObject based interface to system-tools-backends
liboop-1.0nb1.tgz Event loop management library
libopenmpt-0.4.3nb1.tgz Library to decode tracked music files into a raw PCM audio stream
libopenspc- Library and player for SPC sound files
libopensync-0.22nb24.tgz Platform independent synchronization framework
libopensync-plugin-file-0.22nb23.tgz Platform independent synchronization framework, backup to file
libopensync-plugin-syncml-0.22nb24.tgz Platform independent synchronization framework, SyncML plugin
libopus-1.3.1.tgz Totally open, royalty-free, highly versatile audio codec library
libosip2-4.1.0nb1.tgz Implementation of SIP
libotf-0.9.16nb2.tgz Library for handling OpenType fonts (OTF)
libotr-4.1.1.tgz Library for Off-The-Record encrypted messaging
libowfat-0.32nb2.tgz Library of general purpose APIs
libp11-0.2.8nb1.tgz Convenience library for easy PKCS#11 implementation
libpagemaker-0.0.4nb5.tgz Library and utilities for Adobe PageMaker files
libpano13-2.9.19nb2.tgz Cross-platform library behind Panorama Tools and other stitchers
libpaper-1.1.28.tgz Paper size handling library
libpcap-1.9.1.tgz System-independent interface for user-level packet capture
libpciaccess-0.16.tgz PCI access utility library from
libpeas-1.24.1.tgz GObject-based plugins engine
libpgf-6.14.12.tgz Progressive Graphics File (PGF) library
libpgm-5.1.118nb7.tgz PGM reliable multicast library implementing RFC 3208
libphutil-20170609nb1.tgz Collection of utility classes and functions for PHP
libpinyin-1.0.0.tgz Library to deal with pinyin
libplist-1.12nb1.tgz Handle Apple Binary and XML Property Lists
libportlib-1.01.tgz Portable file locking and directory reading
libpqxx-6.2.2nb1.tgz C++ interface to postgresql-lib
libprelude- LibPrelude libraries and c++ easy bindings
libprelude-lua- Lua bindings to LibPrelude
libprelude-perl- Perl bindings to LibPrelude
libprelude-python- Python bindings to LibPrelude
libpreludedb- Provides an interface to the database used to store IDMEF alerts
libpreludedb-mysql- Provides an interface to the database used to store IDMEF alerts
libpreludedb-perl- Provides an interface to the database used to store IDMEF alerts
libpreludedb-pgsql- Provides an interface to the database used to store IDMEF alerts
libpreludedb-python- Provides an interface to the database used to store IDMEF alerts
libpreludedb-sqlite3- Provides an interface to the database used to store IDMEF alerts
libproplist-0.10.1nb1.tgz GNUstep/OPENSTEP property lists compatibility library
libproxy-0.4.15.tgz Library that provides automatic proxy configuration management
libpsl-0.20.2nb4.tgz Library to handle the Public Suffix List
libpthread_dbg-20161124nb1.tgz POSIX Debug Threads Library
libpurple-2.13.0nb9.tgz Multi-protocol Instant Messaging client backend
libpuzzle-0.11nb17.tgz Libpuzzle is designed to quickly find visually similar images
libquantum-1.0.0.tgz Quantum computing simulation library
libquic-0.0.3nb4.tgz Multiplexed stream transport over UDP
libquicktime-1.2.4nb15.tgz Library for quicktime/avi/mp4 files
libquvi-0.4.1nb19.tgz Library for quvi
libquvi-scripts-0.4.21.tgz Scripts for libquvi
libqxp-0.0.2nb3.tgz Library that parses the file format of QuarkXPress documents
libradius-20040827nb2.tgz RADIUS client library
libraw-0.13.8.tgz Raw decoding/processing library
libraw-0.19.5.tgz Raw decoding/processing library
librdkafka-1.0.1.tgz Apache Kafka C/C++ library
librecad-2.2.0.rc1.tgz Free Open Source personal CAD application
librelp-1.2.16nb1.tgz Reliable Event Logging Protocol core library
libreoffice5-bin-5.4.7.tgz Integrated office productivity suite (binary pkg)
libreoffice6-bin-6.2.7.tgz Integrated office productivity suite (binary pkg)
librep-0.92.7.tgz Emacs Lisp-like runtime library, interpreter, compiler and VM
libreplaygain-0rc475.tgz ReplayGain library for the musepack decoder
libressl-2.7.4.tgz Secure Sockets Layer and cryptography libraries and tools
librest-0.6nb28.tgz Library for "RESTful" web services
librest07-0.7.93nb12.tgz Library for "RESTful" web services
libretro-2048-20181229.tgz Libretro core based on the 2048 puzzle game
libretro-beetle-ngp-20190203.tgz Libretro core based on the Mednafen Neo Geo Pocket emulator
libretro-beetle-pce-fast-20180720.tgz Libretro core based on the Mednafen PC Engine emulator
libretro-beetle-psx-20190203.tgz Libretro core based on the Mednafen PlayStation emulator
libretro-beetle-psx-hw-20190203.tgz Libretro core based on the Mednafen PlayStation emulator (OpenGL)
libretro-beetle-saturn-20180620nb1.tgz Libretro core based on the Mednafen Sega Saturn emulator
libretro-beetle-sgx-20180512.tgz Libretro core based on the Mednafen SuperGrafx emulator
libretro-beetle-vb-20180620.tgz Libretro core based on the Mednafen VirtualBoy emulator
libretro-beetle-wswan-20190402.tgz Libretro core based on the Mednafen Wonderswan emulator
libretro-bluemsx-20190420.tgz Libretro core for MSX/MSX2/ColecoVision/SVI/SG-1000 emulation
libretro-bsnes-mercury-20180803.tgz Libretro core for SNES/Super Famicom emulation ("balanced" profile)
libretro-bsnes-mercury-accuracy-20180803.tgz Libretro core for SNES/Super Famicom emulation ("accuracy" profile)
libretro-bsnes-mercury-performance-20180803.tgz Libretro core for SNES/Super Famicom emulation ("performance" profile)
libretro-cap32-20190128.tgz Libretro core based on the Caprice32 Amstrad CPC emulator
libretro-core-info-1.7.7.tgz Libretro core information
libretro-craft-20180803.tgz Libretro core based on the 'Craft' Minecraft clone
libretro-database-20180904.tgz ROM scanning data provided by the libretro project
libretro-desmume-20190426nb2.tgz Libretro core based on the DeSmuME Nintendo DS emulator
libretro-fbalpha- Libretro core based on the FB Alpha arcade game emulator
libretro-fceumm-20190106.tgz Libretro core based on the FCEUmm Famicom/NES emulator
libretro-freeintv-20180729.tgz Libretro core for Mattel Intellivision emulation
libretro-fuse-20180419.tgz Libretro core based on the FUSE ZX Spectrum emulator
libretro-gambatte-20190412.tgz Libretro core based on the Gambatte Game Boy Color emulator
libretro-genesis-plus-gx-20180607.tgz Libretro core based on the Genesis Plus Sega 8/16 bit emulator
libretro-mame2010-20180417.tgz Libretro core based on the MAME 0.139 arcade game emulator
libretro-mgba-0.7.3nb1.tgz Libretro core based on the mGBA emulator
libretro-mupen64plus-20190426.tgz Libretro core based on the Mupen64Plus emulator
libretro-nestopia-1.49.tgz Libretro core based on the Nestopia UE emulator
libretro-np2kai-0.86.18.tgz Libretro core based on the Neko Project II PC-9801 emulator
libretro-nxengine-20181126.tgz Libretro core based on the NXEngine game engine for Cave Story
libretro-o2em-20180812.tgz Libretro core for Magnavox Odyssey 2 and VideoPac emulation
libretro-pcsx-rearmed-0.22.tgz Libretro core based on the PCSX ReARMed emulator
libretro-picodrive-20180722nb1.tgz Libretro core based on the Picodrive MegaDrive/MegaCD/32X emulator
libretro-ppsspp-1.7.5.tgz Libretro core based on the PPSSPP PlayStation Portable emulator
libretro-prosystem-20180812.tgz Libretro core based on the ProSystem Atari 7800 emulator
libretro-reicast-20190508.tgz Libretro core based on the Reicast Sega Dreamcast emulator
libretro-sameboy-0.12.2.tgz Libretro core based on the SameBoy Game Boy/Game Boy Color emulator
libretro-snes9x-1.60.tgz Libretro core based on the snes9x Super Nintendo emulator
libretro-snes9x2005-20180626.tgz Libretro core based on the snes9x Super Nintendo emulator
libretro-snes9x2010-20180626.tgz Libretro core based on the snes9x Super Nintendo emulator
libretro-stella-20180411.tgz Libretro core based on the Stella Atari 2600 (VCS) emulator
libretro-vba-next-20180603.tgz Libretro core based on the VBA Next Game Boy Advance emulator
libretro-vecx-20180412.tgz Libretro core for Vectrex emulation
libretro-virtualjaguar-20180812.tgz Libretro core based on the Virtual Jaguar Atari Jaguar emulation
librevenge-0.0.4nb10.tgz Base library for writing document import filters
librfuncs-1.0.7nb1.tgz Provides missing POSIX *_r functions
librlog-1.3.7.tgz C++ logging library
librsvg-2.40.20nb5.tgz SVG library for GNOME (2.40.xx branch, C only)
librsvg-2.46.3.tgz SVG library for GNOME
librsync-2.0.0nb3.tgz rsync-like rolling checksum library
librxspencer-3.8.4.tgz POSIX API regexp library by Henry Spencer
libsafec-10052013.tgz C bounds checking memory and string functions library
libsamplerate-0.1.9.tgz Sample rate converter library
libsass-3.6.3.tgz C/C++ port of the Sass CSS precompiler
libsbsms-2.0.2.tgz Subband Sinusoidal Modeling Synthesis
libscigraphica-2.1.1nb36.tgz Scientific data visualization and analysis library
libsecret-0.18.8.tgz GObject based library for accessing the Secret Service API
libsexy-0.1.11nb30.tgz Collection of GTK+ widgets that beautify standard widgets
libsexymm-0.1.9nb31.tgz C++ bindings for libsexy
libshorttext-1.1nb1.tgz Library for short-text classification and analysis
libshout-2.4.3.tgz Connects and sends data to icecast servers
libsidplay-1.36.59nb3.tgz Sidplay Library
libsidplay2-2.1.1nb2.tgz Sidplay2 Library
libsieve-2.3.1.tgz Library for parsing, sorting and filtering mail
libsigc++-2.10.2.tgz Type-safe callback system for C++ programs (v2)
libsigc++1-1.2.7nb1.tgz Type-safe callback system for C++ programs
libsigsegv-2.12.tgz Library for handling page faults in user mode
libsixel-1.8.4.tgz DEC SIXEL graphics codec encoder/decoder and converter
libskk-1.0.5.tgz Library to deal with Japnese kana-to-kanji conversion method
libslang-1.4.9nb7.tgz Routines for rapid alpha-numeric terminal applications development
libslang2-2.2.4nb3.tgz Routines for rapid alpha-numeric terminal applications development
libsmf-1.3nb4.tgz Standard MIDI File format library
libsmi-0.5.0.tgz Library to access SMI MIB information
libsndfile-1.0.28nb3.tgz Library for reading and writing audio files
libsodium-1.0.18.tgz Library for build higher-level cryptographic tools
libsoup-2.68.2.tgz HTTP library implementation in C
libsoxr-0.1.3.tgz SoX Resample library
libspatialite-4.3.0anb10.tgz Library intended to extend SQLite core to support Spatial SQL
libspectre-0.2.8nb10.tgz Small library for rendering Postscript documents
libspectrum-1.4.4nb2.tgz ZX Spectrum emulator file format library
libspf2-1.2.10nb1.tgz Implementation of the Sender Policy Framework
libspiff-1.0.0.tgz XML Shareable Playlist Format (XSPF) library
libspiro-0.5.20150702.tgz Simplifies the drawing of beautiful curves
libsrs2-1.0.18.tgz Implementation of the Sender Rewriting Scheme for SMTP forwarding
libsscript-2.0nb1.tgz Simple library for creating network oriented software in C
libssh-0.93.tgz SSHv2+v1 protocol library
libssh2-1.9.0.tgz SSH2 protocol library
libstark-20191018.tgz Library for succinct non-interactive zero knowledge proofs
libstaroffice-0.0.2nb8.tgz Library to import StarOffice documents
libstash-19990912.tgz Collection of programming support routines and useful algorithms
libstatgrab-0.91nb3.tgz Provides a useful interface to system statistics
libstree-0.4.0nb2.tgz Suffix tree library
libstroke-0.5.1nb4.tgz Stroke translation library
libsvm-3.20nb1.tgz Library for Support Vector Machines
libsylph-1.1.0nb4.tgz E-Mail client library
libsyncml-0.4.5nb6.tgz C library implementation of the SyncML protocol
libtabe-0.2.6nb3.tgz Library for Chinese language processing
libtai-0.60nb8.tgz Library for storing and manipulating dates and times
libtar-1.2.20.tgz Library for manipulating POSIX tar files
libtasn1-4.14nb1.tgz ASN.1 structure parser library
libtcpa-1.1bnb7.tgz TCPA libraries and test programs from IBM
libtecla-1.6.1nb3.tgz Interactive command line editing facilities
libtelepathy-0.3.3nb10.tgz Unified framework for many different kinds of real-time communications
libtelnet-0.21.tgz RFC-complient TELNET implementation as a C library
libthai-0.1.27.tgz Thai language support routines
libtheora-1.1.1nb2.tgz Video codec for Ogg multimedia streaming
libtheora-docs-1.1.1nb4.tgz Video codec for Ogg multimedia streaming (API documentation)
libthrift_c_glib-0.13.0.tgz C (Glib) bindings for the Apache Thrift RPC system
libticables2-1.3.3.tgz Multi-platform linking program for TI graphing calculators
libticalcs2-1.1.7.tgz Multi-platform linking program for TI graphing calculators
libticonv-1.1.3.tgz Multi-platform linking program for TI graphing calculators
libtifiles2-1.1.5.tgz Multi-platform linking program for TI graphing calculators
libtlen-20041113nb2.tgz Library to access IM system
libtomcrypt-1.18.2.tgz Tom St Denis's cryptographic library
libtool-2.4.6.tgz Generic shared library support script
libtool-base-2.4.6nb2.tgz Generic shared library support script (the script itself)
libtool-fortran-2.4.6nb1.tgz Generic shared library support script (the script itself, incl. Fortran)
libtool-info-2.4.6.tgz Generic shared library support script - info pages
libtorrent-0.13.8.tgz BitTorrent library written in C++ for *nix
libtorrent-rasterbar-1.2.3nb1.tgz Feature complete C++ bittorrent implementation
libtrace-4.0.10.tgz Library for trace processing
libts-1.08.tgz Library of simple token-scanning routines
libtunepimp-0.5.3nb27.tgz Library to support MusicBrainz enabled tagging
libunicode-0.4nb1.tgz Library for manipulating Unicode characters and strings
libuninameslist-20190701.tgz Library of Unicode names and annotation data
libunique-1.1.6nb29.tgz Library for writing single instance applications (deprecated)
libunique3-3.0.2nb24.tgz Library for writing single instance applications
libunistring-0.9.10.tgz Unicode string library
libunrar-5.8.5.tgz Extract, view & test RAR archives
libunwind-9.0.0nb1.tgz LLVM libunwind
libupnp-1.8.4.tgz Portable Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) SDK
libusb-0.1.12nb7.tgz USB access library (version 0)
libusb-compat-0.1.7.tgz USB access library version 0 compatibility layer on top of version 1
libusb1-1.0.22nb3.tgz USB Access Library (version 1)
libutf-3.0.tgz UTF-8 character set support library, including regular expressions
libuuid-2.32.1.tgz Generate unique identifiers for objects
libuv-1.34.0.tgz Cross-platform asychronous I/O
libuxre-070715.tgz POSIX compatible regular expression library
libv4l-0.4.3nb4.tgz Video4Linux userspace library
libva-2.3.0.tgz Video Acceleration API
libva-utils-2.3.0.tgz Collection of tests for VA-API
libvdpau-1.3.tgz Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix
libvideogfx-1.0.3nb10.tgz C++ library for low-level video processing
libview-0.6.4nb28.tgz GTK+ widget collection
libvirt-1.2.9nb32.tgz Virtualisation toolkit for host operating systems
libvisio-0.1.7nb1.tgz Library and tools for parsing the visio file format
libvisual-0.4.0nb4.tgz Abstraction library for applications and audio visualisation plugins
libvisual-bmp-0.2.0nb36.tgz Libvisual Beep Media Player plugin
libvisual-plugins-0.4.0nb24.tgz Plugins for libvisual
libvisual0.2-0.2.0nb1.tgz Abstraction library for applications and audio visualisation plugins
libvisual0.2-plugins-0.2.0nb21.tgz Plugins for libvisual
libvolume_id-0.81.1nb1.tgz Library to provide file system type information
libvorbis-1.3.6nb1.tgz Library for the Ogg Vorbis audio encoding format
libvpx-1.8.1nb1.tgz On2 VP8 library from Google
libwcalc-1.0nb2.tgz Library for Transmission Line Analysis/Synthesis
libwebp-1.0.3.tgz WebP image format library and tools
libwhisker2-2.5nb5.tgz Perl module geared specifically for HTTP testing
libwildmidi-0.4.3.tgz Midi processing library and a midi player using the GUS patch set
libwmf- Library for reading and converting WMF (Windows Meta Files)
libwnck-2.30.6nb26.tgz Library to write pagers and tasklists
libwnck3-3.24.1nb6.tgz Library to write pagers and tasklists
libwpd-0.10.1nb10.tgz Library for importing and exporting WordPerfect(tm) documents
libwpg-0.3.1nb13.tgz Library for importing and converting Corel WordPerfect Graphics images
libwps-0.4.3nb10.tgz Library for importing Microsoft Works documents
libwww-5.4.2nb2.tgz The W3C Reference Library
libxcb-1.13.1nb1.tgz X protocol C-language Binding
libxdg-basedir-1.1.1nb1.tgz XDG Base Directory library
libxenserver-6.2.0nb13.tgz Citrix XenServer SDK for C
libxfce4gui-4.10.0nb12.tgz Xfce widget library
libxfce4ui-4.14.1.tgz Xfce widget library
libxfce4util-4.14.0.tgz Xfce basic library
libxkbcommon-0.9.1.tgz Library to handle keyboard descriptions
libxkbfile-1.1.0.tgz The xkbfile Library from modular
libxklavier-5.4nb3.tgz High-level API for the X Keyboard Extension (XKB)
libxls-1.5.2.tgz Extract cell data from legacy Microsoft Excel files
libxlsxwriter-0.8.9.tgz C library for creating Microsoft Excel files
libxmi-1.2.tgz C/C++ function library for rasterizing 2D vector graphics
libxml++-2.40.1nb3.tgz C++ wrapper for the libxml XML parser library
libxml++1-1.0.5nb1.tgz C++ wrapper for the libxml XML parser library
libxml-1.8.17nb4.tgz XML parser (version 1), mainly used by the GNOME project
libxml2-2.9.10nb1.tgz XML parser library from the GNOME project
libxmp-4.4.1.tgz Player for many different Amiga and PC module formats
libxshmfence-1.3nb1.tgz Shared memory 'SyncFence' synchronization primitive
libxslt-1.1.34.tgz XSLT parser library from the GNOME project
libxspf-1.2.0.tgz XML Shareable Playlist Format (XSPF) library
libyaml-0.2.2nb1.tgz YAML 1.1 parser and emitter written in C
libykneomgr-0.1.6nb6.tgz Yubikey NEO C library and command-line tool
libytnef-1.9.3.tgz Yerase's TNEF Stream Reader library
libyubikey-1.13.tgz Yubikey library
libzdb-3.1nb12.tgz Zild Database Library, a fast thread-safe connection pooling library
libzen-0.4.31.tgz Small C++ derivate class to have a simpler life
libzip-1.5.2nb2.tgz C library to manipulate zip archives
libzmf-0.0.2nb11.tgz Library to parse Zoner Callisto/Draw documents
libzookeeper-3.4.12.tgz Highly reliable distributed coordination C lib
libzrtpcpp-4.4.0nb15.tgz ZRTP extension for GNU ccRTP
lightspark-0.8.2.tgz Open source Flash player
lighttpd-1.4.54.tgz Fast, light-footprint HTTP server
likepython-0.1nb3.tgz OMG! It's like Python, but like, you know, casual!
lilv-0.24.6.tgz C library to make the use of LV2 plugins as simple as possible
lilypond-2.18.2nb16.tgz GNU Music Typesetter
linc-1.1.1nb14.tgz Network client/server library
lincity-1.12.1nb3.tgz Free clone of SimCity for X11
lincity-ng-2.0nb6.tgz Open source SimCity like game
linda-0.1.1nb10.tgz Parallel distributed database environment
linenoise-1.0.tgz Small self-contained alternative to readline and libedit
link-grammar-5.6.2.tgz Syntactic parsing library
links-2.20.2.tgz Lynx-like text WWW browser
links-gui-2.20.2.tgz Lynx-like text and graphics WWW browser
linpack-20010510nb2.tgz Library of linear algebra Fortran routines
linpack-bench-940225.tgz Collection of benchmarks for floating point
lintpkgsrc-4.94nb2.tgz Sanity checks on the complete pkgsrc tree
linux-libertine-ttf-5.1.3nb1.tgz Free TrueType font family
linux-words-2.tgz English word list
liquibase-3.5.5.tgz Database Change Management
liquidwar-5.6.5.tgz Unique multiplayer wargame
listres-1.0.4.tgz List resources in widgets
liteamp- Light-weight Music Player for GNOME2
litmus-0.13nb2.tgz WebDAV server protocol compliance test suite
liveice-0.20001121nb3.tgz Source client for Icecast
ljpg-1.0.tgz Lossless JPEG codec
lld-9.0.0nb4.tgz The LLVM Linker
lldb-9.0.0nb1.tgz Next generation, high-performance debugger
lldpd-1.0.1nb2.tgz 802.1ab (LLDP) implementation
llgal-0.13.19nb2.tgz The llgal is an easy and fast on-line static gallery generator
llnlxdir-2.1.2nb4.tgz Advanced graphical FTP client
llnlxftp-2.1nb4.tgz Motif FTP client
llvm-9.0.0nb2.tgz Low Level Virtual Machine compiler infrastructure
lmarbles-1.0.7nb8.tgz Atomix-like puzzle
lmbench-2.11anb10.tgz Complete benchmark that gives a large amount of information
lmclock-1.2nb1.tgz Hard-coded Xerox Lisp machine clock clone
lmdb-0.9.24.tgz Symas Lightning Memory-Mapped Database
lmdbg-1.2.1.tgz Lightweight Modular malloc Debugger
lmms-1.2.1.tgz Cross-platform music production software
lnav-0.7.3nb11.tgz Log file navigator, an enhanced log viewer
lnl-3.4.19nb2.tgz L&L - Labyrinths & Legends - Fantasy RPG
locator-0.1.tgz Longitudes, latitudes to HAM locator converter
lockf-1.tgz FreeBSD's lockf
locktests-20110428.tgz POSIX locks stress-test
loco-0.32nb7.tgz Colorize file or standard input and print on the standard output
log2timeline-0.65nb6.tgz Framework for automatic creation of a super timeline
log4cplus-2.0.3.tgz Logging API for C++
log4cxx-0.10.0nb6.tgz Logging framework for C++
log4shib-1.0.9.tgz C++ library for flexible logging, modeled after Log4j
logcheck-1.1.1nb1.tgz Auditing tool for system logs on Unix boxes
logfinder-0.1nb6.tgz Eliminate Unwanted Logging of Personal Data
loggerhead-1.18.1nb2.tgz Web viewer for Bazaar branches
logjam-4.5.3nb83.tgz GTK client for
logrider-0.2.tgz Monitor system logs for alerts
logrot-1.7.tgz Rotate log files in a safe and configurable manner
logrotate-3.15.0nb1.tgz Daemon to rotate, compress, remove and mail system log files
logsurfer-1.8.tgz Processes logfiles and performs certain actions
logswan-2.1.2.tgz Fast Web log analyzer using probabilistic data structures
logtime-1.2nb1.tgz Prints date and time in a standard format
lohit-fonts-2.3.8.tgz Free fonts for Indian languages
lokalize-19.08.3.tgz Computer-Aided Translation System
lopster-1.2.2nb4.tgz Yet another Gtk+ Napster clone
lottanzb-0.4.1nb2.tgz GNOME front-end for HellaNZB
loudmouth-1.5.3.tgz Lightweight Jabber client library
lout-3.40nb1.tgz Basser Lout, a TeX/troff-like formatter with PostScript/PDF output
love010-0.10.2.tgz Framework for making 2D games in Lua
love07-0.7.2.tgz Framework for making 2D games in Lua
love08-0.8.0.tgz Framework for making 2D games in Lua
love09-0.9.2.tgz Framework for making 2D games in Lua
lowdown-0.4.6.tgz Simple Markdown translator
lp_solve- Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) solver
lpairs-1.0.4nb2.tgz Memory game matching pairs of cards
lpe-1.2.6nb3.tgz Small and efficient programmer's editor for UNIX systems
lq-sp- Modified SP package
lrzip-0.631.tgz Long Range ZIP or Lzma RZIP
lrzsz-0.12.20nb1.tgz Receive/Send files via X/Y/ZMODEM protocol. (unrestrictive)
lsdvd-0.17.tgz Application displaying the contents of DVDs
lsh-2.0.4nb2.tgz SSH2 client/server
lshell-0.9.16nb1.tgz Lshell restricts user's environment to specified commands
lskat-19.08.3.tgz Lieutenant Skat card game for two players
lsof-4.91nb2.tgz Lists information about open files
ltm-1.1.0.tgz Number theoretic multiple-precision integer library
ltris-1.0.19nb1.tgz SDL tetris clone
ltsa-2.2nb3.tgz Labelled Transition System Analyser
lua-lrexlib-2.7.2nb3.tgz Regexp libraries for Lua programming language
lua-mode-20130419.tgz Emacs major mode for editing Lua code
lua-thrift-0.13.0.tgz Lua bindings for the Apache Thrift RPC system
lua51-5.1.5nb3.tgz Powerful light-weight language for extending applications
lua51-BitOp-1.0.2nb1.tgz Lua module which adds bitwise operations on numbers
lua51-LDoc-1.4.6.tgz Lua Documentation Tool
lua51-alt-getopt-0.8.0.tgz Lua API for getopt similar to getopt_long(3)
lua51-bitlib-5.3.0nb1.tgz Lua 5.2 bit manipulation library
lua51-cjson-2.1.0nb2.tgz Lua CJSON provides JSON support for Lua
lua51-copas-2.0.2.tgz Dispatcher based on coroutines that can be used by TCP_IP servers
lua51-coxpcall-1.16.0.tgz Module to encapsulate protected calls with a coroutine based loop
lua51-cqueues-20171014nb1.tgz Stackable Continuation Queues for Lua
lua51-curl-0.3.11.tgz Full lua bindings for libcurl
lua51-expat-1.3.0nb2.tgz XML parser for LUA based on expat
lua51-filesystem-1.7.0.tgz File system related library for Lua
lua51-gi-0.9.1.tgz Gobject-introspection based dynamic Lua binding
lua51-keybinder-0.3.0nb8.tgz Lua bindings for the keybinder library
lua51-ljsyscall-0.12.tgz LuaJIT syscall FFI for the Linux, NetBSD, FreeBSD and OSX kernels
lua51-lpeg-1.0.2.tgz Parsing Expression Grammars (PEGs) library for Lua
lua51-lrexlib-onig-2.7.2nb4.tgz Oniguruma regexp library for Lua (lrexlib project)
lua51-lrexlib-pcre-2.7.2nb3.tgz PCRE regexp library for Lua (lrexlib project)
lua51-lrexlib-posix-2.7.2nb3.tgz POSIX regexp library for Lua (lrexlib project)
lua51-lustache-1.3.1.tgz Logic-less mustache templates with Lua
lua51-penlight-1.5.4.tgz Lua libraries for functional programming, OS path management, etc
lua51-posix-34.0.4nb1.tgz POSIX library for Lua language
lua51-rocks-2.4.4.tgz Deployment and management system for Lua modules
lua51-sec-0.6.tgz Lua binding for OpenSSL library
lua51-socket-3.0rc1nb5.tgz Network support for the Lua language
lua51-sql-mysql-2.3.2.tgz MySQL bindings for Lua
lua51-sql-postgres-2.3.2nb1.tgz PostgreSQL bindings for Lua
lua51-sql-sqlite-2.3.2.tgz SQLite 2.x bindings for Lua
lua51-sql-sqlite3-2.3.2nb2.tgz SQLite 3.x bindings for Lua
lua51-sqlite-20030228nb9.tgz SQLite binding for LUA