kicad-doc - Documentation for the PCB CAD software

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Kicad is an open source (GPL) software for the creation of electronic schematic
diagrams and printed circuit board artwork.
Designed and written by Jean-Pierre Charras, a researcher at LIS (Laboratoire
des Images et des Signaux) and a teacher in IUT de Saint Martin d'Heres
(France), in the field of electrical engineering and image processing.
Kicad is a set of four softwares and a project manager:
* Eeschema: Schematic entry.
* Pcbnew: Board editor.
* Gerbview: GERBER viewer (photoplotter documents).
* Cvpcb: footprint selector for components used in the circuit design.
* Kicad: project manager.
This package contains the documentation for Kicad


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kicad-doc-5.1.2.tgz 5.1.2 i386 NetBSD
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