php71-concrete5 - Open sourece Content Management System

Property Value
Distribution NetBSD 8.1
Repository NetBSD amd64
Package filename php71-concrete5-
Package name php71-concrete5
Package version
Package release -
Package architecture amd64
Package type tgz
Category www
License mit
Maintainer -
Download size 29.99 MB
Installed size 76.63 MB
Concrete5 is a content management system (CMS) that can manage Web
applications, Web sites, stores, and forums. It allows individuals
involved with Web sites to easily manage their content and their
site structure. Concrete5's in-context editing is like working with
a wiki, and the extendable block support makes editing and extending
unique Web sites easy. The goal behind Concrete5 was always to
create a toolset that could be used by anyone with basic computer
skills to edit and add pages to a Web site.


Package Version Architecture Repository
php71-concrete5- i386 NetBSD
php71-concrete5 - - -


Name Value
php71-curl >= 5.3.3
php71-gd >= 5.3.3
php71-iconv >= 5.3.3
php71-json >= 5.3.3
php71-mbstring >= 5.3.3
php71-pdo_mysql >= 5.3.3
php71-pecl-mcrypt >= 1.0.0
php71-zip >= 5.3.3
python37 >= 3.7.0


Type URL
Binary Package php71-concrete5-
Source Package php71-concrete5

Install Howto

Install php71-concrete5 tgz package:

# pkg_add php71-concrete5

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