ruby26-rspec-expectations - Behaviour Driven Development framework for Ruby, expectations

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Distribution NetBSD 8.1
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Package filename ruby26-rspec-expectations-3.8.3.tgz
Package name ruby26-rspec-expectations
Package version 3.8.3
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Package architecture amd64
Package type tgz
Category devel ruby
License mit
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Behaviour Driven Development for Ruby
# RSpec Expectations
rspec-expectations adds `should` and `should_not` to every object and includes
RSpec::Matchers, a library of standard matchers.
## Documentation
* [Cucumber features](
* [RDoc](


Package Version Architecture Repository
ruby26-rspec-expectations-3.8.3.tgz 3.8.3 i386 NetBSD
ruby26-rspec-expectations - - -


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ruby26-base >= 2.6.3
ruby26-diff-lcs < 2
ruby26-rspec-support >= 3.8.0 < 3.9


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Binary Package ruby26-rspec-expectations-3.8.3.tgz
Source Package ruby26-rspec-expectations

Install Howto

Install ruby26-rspec-expectations tgz package:

# pkg_add ruby26-rspec-expectations

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