ruby25-sequel - Model classes for the Sequel Database Toolkit

Property Value
Distribution NetBSD 8.1
Repository NetBSD i386
Package filename ruby25-sequel-5.21.0.tgz
Package name ruby25-sequel
Package version 5.21.0
Package release -
Package architecture i386
Package type tgz
Category databases ruby
License mit
Maintainer -
Download size 2.86 MB
Installed size 11.18 MB
Sequel is a database access toolkit for Ruby.  Sequel provides thread
safety, connection pooling, and a concise DSL for constructing queries
and table schemas.
Sequel makes it easy to deal with multiple records without having to
break your teeth on SQL.
This package contains model classes for Sequel that allow it to be used
as an object-relational mapping (ORM).


Package Version Architecture Repository
ruby25-sequel-5.21.0.tgz 5.21.0 amd64 NetBSD
ruby25-sequel - - -


Name Value
ruby25-base >= 2.5.5


Type URL
Binary Package ruby25-sequel-5.21.0.tgz
Source Package ruby25-sequel

Install Howto

Install ruby25-sequel tgz package:

# pkg_add ruby25-sequel

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